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Neighbours Episode 3268 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3268
Australian airdate: 24/3/99
UK airdate: BBC: 7/6/99
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: None
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Anne tells Bill that Gary is taking her to court over the house.
Anne's worried that they will lose the house.
The Coffee Shop
Lance is stirring his coffee cup absent-mindedly when Amy comes in. She teases him for being single. He tells her he has lots of options. Amy raves about Damian - she says he's funny and a good dancer too. She says that Damian isn't a better dancer than Lance but he is very funny. Lance tells Amy about a girl he met who could breathe fire. Amy is not very impressed.
Harold comes up and tells them about Madge's winning shot in the Grey Growlers' basketball final match. Amy suggests that Lance shows Harold round Uni - he's signed up for a course. Lance doesn't look too chuffed.
Bill, Anne and Phil are discussing the will. Anne is feeling a bit out of her depth with the whole thing.
The Coffee Shop
Amy is leaving. Lance invites her to go to the movies with him, but she says that she has a family dinner. She might on the weekend though. She tells him that she's glad they're still friends. It's clear that Lance still loves her.
Anne asks Lance what he thinks about Amy these days. He says he thinks she's changed a bit and Anne agrees.
Anne leaves and Joel comes in on his crutches. Lance complains to Joel that Amy has got him to show Harold around. He also complains that it sucks just being friends. Joel says that it's meant to be - he's just starting Uni and he's single! He says he'll help Lance to polish up his act and put his love-life in order(!).
The Coffee Shop
Anne is cross that Amy hasn't turned up to meet her. Bill says she'll turn up when she's ready(!). Bill gives Anne a train timetable so she can come up to visit him in Ballarat. He says it's quick and very cheap too. She says she will if he'll help her pay for her train ticket. Bill goes off to work.
Phil answers the phone to his lawyer.
The Coffee Shop
Amy runs in to see Anne. She says she got talking to a girl off the course,went to bed late and forgot to set her alarm. She says she can't stay - she has to get to her training. She suggest they meet this afternoon. Anne says not to make any plans unless she's really sure. Amy says she will definitely be there. She asks Anne to lend her some money for a cab(!).
Ruth comes in and says that Anne has a big decision to make about the court case and not much time to make it.
Lance is eyeing up a girl. She drops her books, but before he can help her pick them up, another guy jumps in, picks up the books and starts chatting to her. Joel has been watching and says that Lance isn't a hopeless case - there are attractive women all around. Lance says he's hopeless at that sort of thing. Joel suggests various women to Lance but he makes excuses. He tells Joel he's happy to be lonely and depressed(!).
Bill's Workshop
Anne tells Bill that Gary has offered to settle out of court for $25,000. Bill says that Gary is running scared. Anne reckons that they've got relatives who will testify that Lily was insane. Bill says if they had such a good case they wouldn't be offering to settle. Anne says she doesn't know what to do.
Lance is waiting for Harold. They see the girl who dropped the books earlier. Lance says the girl is in his horticulture lectures. Joel reckons she was watching Lance when she went to get a drink. He goes to talk to her. Lance says he saw her breathing fire at a party the other night. She introduces herself as Gemma and they chat awkwardly.
Anne is thinking about accepting the $25,000. Phil says the only question to ask herself is what would Lily have wanted her to do. Anne is cross that Amy hasn't turned up again.
Lance and Gemma are getting along really well and talking about gardening. Joel is encouraging him from the sidelines. As Lance is aobut to ask Gemma out, Harold comes up. Lance is not very pleased. Harold asks him to take him on a tour of the Uni. Gemma says she has to go and see a lecturer and gives Harold her chair. Lance is cross but Harold is oblivious(!).
Amy has arrived with a takeaway - she's late because she bumped into someone she knew. She gives Phil the takeaway and goes off to find Anne and Bill.
Lance tells Joel that he was close to asking Gemma out when Harold arrived. Joel gives up and goes off to pay his Uni fees.
Bill's workshop
Bill and Anne are optimistic about the business. Anne says she's been thinking about it and she's going to fight for the house - it's what Lily would have wanted her to do.
Bill says he has something big to ask her. At that moment Amy bursts in and apologises for not meeting Anne. Anne isn't very impressed.
Lance is being negative about Gemma. Harold comes up and tells Lance that they'll have to delay the tour. He seems flustered and babbles about it "being such a long time ago". Apparently they won't let him join the University Library - he's been banned for not returning a book. Lance and Joel laugh to see that the book in question is "South Sea Heat". Harold says he had a perfectly valid reason for readying it. He wanders off and Lance and Joel crack up laughing.
The Coffee Shop
Amy and Anne are at the Coffee Shop. Anne is cross because all Amy's done is talk about herself. Amy says their friendship is important and she wants to make it up to her.
Lance is heading home and bumps into Gemma. Gemma invites Joel to the cinema and Joel says they'd love to come. When she's gone, Lance tells Joel that Gemma was asking him out, not Lance. He says his one chance was with Amy and he blew it.
<<3267 - 3269>>
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