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Neighbours Episode 3276 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3276
Australian airdate: 5/4/99
UK airdate: BBC: 17/6/99
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Mike Healy: Andrew Blackman
Tad Reeves: Jonathon Dutton
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Toadie and Sarah ask Tad if he stole $200 from Lou.
Tad says he didn't steal the money - he found it on the ground. Toadie is sceptical but Sarah believes him. Tad is upset that Toadie doesn't believe him. Toadie suggests that they go round and tell Lou.
Susan has heard from Libby that she's arrived safely at Grandpa Tom's. Karl is worried that Mike will still be living in the street when Libby gets back.
Drew is explaining to Lolly that he's going back to the country to live with his mum and dad. Lou says he has got a decent replacement lined up for Drew at the garage but is still trying to get Drew to stay.
Tad and Toadie come in. Tad gives him what's left of his money and says he's sorry he spent the rest. He didn't take it to the police because of his record. Lou doesn't believe Tad and says he reckons Tad picked his pocket! Tad is very upset and storms out.
Harold and Paul are washing up. Harold says Easter has become too commercial and it should be a time for family. Harold asks Paul if he has rung his Dad to organise his arrival time. Paul says he's sorry to leave Harold on his own, but Harold says he's got some new tuba pieces to practice(!)
Paul tells Harold that he's got a bit of a problem with Jade - she's given him a friendship bracelet. Paul says he's not ready for that level of commitment(!). Harold says Paul must resolve it himself, and before Hannah gets back.
Tad comes in and Harold goes off to do some gardening. Tad is upset about Lou.
Toadie and Drew try to reason with Lou - Tad might be telling the truth, especially as he's been splashing the money around. Lou says he won't go to the police as long as Tad pays the money back.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Paul overhears Lou telling Harold that Tad picked his pocket. Harold looks very concerned. He asks Paul if he knows anything about it. Paul says that Tad told him about it, but Tad found it on the floor and he only spent it on other people. Paul says that people should give Tad a go.
Ramsay Street
Drew is working on his car while some blokes load Mike's possessions into a moving truck! (Hooray!) Karl comes up and tells Drew he's sorry to see him go. Drew shakes Karl's hand and glowers quietly at Mike.
Drew is scrubbing his hands and fuming quietly. Lou says with Mike gone it might clear the field a bit(!). Drew says that Libby has made her feelings clear and there's nothing more to say on the subject.
Toadie is telling Sarah about Lou's theory that Tad is a pickpocket. She doesn't believe it. Lou comes in and drops the new lease in. He makes a sharp exit. Upon further inspection of the lease Toadie sees that Lou has increased their rent by $40.
Coffee Shop
Tad has arrived for his first shift. Harold says he knows about Lou's money. Tad starts to leave but Harold says innocent until proven guilty. He hands Tad an apron. Tad is very pleased at Harold's faith in him.
Paul comes in to give Drew a going away present. Drew says he's welcome to visit him in Oakie. They shake hands and say goodbye.
Karl and Susan are watching a movie. Karl is so bored he is smoothing out tinfoil(!). They start to get a bit amorous when there's a knock at the door and it's Mike. He has a box of Libby's stuff and Karl takes it coldly and closes the door behind him. When he's gone Susan says she feels a bit sorry for him, despite everything.
Apparently Lou is within the letter of the law in raising their rent. Toadie and Sarah are not pleased - they can't afford a rent rise. Toadie says he has a plan.
The Coffee Shop
Harold is pleased with Tad's work. Lou comes in and can't believe that Tad is working there. Paul says that Tad isn't a thief. Harold says it's his choice who he employs and Lou stalks off. Tad thanks Harold for sticking up for him.
Sarah comes to say goodbye to Drew. She wishes he wasn't going. She also tells Drew about Lou upping the rent. He offers to have a word, but she says Toadie has a plan.
The Pub
Lou is ranting to Toadie about Harold employing Tad at the Coffee Shop. Toadie wants to talk about the lease. Lou says he tried to keep the rent increase to a minimum. Toadie says he wants a pay increase but Lou says he can whistle for it. Toadie says ALL the bar staff are entitled to an increase. He asks the barman extra Baz if he could do with some extra cash!
The Coffee Shop
Tad is just finishing his shift and Harold is pleased with his work. He sits down with Paul to drink a coffee. Paul doesn't know what to do when Hannah comes home. Tad says he shouldn't let anything come between him and Hannah. Paul reckons that Tad just wants Jade to himself(!)
Susan is saying goodbye to Drew. Lou comes home tells Drew there is a solution to so many goodbyes - don't go. Lou says he should stay at least until Libby gets back to see if he has any chance with her. He says he must t;ake the chance that life has thrown at him.
<<3275 - 3277>>
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