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Neighbours Episode 3257 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3257
Australian airdate: 9/3/99
UK airdate: BBC: 21/5/99
Writer: Hugh Stuckey
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: George Caruana: Greg Ross
Tony Simpson: Stan Tsitas
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Anne and Bill deciding to go to the beach.
Anne and Bill go skinny-dipping at the beach.
A family come along and see them.
Anne is mortified. Bill runs up the beach and covers himself up with some seaweed. The family laugh and watch him. For some reason they just stand there and laugh while Bill brings Anne her towel. They are both mortified.
Lance has arrived home. He gives Ruth some oranges as a present and Ruth gives him a watch. It is a very expensive watch and Lance is a bit awed. Ruth tells him to take good care of it. Ruth says she's organised him a coming-home party and mentions that she has invited Amy too. Lance is a bit surprised.
Bill has been stung in a sensitive(!) place by a bluebottle. Anne is forced to tell them that they were skinny-dipping. Karl laughs his head off. Bill is very embarrassed. Karl tries to help him "for the sake of his grandchildren"(!)
Amy, Lance, Bill, Anne, Phil and Ruth are having dinner. Amy asks Lance how the fruit-picking went. Lance said they picked some fruit(!). Pinhead is doing better after the accident. Amy presses Lance about life in Mildura. Anne intervenes and changes the subject by telling Lance that he can have all the ute insurance money since she's inheriting Lily's house.
Toadie is practising lines for his show on Uni FM. Joel says he wants to join some clubs at Uni and asks Toadie for advice. He says Uni FM is a good one and Joel should come in. He says he could challenge Toadie for his spot!
Everyone is cleaning up. Susan comes round. She says that it's time that grownups have a bit of fun and says they have to be ready by tomorrow at 10am.
Lance and Amy are sitting in the living room. Amy says she missed him while he was away but Lance makes light of it. She tells him that he has changed - he's different. Amy asks Lance if he's met someone else. Lance says it's none of her business anymore. Amy says she still cares about him even if they're just friends. She leaves.
Ramsay Street
Susan, Karl, Phil and Ruth are leaving. Susan says there's an element of competition involved in the surprise.
Bill and Anne chat. Amy asks where Lance is. She goes in to see him.
Lance is on the phone to someone and is laughing. He sees Amy come in and hangs up quickly. He tells Amy it was someone he met fruit-picking. Amy bluffs that she knows he met a girl because Anne told her. Lance says even if he did, it's none of Amy's business. Amy says Lance begged her to come back to him the other week and he didn't waste any time. She says he's a cheat. Lance is incredulous - Amy doesn't want to go out with him, but doesn't want anyone else to either. Amy says Lance has only got a new girlfriend to get back at Amy. Lance rolls his eyes.
Go Kart track
Phil and Ruth are chuffed with what Susan's organised for them.
Uni FM
Joel has arrived and Toadie puts him on the switchboard. Joel isn't too keen - he'd rather be on the air! Joel doesn't know how to work the equipment, but Toadie runs off.
George Caruana and Toadie bicker.
Go Kart track
Phil, Ruth, Karl and Susan race around the track.
Uni FM
Bill, Anne and Lance arrive and chat to Joel.
George Caruana is being controversial on the radio. He says that Adolf Hitler is the greatest...house painter of all time.
Go Kart track
Karl wins the race despite running Phil off the track(!)
Uni FM
Apparently the line cut out and the comment about Adolf Hitler didn't go out in its entirety - nobody else heard the "...house painter of all time" bit. Toadie realises he's the only one that witnessed what George really said. Toadie is very pleased - it's his big chance to get rid of George. Bill and Lance encourage Toadie but Anne says it's immoral to take advantage of the situation.
The station manager tells Toadie he's pulling George off the air for what he said.
The Pub
Karl, Susan, Phil and Ruth are having a post-go karting drink. Karl wants to challenge the Martins to something else.
Uni FM
George Caruana is defending himself but the manager says it doesn't matter what happened - the radio station could be up for a fine. George says that Toadie will vouch for him. Toadie hesitates, but supports George's story.
When the station manager has gone, Toadie tells George he only supported him to save the station from a fine.
Anne, Lance, Bill and Joel are hanging out. Amy comes in and they tell her about the incident at Uni FM. Anne asks Amy what clubs she's going to join at Uni. Amy says she's not going to Uni! She tells them that she's secretly been for interviews with the airlines and has got a job as a trainee flight attendant!
<<3256 - 3258>>
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