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Neighbours Episode 3274 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3274
Australian airdate: 1/4/99
UK airdate: BBC: 15/6/99
Writer: Marieke Josephine Hardy
Director: Louise Leitch
Guests: Mike Healy: Andrew Blackman
Sasha Healy: Chelsea Driessen
Henk Forster: Matthew Posetti
Vincenzo Coletti: Tasos Petousis
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Anne babbles at the boss that she lied about her experience at waitressing. Her boss says she's worse than his blind cousin Tony(!) but suggests that she do a course. He gives her the number of his friend who runs a course.
Sarah is clearing away the dinner dishes. Toadie is sulking that he had a small postcard from Karen when he writes her five pages. Joel and Sarah suggest that Toadie call Karen.
Anne is serving coffee to Ruth and Phil. She asks them if they will pay for the barwork course. They say they'll think about it. Lance comes in and rants about Damian - the guy that Amy brought to dinner. Phil says he thought he was quite a nice chap(!).
Karl and Susan are watching television and messing about. Libby comes out to get a glass of water. She looks very sad. She tells Karl and Susan that she's been thinking of going away for a while if she can get time off the paper. Karl looks very concerned.
Phil and Lance are rowing about a ute. Apparently Lou has a very good deal going but Lance says he's decided to invest the money instead. Lance is very defensive. When Phil has gone Anne says she thought Lance was desperate for a car.
Toadie is still fed up. Sarah says he must ring Karen - she's sick of him moping around. Toadie does so. During the call Karen tells Toadie that he's dumped.
Libby is watching television when there's a knock at the door. It's Mike and Sasha. She allows them to come in. Mike wants Libby to explain to Sasha why they aren't seeing each other any more(!!). Sasha thinks it's her fault and doesn't want Libby to be sad. Libby explains gently to Sasha that it's best for her daddy to go back to live with her and her mummy. Mike confirms this is correct. Libby says he had to because otherwise Sasha's new sibling won't have a daddy at all. She hugs Sasha and they both leave. When they've gone Libby breaks down and sobs.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Amy and Anne have met up for coffee. Anne tells Amy that she thinks Lance has started gambling again. Lance keeps trying to wriggle out of buying a ute, so Anne thinks he hasn't got the money. Anne asks if Amy will have a word with Lance. Amy reluctantly agrees.
Sarah and Joel are listening to Toadie's radio show. Toadie is playing the Death March(!). At the end of the piece of music he announces it as one of his favourites(!) and asks listeners to stay with him for the Hour of Despair! Joel says he's going to ring in and complain!
Lance lets Amy in. She tells Lance that Anne is worried about him. She says Anne thinks he might be gambling again. Lance denies it point blank. He becomes very defensive and throws Amy out of the house. He tells her to get lost.
Toadie is cross with Joel for ringing in and complaining about the music. Toadie is very depressed. Joel and Sarah agree to go down to the pub with him.
Ruth is moaning to Phil about Pippa the receptionist. Phil suggests they go down to the pub while Anne and Lance wash up. Lance is very angry with Anne for making Amy talk to him about gambling. Anne says if he's not gambling, he won't mind showing her his bank book.
The Pub
Joel and Toadie are playing pool. Sarah goes to order some meals. At the bar a guy introduces himself as Hank and says they've met before. He offers to buy Sarah a drink but she declines.
Lance admits that he has gambled away $300 dollars of the insurance money. Anne reminds him that she said if it happened again she would tell Phil and Ruth. She says she could take him to Gamblers' Anonymous. Lance doesn't want to, but says he will if Anne doesn't tell Ruth. Anne agrees as long as she can actually go into the Gamblers' Anonymous meeting with him to make sure he goes.
The Pub
The guy at the bar is sleazing up to Sarah. Toadie gets very annoyed with him and a fight develops. Phil breaks up the fight.
Karl comes home to find the house in darkness and Libby crying on the sofa in the dark. Libby sobs to Karl that she's so sorry about all the things she said to Karl about Sarah and she didn't realise it was possible to love two people at once. She hugs Karl and sobs as if her heart would break.
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