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Neighbours Episode 3270 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3270
Australian airdate: 26/3/99
UK airdate: BBC: 9/6/99
Writer: John Upton
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Tad Reeves: Jonathon Dutton
Bess O'Brien: Diana McLean
Mike Healy: Andrew Blackman
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
The bidding for No.30 goes higher and higher. Portia and Lou are both bidding.
Toadie berating Tad and Paul for washing and juicing pears in the kitchen of No.30. The smell is very bad.
Tad, Paul and Toadie frantically clear up the mess before the new owners come in.
Lou comes in and he has won the auction. Lou is sorry that he out-bid Bess in the auction, but glad he beat Portia. He pours out champagne for everyone. He tells the No.30 gang that they can stay in the house as his tenants.
Lou goes into the laundry to find Tad and Paul still clearing up pear juice. Lou demands more respect for his new property.
The Coffee Shop
Drew is sitting alone eating a cake. Susan comes up and thanks Drew for supporting Libby. She says Drew has been there for Libby all the way through. Susan says Libby and Mike are working things out. When she's gone, Drew looks gutted.
The Pub
Libby and Mike are discussing the divorce. Mike says he hasn't heard from Victoria. Mike says he'll talk to her tomorrow when she brings Sasha around. (Mike is wearing a hideous pink checked shirt. Bleurghhh).
Bess is helping Tad, Paul and Toadie to juice the pears. Sarah is cross that they've ruined one of her tops. Paul suggests if Toadie can hold Lou off until tomorrow afternoon, he has a plan to get the juicing finished. Paul keeps the idea to himself, however.
The Garage
Drew is working on a car dejectedly when Lou turns up. He asks Lou how it went. He says Lolly was a bit tearful when he left her. Drew says she'll soon be off to Uni. Drew shows Lou a newspaper with the Oakie show advertised. He asks if he can have time off to go. Lou agrees. Drew says he might make it a permanent move, and Lou is horrified! He says Drew is the best mechanic in Erinsborough.
Bess has come to say goodbye to Lou. She kisses him on the lips!
Sarah is sad that Bess is leaving. Bess says Sarah can come and visit her. Joel comes in without his crutches and they all congratulate him - his knee is strong enough to support him despite overusing it during the Full Monty(!). He also says he's going back to University and it's all down to Bess. They all make a toast to Bess.
The Pub
Toadie comes in. Lou is on pins about Louise's first day in kindergarten. Toadie tells Lou that the pear juice isn't going to be delivered until this afternoon because Toadie wants the juice to be perfect. Lou says there's no rush because the fermenting barrel won't be arriving until tomorrow.
The Coffee Shop
Paul tells Tad the plan - they'll draft in some Year 7 pupils to help. Lou comes in and warns them not to get pear juice on the carpet.
Tad, Paul and the Year 7 pupils have finished juicing the pears. Toadie comes in and wants to know what's going on and who the Year 7 pupils are. Tad and Paul claim they just came to watch(!). Toadie makes them admit they only paid the kids five cents a dozen whereas Tad and Paul are getting fifteen cents. Toadie says he's proud of them(!). Toadie mentions to Paul that Drew is thinking of going home to Oakie.
The Garage
Paul is asking Drew if it's true about him going home to Oakie. Paul says Drew will miss his mates and Drew says he will. Paul brings up the night that they watched the stars with Libby. He says he saw Drew watching Libby. He wants to know if Libby is the reason. Drew says it's just really hard living in Ramsay Street at the moment and he'll feel happier at home in Oakie.
Lou is asking Susan for advice about kindergarten. Apparently Louise has brought home an invisible friend. Lou is worried he's not spending enough time with Louise, but Susan tells him not to worry - he's doing a great job as a single father.
The Coffee Shop
Libby comes in and sits down with Mike. Libby is mad that a truck came to close and took a mirror off her scooter. Libby wants to organise an Easter Egg hunt for Sasha. Victoria rings Mike to cancel Sasha's visit and Mike is very mad. Mike says it's petty revenge for the divorce papers. Libby tries to calm him down.
Ramsay Street
Sarah is saying goodbye to Bess. They're very sad to be parting now that they've got to know each other properly. Bess leaves in a taxi.
Karl sees Sarah standing in the road after Bess has gone and asks her if she's OK. Sarah quickly goes into the house.
The Garage
Drew is sitting looking pensive. He then gets up and gives Lou a resignation letter. He says it's the only way he can get his life back on track. Lou is worried and asks Drew if he's ill - he used to be laid-back with no worries. Lou says Drew is a genuine mate of his and insists Drew tells him why he's going. Drew tells Lou he's in love with Libby and has been for a long time. Lou is sympathetic and says that now a lot of things make sense. Drew is almost tearful and tells Lou that he can't just be friends with her.
At that point, Libby draws up on her scooter. Drew can hardly bear to look at her. She asks him what's wrong.
<<3269 - 3271>>
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