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Neighbours Episode 3272 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3272
Australian airdate: 30/3/99
UK airdate: BBC: 11/6/99
Writer: Roger Dunn
Director: Louise Leitch
Guests: Mike Healy: Andrew Blackman
Victoria Healy: Tamar Kelly
Sasha Healy: Chelsea Driessen
Tad Reeves: Jonathon Dutton
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Sasha tells Libby and Mike that someone is going to come with her and Victoria - Victoria is going to have a baby!
Mike's (No.32)
Libby asks Mike if the baby is his. He doesn't answer and Libby storms out.
Garden of No.30
Tad is cleaning the pool to earn money for the holidays. Paul chats to him about going on a tuna boat with his Tad. Tad suddenly gets inspired about recycling and reckons they can get money for empty bottles. Paul says they only do bottle recycling in South Australia.
Tad and Paul come in and ask for oddjobs so they can earn money for the holidays. Paul starts alphabetising Lou's books. While he is doing so he finds a dodgy book called "South Sea Heat - A Tale of Passion" - it's Harold's library book!
Susan and Karl are trying to find something for dinner. Karl is worried about the situation with Ruth.
Libby comes in. Susan says she thought she was at Mike's. Libby says she came back early to have a lie-down.
Harold is ranting about the University library fine. Paul comes in and says he found the book that Harold has been fined for - it's at Lou's and has a library stamp and everything. Harold is cross that Lou stole the book all those years ago. Madge says Harold will have to go over and demand the return of the book. Harold says he has a plan.
Mike arrives and asks to speak to Libby. Susan and Karl try to withdraw but Libby tells them to stay - Mike is leaving. Libby tells Susan and Karl in front of Mike that their relationship is over because Mike has got his ex-wife pregnant. Susan and Karl look shocked. With cold anger, Libby shouts at Mike to go. Mike leaves.
Libby is coldly angry but Karl is very angry indeed and threatens to go over and sort Mike out - he's taken the whole family for a ride. Libby orders Karl to stay in the house and not do any white-knight stuff.
The Pub
Drew and Lou are hanging out. Lou is worried that Lolly hasn't made enough friends at kindergarten. Drew says he knows someone who can help at the garage, a guy called Shane, but Lou is stalling.
Libby comes out in her pyjamas and Susan makes her some tea. Susan suggests that she and Libby go to a movie together - they haven't been for ages. But Libby says she wants to clean out her room. Libby says that her and Susan are the same - when things get tough, they clean!
The Coffee Shop
Tad comes in to ask Paul what's happening with his job while he's away - Tad wants to take it over. Paul says he'll ask Harold.
Lou comes in and asks Madge to go on a shopping spree with him. Harold isn't keen on this idea, but Lou says it's for Louise. Madge says she can't leave the Coffee Shop but suggests that Madge takes Louise herself with him.
When Lou has gone, Harold realises Lou's house will be empty so it's the perfect opportunity to get the book back. Madge warns him not to.
The Pub
Karl and Susan are worried about Libby because she is so restrained - Susan's never seen her like this before. Karl is still very mad about Mike.
Mike comes in. Susan begs Karl not to make a scene, but he gets up and goes over to Mike. Karl says he always knew there was something fishy about Mike and wants to know if he was just using Libby. Mike says that there's always been energy between him and his wife since they split up and that nothing is ever black and white. Mike makes the mistake of bringing the Sarah situation up. Karl is very angry but luckily Mike leaves before things get violent.
Outside Lassiters
Tad spies some money on the floor and puts it in his pocket. Paul comes out of the Coffee Shop to meet Tad. He tells Paul that his mum has sent him a pre-holiday bonus.
Coffee Shop
Lou is telling Madge and Harold that he's lost the cash for Louise's clothes.
Harold invites Lou and Louise for dinner and Lou accepts.
Madge is suspicious of what Harold is going to do but he is coy about it.
Outside Lassiters
Paul and Tad are eating chips and Tad is planning how to spend the rest of the money.
Victoria comes to see Libby who reluctantly lets her in. Libby asks if she planned it. Victoria says she didn't - it just happened. Libby asks her how often it happened. Victoria says a few times since they've been separated. Victoria says she does want Mike back but doesn't think a baby can heal a marital rift. Libby says that Mike is all hers and then asks Victoria to leave. Victoria is very sorry for what has happened.
Lou and Louise have arrived for dinner. Tad shows Lou some CDs that he has bought.
Harold says that dinner is nearly ready and he's just going out to the garden to pick some mint. Madge asks him what he's up to - they have loads of mint already.
Mike knocks on the door. Libby lets him in and Mike says that they need to talk. He wants a chance to explain. He says that he and Victoria got caught up in a timewarp and they only did it once(!!). He tries to hold Libby by the arms but she fights him off. He says he loves Libby and wants to be with her. Libby says she doesn't believe a word he says anymore and that he can't have everything. Mike says that they can get over this(!) but Libby just keeps shouting at him to let go of her. Finally she orders him out and slams the door hard behind him.
<<3271 - 3273>>
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