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Neighbours Episode 3267 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3267
Australian airdate: 23/3/99
UK airdate: BBC: 4/6/99
Writer: Christopher Gist
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Portia Grant: Sue Ingleton
Marjorie Hall: Susana Grest
Pat Horrocks: Mirren Lee
Debby Oats: Vivien Brattle
Tina Spiveck: Carol Millington
Mike Healy: Andrew Blackman
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Libby telling Mike that he must divorce Victoria to prove himself.
Mike showing Libby the divorce papers and asks if it's enough to prove his love for Libby
Libby is shocked. Mike asks her to spend the day with him tomorrow, even though they're both supposed to be at Uni. Libby agrees and smiles.
Portia comes to see Madge about the Grey Growlers. She says that Hilary will fill in for Pam (who's injured) as long as she can play for the full time. Madge says noone plays a full game. Portia says that Madge can sit the game out so Hilary can play! Madge flatly says no - she and the rest of the team have trained hard. Portia says that Hilary is a good player, but Madge says that noone knows if she is or not, since she has never turned up for practice. Madge says that the girls who have trained should play, win or lose. Madge says Portia will just have to speak to Hilary to get her to play part of a game. Portia storms off. Harold congratulates Madge on standing up for the team.
Libby is telling Bill what has happened with Mike. Bill asks Libby what would have happened if Karl and Susan had got divorced - he's glad they worked on their marriage and didn't give up.
Karl and Susan come in and Libby tells them about the divorce papers. They are happy for her.
Bill gets a phonecall from Jack O'Connor - he's got a job for three weeks as an apprentice. Unfortunately it's a long way away - and more to the point, a long way away from Anne.
The next day at the Kennedys
Mike comes in and says he just saw Drew. He snidely remarks that Drew seemed his usually happy self(!). Libby wonders if she should try to talk to Drew.
The Coffee Shop
Harold is trying to get the mop off Madge. He says he wants her to rest her shoulder as much as possible. They fight over it a bit(!) but eventually Madge gives in. Portia comes in and says that Hilary is refusing to start the game on the bench. Harold says that it's very inflexible of her. Portia says that Madge is inflexible. She says that without Hilary they'll all have to play a whole game - something they haven't done before. Madge says they're fit enough. Portia makes some catty remarks and leaves.
Bill tells Anne that he's got a job in Ballarat for a few weeks. She says that 3 weeks is nothing, and Bill is pleased by her reaction.
The Coffee Shop
Karl and Susan are chatting about Libby and Mike. They see Bill and Anne who are off shoe-shopping. They ask what's happening with Lily's house. Karl says renting is the way to go.
Harold, Karl and Susan are just off to see the Grey Growlers' match and drag Bill and Anne along with them.
Basketball Court
Portia is telling the team that they're all going to have to play a full game. The other team come in but Madge encourages them.
Karl and Susan have got pompoms(!) which they are going to use to cheerlead!!. Lou and Drew come up and they're surprised to see them. Lou tries to start a book on the result and Karl reluctantly agrees.
The captain of the other team, Marjorie, comes up to goad Portia. Apparently Portia previously dropped her from the Grey Growlers. Madge looks up to heaven(!).
The match starts. Karl, Susan and the gang are cheering on the sidelines. The Grey Growlers are not doing very well.
A Park
Mike says that the divorce was just a formality and that Victoria will not contest it. He says the day is just for him and Libby. He shows her a boat he has prepared with champagne and flowers. Libby is impressed.
Basketball Court
A member of the opposing team deliberately trips up Portia and she falls to the ground hitting her head. Marjorie says she didn't see anything. She is unconscious briefly and is confused when she comes round. Karl and Susan carry her off court. Madge rallies the other plays - now they're down to four with no substitutes.
A River
Mike and Libby are on a boat. They are laughing over bad romantic poetry. While they are messing about Mike drops an oat overboard.
Basketball Court
A timeout is called by Lou. He tells the team he's breaking the momentum. He gives them some final tips to just go for it - there's only ten seconds late. Karl wonders what Lou's up to.
The clock ticks down and Madge has the ball. In slow motion she shoots long, hurting her shoulder, but the ball goes in. The Grey Growlers and their supporters go wild - they've won!
The Pub
Mike and Libby are laughing with each other. Drew comes in and sees them. The rest of the Grey Growlers supporters come in and are chuffed about the result of the game.
Anne and Bill come in. She asks if Bill will help her fix up Lily's house when he gets back from Ballarat. They debate how to tell their parents that they want to move in together. Bill wonders what's happening with Gary. Anne goes to call Phil's lawyer to ask him about it. They are excited about living together.
The Pub
Karl and Susan watch Libby and Mike who look happy. Karl says he'll reserve judgement until later. Libby has a quick word with Drew. She asks if he's still mad at her for not believing him and taking her problems out on him. She says that everything has worked out for the best now. She also tells him that Mike is getting a divorce. She says she owes Drew and says she wants them to be friends again. Drew says that they never stopped being friends. She kisses him on the cheek and heads off. Drew looks resigned.
Anne is on the phone to the lawyer. Apparently Gary is definitely taking the case to court. Gary is going to plead Lily was insane when she wrote the will. Anne is sad - Lily wanted them to live there. It looks like they could lose the house.
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