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Neighbours Episode 3273 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3273
Australian airdate: 31/3/99
UK airdate: BBC: 14/6/99
Writer: Patrick Edgeworth
Director: Louise Leitch
Guests: Tad Reeves: Jonathon Dutton
Vincenzo Coletti: Tasos Petousis
Signor Coletti: Orlando Parenti
Signora Coletti: Josie Novielle
Damien Smith: John Ridley
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Harold telling Lance and Joel that he's banned from the library.
Paul finding the book in Lou's bookcase.
Harold sneaks out while Lou is having dinner with them.
Tad, Paul and Lolly are on the computer and Lou is showing Madge the clothes he has bought for Lolly.
Harold is creeping around with a torch.
Lou says he's off to get some photos from his house.
Harold has just got the book and leaves as Madge leaves a message on Lou's answerphone for Harold to get out.
Harold has got the book but says that he didn't get the message - it's still on Lou's answerphone. Madge says he'll have to go back and get the tape.
Madge and Harold are trying to steal the tape, but Lou puts the light on and catches them. He is holding the tape.
Ruth and Phil are looking in the paper for part-time jobs for Anne and Lance. Anne says she has an interview for a waitress job tomorrow. Phil asks if she needs experience and Anne says that they think she has some(!). Lance laughs his head off and tells Anne he's proud of her for lying(!) Amy encourages Anne.
Harold says he was righting a wrong. Lou says it was breaking and entering - twice. Lou insists that he didn't steal the book. Madge insists that they all stop talking about it and Harold and Lou agree. They sit down to dinner.
Ruth is looking for her keys. Phil is on the phone looking for a ute to buy. Anne is getting ready for her interview and shows Ruth a reference from Madge. Ruth says it's a reference for canonisation, not a waitressing job(!).
Lance finds Ruth's keys under his newspaper, looks guilty and gives them back to her. She asks where they were, but Lance says he wouldn't want to embarrass her(!).
Lance asks how much lying Anne did about her experience. Anne says she told them she had two years in an inner-city restaurant!.
The Coffee Shop
Ruth comes in. Madge asks if she has anything for Harold's bad back - he put it out breaking and entering into Lou's! She asks Ruth if she can have a look at him but Harold is not at all pleased. When Ruth has gone, Harold says he's not comfortable with a strange woman's hands over him. Madge says she's sure Ruth can control her lust(!)
Phil says that he's found a ute and they should go and look at it. Lance says he can't go now - he's waiting for a man to call him back about a job.
Anne comes in and asks Lance if he's gambled the money. He says he hasn't. She goes off to her interview.
Harold has arrived for his appointment with Ruth. He looks very uncomfortable as he changes into a gown.
A restaurant
Anne is at her interview. The man says that her reference is glowing. He shows Anne around the restaurant and where everything is kept. He speaks to his family in Italian - he tells Anne that they don't speak much English. The man says he'll give Anne a trial run.
Harold is lying on the table and Ruth is massaging him. Ruth tells him to relax.
Garden of the Martins
Amy is teaching Anne to waitress. Anne is very nervous - she can't learn all this by tonight! Amy says if anything goes wrong, just blame someone else!
Phil and Lou want to go and see the ute. Lance makes excuses. He suggests they go tomorrow instead. Ruth tells Lou that she's sorry that Drew is leaving. She wonders how Anne is getting on. She suggests they go down, eat there, and rave about her to the management(!)
Anne is serving and is very busy. Phil, Ruth and Lance come in and Anne seats them. Anne's boss calls her over and says a few extra reservations are coming - they're going to be busier than they thought.
Amy and a bloke come in. She introduces Damian who was on her course. Phil suggests that they join them. Lance does not look pleased.
Later at the Restaurant
Amy is telling Phil and Ruth that Damian has travelled widely and speaks Italian because he lived in Florence for a year. Lance asks him dryly what he's doing back if it was so good.
The family speak in Italian. Anne's boss tells her that she is getting behind.
Madge tells Harold that Charlene wants her to go up to visit for a while. But she doesn't want to leave Harold to run the Coffee Shop alone with a sore back. He says that Ruth did a lot for him.
Anne is having a nightmare. She accidentally spills red wine over a customer. The boss is not pleased and asks to see her out the back.
<<3272 - 3274>>
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