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Neighbours Episode 3269 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3269
Australian airdate: 25/3/99
UK airdate: BBC: 8/6/99
Writer: Alan Hopgood
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Portia Grant: Sue Ingleton
Tad Reeves: Jonathon Dutton
Auctioneer: Tony Pride
Bess O'Brien: Diana McLean
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Joel trying to help Lance with his love life.
The girl Lance likes asks Joel out.
Lance said he had his one chance with Amy and he blew it.
Madge's shoulder is sore after the basketball game. Paul has heard about the missing library book. Madge says the book was controversial in its day - even banned in some places. Madge and Paul tease Harold about the book. Harold said he felt he couldn't condemn the book until he'd read it - that's why he got it out.
Lou comes in with some rotten pears. He says they've been stinking his pub out and Toadie had better sort them out and juice them quick smart. Lou has got loads more boxes outside(!). Sarah and Bess are not impressed.
Ruth and Phil are hanging out. Ruth says she's worried about Lance - he's been on another planet for the last few days. Phil says it's a phase all men go through(!). Ruth thinks he's pining for Amy. Ruth says she thinks that Amy was good for Lance.
Toadie has sub-contracted the pear juicing to Tad and Paul. He says he'll give them 10 cents per dozen. Tad says he needs danger money for going near rotten pears! The phone rings for Bess. She looks pleased at the conversation.
Later at No.30
Tad and Paul are juicing pears. Sarah is worried it won't be cleaned up in time for the auction. Toadie tells Tad and Paul to get to it.
The Coffee Shop
Harold is still going on about the library book. Madge says he's making a mountain out of a molehill. Harold is trying to remember why he didn't return the book. Madge teases him that he was enjoying it so much he didn't want to return it(!). Harold is up for a fine for a hundred dollars. Madge says she'll pay it - it's worth ten times that for her sanity(!). But Harold insists there's a principle involved.
Madge threatens to smash a plate of great sentimental value unless he stops going on about the book. Harold agrees, but holding the plate up has hurt Madge's shoulder further.
The kitchen is clean and presentable for the auction. Bess wants to talk to both Sarah and Toadie. She has heard from her accountant and she has enough money to buy No.30. She hopes she'll be able to get the house instead of Lou. Toadie and Sarah are pleased at the news.
The Coffee Shop
Tad is reading aloud from a racy book and winding Harold up. It seems that Tad has got hold of a copy of "South Sea Heat" at a second-hand Salvation Army(!) shop in order to torment Harold(!). Paul said he bought it so Harold can return it to the library. Harold says it's no good because it doesn't have a library stamp on it. Madge wants to read the book to see what the fuss is about but Harold says he doesn't want her mind polluted too!
Bess says if she gets the house, things will go on much as they have always been. She can go up to about $210,000. She got the money by investing in some eco-friendly companies. Sarah protests that the money is her mother's security, but Bess says that Sarah and Catherine are her future. Sarah, Bess and Toadie hug.
Lou and Phil are discussing the auction of No.30. Lou is worried there'll be too much competition.
Tad and Paul arrive asking to borrow some buckets. Ruth and Phil go off to get some.
Lou asks Tad and Paul to put the competition off by having a fight outside - to make the neighbourhood less desirable(!). Paul says he can't because Madge and Harold would kill him. Phil comes back with the buckets and says he hopes that Lou isn't trying to corrupt the youth. Lou says he's just aiding unemployment(!).
Lou is browsing No.30 with the other interested parties and trying to put them off by telling them what a bad neighbourhood it is(!). He also tells them that there is dry rot in the house. Toadie is amazed at Lou's methods.
The juicer that Tad and Paul bought in the second-hand shop doesn't work. Tad suggests putting them in the washing-machine! Paul says Madge won't like that so Tad suggests using No.30's washing machine.
Ramsay Street
The auction begins. Loud music starts playing, putting some of the bidders off. Phil tells Lou that he hopes he's not slandering their community(!).
Paul and Tad creep in and put the pears in the washing machine. They start the washing machine and put the out hose into the bucket. The plan works and pear juice flows out!
Ramsay Street
The bidding starts at $150,000 and quickly climbs. A mystery bidder gets out of a car and bids $190,000. To Madge's horror, she recognises her as Portia. Harold swats a fly and accidentally places a bid(!). Portia bids $215,000. Madge looks horrified as no more bids are coming in.
Toadie is horrified to see the mess that Tad and Paul have made.
Ramsay Street
Portia has bid $225,000. She says she intends to move in as soon as possible. Lou bids $227,500. Portia goes up to $230,000. Lou tells Phil that he wasn't prepared to pay this much. Phil says it's still a good investment. The property is going once...twice...
<<3268 - 3270>>
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