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Neighbours Episode 3266 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3266
Australian airdate: 22/3/99
UK airdate: BBC: 3/6/99
Writer: Louise Le Nay
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Pam Arnott: Gillian Hardy
Mike Healey: Andrew Blackman
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Libby asking Mike if he has been sleeping with Victoria.
Libby telling Mike that he must commit to their relationship by getting a divorce.
Mike's (No.32)
Mike insists that Libby is the one for him, but she is adamant that he must prove it by asking Victoria for a divorce. She tells him when he's ready to talk, he knows where to find her.
Ramsay Street
Phil is asking Madge jokingly if he can join the Grey Growlers. Madge is massaging her shoulder and Ruth says she should have it seen to. They leave Madge to practise.
Susan tells Libby that she has done the right thing with Mike. Libby is worried that Mike might choose Victoria. Libby is short with Karl - she's fed up of Karl picking on tiny details. Susan says Libby is underestimating Karl.
Lance has received some seccateurs from Phil and Ruth as a present for starting his gardening course. They discuss Pinhead becoming a primary school teacher(!).
Karl tells Susan that he wishes that Libby would let him in. Susan says that Libby loves Mike and she thinks it's the real thing. Karl thinks she'd be better off without him. Susan says everyone deserves a second chance. Karl says that maybe Mike's wife deserves a second chance.
Amy has been on her first day training as an airline attendant. She tells Lance about a guy called Damian on the training who is great. Lance tells her about the Uni barbecue tomorrow. He shows her the seccateurs which are engraved with his name(!).
Next morning at the Martins
Lance is eating breakfast and watching TV. Ruth and Phil are getting ready for work. Ruth is trying to mother Lance, but he is quite relaxed about starting Uni.
The Coffee Shop
One of the Grey Growlers team is pulling out through injury - even though the grand final match is coming up. She asks Madge to tell Portia for her! Susan comes in and asks Susan how her basketball is. Susan says it's terrible, but Madge says that terrible might have to do.
Mike comes in and talks to Susan. Susan says that she wants to remain impartial. He wants to prove that he loves Libby. Susan says he doesn't have to convince her - he has to convince Libby.
Lance tells Phil that he wants to find a part-time job to help him with Uni. Phil thinks it's a good idea. Phil opens a letter from the insurance with a cheque for $1500 for the ute. Phil says he should look for a car quickly before is tempted to live off it instead. Lance has had his ear pierced and Phil teases him.
Libby admires Lance's earring(!). They discuss Uni stuff. Libby mentions that Mike didn't turn up for their lecture this morning. Lance is completely lost so Libby offers to get him to his next class. They chat amiably on the way.
Karl comes in to find Susan looking for something to cook for dinner. She says eggs and leftovers are the only possibility, so they decide to eat at the pub. Libby comes in and tells them that Mike didn't turn up for her lecture. Susan says she saw him at the Coffee Shop. They invite Libby to join them at the pub but she'd rather hang out and watch a video. Libby says that she feels drained. Susan and Karl look sympathetic.
The Pub
Karl and Phil are discussing the next challenge in their rivalry(!). Susan and Ruth talk about Anne and Bill. Susan tells Karl that the competition between the Kennedys and the Martins has the potential to get out of hand so she is calling an end to it. Ruth agrees.
Lance is on the phone to his friend Maddy who doesn't want to come out because she doesn't know anyone from Uni. Lance calls someone else, but they are out. Finally, bored, he picks up the paper. He turns to the racing section.
The Pub
Ruth and Susan are playing darts. Karl and Phil are arm-wrestling at the table(!). Susan says, "Six years of medical school, I'm so proud!". Ruth tickles Phil to make him stop. Susan suggests that they all take up stamp-collecting or model trains - anything not competitive!
The Coffee Shop
Amy bumps into Lance at the Coffee Shop. He hides the newspaper. She tells him she's off to a nightclub. She suddenly notices his earring - she likes it. Lance is quite weird with her and she asks him what's wrong. He suggests she go off and meet Damian. She tries to stay and talk to him, but he waves her off. When she's gone he looks feverishly through the paper.
Libby opens the door to Mike. She asks where he was today for the lecture. He says he had to do something and shows her the divorce papers. He says they've already been served on Victoria. He asks if it's enough to prove his feelings for Libby.
<<3265 - 3267>>
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