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Neighbours Episode 3264 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3264
Australian airdate: 18/3/99
UK airdate: BBC: 1/6/99
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: David Myles
Guests: Bess O'Brien: Diana McLean
Alita Zagarnauskas: Annabel Mounsey
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Ruth and Phil on the orienteering trip.
Ruth falls down a hill and gets her leg stuck under a rock.
A forest
It starts to rain as Phil tries to get Ruth's leg out. It is truly stuck. Phil tells her not to think about snakes(!). Eventually she gets is out but she has bruised it quite a lot.
The Pub
Sarah tries to talk Lou into giving a hundred dollars to the hospital fundraiser. He reluctantly agrees to giving her twenty dollars. Lou asks Sarah if she'll fill in for a shift at the pub tomorrow.
A forest
Harold is setting up a picnic when Susan and Karl get back. They are excited that they have won the orienteering competition. Harold says they've set a very good time. Susan says that Karl had the map upside-down for most of the time(!).
Sarah is ranting about Lou only giving twenty dollars. Bess says that Lou can be quite generous when he wants to be. Sarah thinks that Bess can get money out of him because Lou thinks she's got a soft spot for him. Bess isn't keen but then laughs and says she'll take up the challenge.
A forest
Phil is trying to find a compass direction using a leaf and a paperclip in a cup of water(!). They head off.
Joel is a bit fed up about his job at the Sports Shop. He thinks his boss is lying when he says that they don't have enough work for him. He thinks his boss doesn't want someone on crutches working there - it gives the wrong image.
A forest
Harold, Karl and Susan are looking for Phil and Ruth. They find them and help Ruth back to camp. Ruth tells them about Phil's bush compass.
Joel says he's feeling like a victim, but Bess says he's only a victim if he decides to be one himself. Sarah says his boss's discrimination is illegal. Bess tells Joel to rise above it and move on. She serves him couscous for dinner which looks horrible(!).
Sarah rings Lou and says she's got someone to cover the shift at the pub. She doesn't tell him that she means Bess though(!).
The Pub
Ruth, Phil, Karl and Susan are talking in the pub. Ruth says they must have a chance to catch up in the competition. Susan reminds Ruth about the Vice-Principal selection panel tomorrow. Ruth tells Phil she's thinking about pulling out since her old friend is up for an interview for the position.
Ruth is trying to pull out of the selection panel and Susan is very disappointed. She tries to persuade Ruth not to pull out. Ruth says she'll see what she can do.
When Ruth has gone Susan wonders why Ruth didn't tell her last night.
Ruth says she should have mentioned her personal relationship with Alita (her old friend) to Susan - it's too late now.
Joel opens the door to Bess. She says Joel should fight for his old job back, but Joel says it's not worth it. Bess gives Joel a cake - she feels guilty about him leaving No.30 due to overcrowding. Joel is impressed.
The Coffee Shop
Alita is asking Ruth when the results of the selection will be out. Ruth doesn't want to talk about the deliberations of the panel, but Alita is confident.
Madge comes up. Ruth says she'll be glad when the selection panel is over. Ruth says Alita is good but Madge likes the male candidate.
The Pub
Bess has arrived for her shift, much to Lou's surprise. He isn't pleased with the situation. He claims he's organised someone else, but Bess tells him to unorganised the someone else(!). Bess says she'll enjoy working closely with Lou!. Lou looks terrified(!)
Alita has told Susan that her and Ruth are friends. Susan is very cross.
Susan says that Ruth shouldn't have gone on the selection panel - it's a conflict of interest. Ruth says she is sorry and should have spoken up about it from the start. Susan says it may have affected Alita's chances.
The Pub
Bess is bossing Lou around. Lou begs Sarah to take over the shift for a while. Phil leaves and shouts that he loves the new barmaid(!). Sarah says she'll consider taking over if Lou will increase his donation to the hospital. Lou refuses, so Sarah flounces off.
Ruth is crying in the kitchen. She thinks she's blown her friendship with both Susan and Alita.
Alita calls at that moment though to say that she's got the job as Vice-Principal! She opens a bottle of champagne.
The Pub
Bess is pouring some drinks. Lou tells her that her shift is over and goes into the office to get her pay. Bess follows him into the office and locks the door. She says she's been looking forward to getting him on his own for a long time(!).
<<3263 - 3265>>
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