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Neighbours Episode 3278 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3278
Australian airdate: 7/4/99
UK airdate: BBC: 21/6/99
Writer: Nick Malmholt
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Jade Cleary: Talia Krape
Craig Pinders: Nathan Godkin
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Amy tells Lance that she's failed one of her tests on the flight attendant course. She asks Lance if he'll help her to study.
The Coffee Shop
Lance says that Amy can do anything and that she'll definitely pass. Amy says she's scared stiff of her course supervisor who is very strict. Amy says she can't remember the plane types. Lance agrees to help her. He can't really believe that Amy of all people is intimidated, though.
Jade brings Paul a huge Easter Egg. He is embarrassed that he has only got her a small egg, but Jade likes it anyway. Jade reminds Paul that it's their one-month anniversary. She asks Paul why he's not wearing the bracelet he gave her. Paul tells her that Harold doesn't like him wearing it at the Coffee Shop because of health and safety! Paul tries to escape to the Coffee Shop saying that he has to work. Jade is very clingy.
Lance and Amy are telling Anne about Amy's confidence problems. Anne is dubious, but Amy insists it's true. Anne shows Amy the "Nance Wilkinson" leaflets and she laughs her head off. Amy says if Lance helps her study, she'll help to his leaflets.
The Coffee Shop
Jade is trying to distract Paul at the Coffee Shop, much to his displeasure. He keeps trying to fend her off but she kisses him. Phil and Ruth come in and see them. Paul looks horrified. He asks Phil if he's looking forward to Hannah coming back, but Phil and Ruth haven't heard anything about her booking a flight. They are not best pleased!
Anne is telling Ruth and Phil about Amy's difficulties. They talk about Anne doing the waitress course - Phil and Ruth will pay for it.
Amy and Lance have just finished studying. It went well, but Amy is still nervous. Lance encourages her. He tells Amy to meet him tomorrow for a secret master plan.
Lance has booked a taxi to go somewhere with Amy. Anne wants to know where he got the money from. Lance says he got it from his savings account. He asks Anne to deliver some leaflets and she reluctantly agrees. Anne tells Lance not to expect any more from Amy other than friends.
Lance opens the door to Amy. She is excited about the big surprise.
The airport
Lance and Amy are standing on the airfield watching planes land. Lance is testing her on the types of planes and she is doing well. Lance unexpectedly tells her that he loves her but Amy doesn't hear properly with the noise of the plane. He retreats from his statement. They chat and Damian comes up in conversation. Lance doesn't look happy but Amy doesn't notice. She thanks Lance for helping her to study.
Phil is emailing Hannah to find out when she's coming home. Ruth is worried that Hannah is up to her old tricks, but Phil thinks she sounded quite positive in her letters. Anne, Phil and Ruth talk about Paul's new girlfriend. Phil thinks Hannah will be gutted, but Anne thinks Hannah will be all French now and will enjoy wallowing in the suffering(!).
The Coffee Shop
Lance and Amy are having a drink. Amy says she's glad they can still be friends. Lance looks sad.
Phil and Ruth are discussing Libby and Mike's breakup. Karl has been quite tight-lipped about the details, apparently.
A road
Pinhead drives up in a van and greets Anne.
The Coffee Shop
Jade comes in and asks Paul out tonight. She wants him to meet her mother. Paul doesn't look very keen. He tells Jade that they need to talk, but then says it doesn't matter and that he'll meet her tonight.
Amy asks Paul if he's got an obsessed fan(!) Amy says he must tell Jade if he's not into her and not mess about.
A road
Pinhead is setting up a courier service with his dad. He asks Anne what she's up to these days. Pinhead offers to help her deliver Lance's leaflets.
Amy is feeling much better about the course. Anne and Pinhead come in and asks if he can come for dinner. He refers to Lance as "Nance" and Lance looks very annoyed.
Paul is nervous about meeting Jade's dad. While he goes off to change, the phone rings and Jade answer it. It turns out to be Hannah. Paul runs out and takes the phone off her. He says he and Jade are just going out for a bite to eat and it's "no big deal". Jade is not impressed. She asks Paul if he and Hannah have really broken up.
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