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Neighbours Episode 3265 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3265
Australian airdate: 19/3/99
UK airdate: BBC: 2/6/99
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: David Myles
Guests: Bess O'Brien: Diana McLean
Bruce Jones: Anthony Horton
Mike Healey: Andrew Blackman
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
The Pub
Lou says he needs the key for the door of the office due to fire regulations(!). Bess says it'll cost him. She suggests a hundred dollars. Lou realises Bess and Sarah have cooked the situation up to make him donate to the hospital. Lou gives her the money but says she still has 20 minutes on her shift and gives her dirty jobs to do. Bess says she does like a man with spirit(!).
In the bar, Libby is checking the roster. Toadie and her have a drink and Libby admits that she's having trouble with Mike. Apparently he's been calling all week. Toadie realises that Libby doesn't really want Mike to stop calling. Toadie says he doesn't understand why women like men who treat them like dirt. Libby says Mike is a nice guy most of the time. Toadie asks her if "most of the time" is enough.
Bess tells Sarah that she had to work hard to get the money out of Lou. Then she answers the door to Joel on his crutches.
Behind the Pub
A huge delivery of pears has come in. Lou is mad, but Toadie reminds him that the fruit is free and Lou has loads of storage space. Lou instructs Toadie to bring all the pears in.
Joel tells Sarah that things are a bit tense at the Kennedys with all that's going on with Libby. He wants to come back to No.30 so he can be settled before starting Uni. Bess has just come out of the shower and overhears their conversation.
The Pub
Toadie is exhausted from moving the boxes of pears. Mike comes in looking for Libby. Mike tries to get Toadie to be a go-between between him and Libby but Toadie refuses. He does eventually agree to mention it to Libby though. Drew comes in and blanks Mike completely.
The Pub
Toadie says he feels a bit sorry for Mike - everyone stuffs up from time to time. Drew asks Toadie if he's serious about helping Mike out by talking to Libby. Lou says that Toadie should just let them get on with it.
The kitchen is full of pears and Toadie is juicing them. Sarah isn't pleased. She asks Toadie if he's still having dreams about her. Toadie tries to deny it but realises Tad has told her. Toadie says he'd rather not talk about it. Sarah says she's consulted a dream book and it says that dreaming about a friend doesn't mean that you want to get "biblical" with them. Toadie is relieved.
Bess comes in and wants to know why the bath is full of pears(!). Bess and Sarah are off to "help a friend out with a problem".
Sports Shop
Bess and Sarah come in and pretend to be customers. The manager comes up and Bess compliments him on his store. Bess says that she'd like to talk to the young man who she saw before.because he was so good and mentions Joel by name. The manager admits that business is going well, but he had to let Joel go because he had an accident. He claims they came to a mutual decision. Bess says he's been very helpful and leaves the shop.
Joel is on the phone to Bess. She and Sarah want to meet him for lunch.
Ramsay Street
Mike sees Joel and asks if Libby is home. Joel doesn't want to get into it.
Mike knocks on the door and Libby hides. He continues to knock and call to her. He says that he loves her. Libby looks upset. She goes to the door but decides not to open it. She sits down against the door and sobs.
The Coffee Shop
Bess and Sarah tell Joel about what happened at the Sports Shop. They encourage Joel to take the manager on - it's a matter of principle. Joel seems quite keen.
Sports Shop
Joel is talking to the manager. The manager denies that he sacked Joel because of his injury. Joel doesn't believe him and calls the manager prejudiced. The manager suddenly gets worried that Joel will sue for unfair dismissal. He agrees to give Joel another go - in the stockroom. But Joel says it's his old job or nothing.
Libby is crying when there's a knock on the door. It's Toadie. He sees she is upset and says he wants the old Libby back. They talk about Mike. Toadie suggests that she gives Mike another go. Libby isn't sure though.
The Pub
Joel is telling Lou, Bess and Sarah that he's got his job back! He is very pleased. Lou says he'd buy him a drink but he knows how independent Joel is(!). Bess tells Joel that he's got his room back too - it's time for her to move on. She tells Sarah she has to go and head up a work party in Wellington. Sarah is sad.
Ramsay Street
Drew arrives home. (His car is looking totally clapped out!). He sees Libby going up to Mike's house and looks gutted.
Mike's (No.32)
Libby says she missed Mike but still feels really hurt and used. She's also sick of being second to a marriage that he said was over. Mike says he wants to be with Libby. She gives him an ultimatum - he must commit to her by asking Victoria for a divorce.
<<3264 - 3266>>
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