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Neighbours Episode 3256 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3256
Australian airdate: 8/3/99
UK airdate: BBC: 20/5/99
Writer: Margaret Wilson
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Bess O'Brien: Diana McLean
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Libby asking Drew if she's upset him in some way.
Drew seeing Mike kissing Victoria.
Mike sees Drew there and looks worried.
The Pub
Lou is singing happily to himself. Drew comes in looking very troubled and orders a beer. He snaps at Lou who asks if everything is OK. Lou asks Drew if he's seen Libby because she's late for her shift. Drew realises Libby will arrive any moment, so leaves quickly.
Bill's Workshop
Bill is doing some carpentry when Anne comes in. They discuss Anne going to Dawber and decide they're both in denial. Anne suggests that they go to the beach tomorrow. Bill says he doesn't know if he can close up work for the day, but Anne persuades him.
Sarah is cooking dinner for her mother before she goes away. Sarah says she's a bit stressed out by the compensation claim against the hospital. She wonders if she can get a lawyer, but Bess says it's too expensive. She says if Sarah is firm with the hospital, everything will be fine.
They talk about Bess going to the conference and Bess doesn't seem to keen.
Drew comes in in a right strop. He's been working late and Lou jokes that he can't afford the overtime. Drew snaps at him. Lou asks if Drew is doing moonlighting. Drew is exasperated with him and tells him Lou has got himself a bargain, no more.
Bess has packed her stuff but she says she doesn't really want to go because she wants the opportunity to be a mother to Sarah. She'd rather stay and help Sarah with the compensation claim. Sarah is chuffed to bits and they hug.
Drew is packing his stuff for work. Lou calls Drew on his mood and insists that he confide in him. Finally Drew says there's a problem but he doesn't want to talk about it. Eventually Lou drags it out of him that Drew saw Mike kissing his ex-wife, Victoria. Lou asks if it was a friendly goodbye kiss, but Drew says it was much more than that. Drew doesn't know what to do.
Bill tells Karl and Susan that he is going away with Anne. Susan agrees to lend them her car. Karl isn't happy that Bill is leaving work early. Susan is on Bill's side though and tells Karl off for getting at Bill - Anne will be going away in a few days.
Lou says that Drew has to tell Libby what he saw - she's his best friend. Drew is worried that Libby will be very upset, but Lou says that it's a necessary evil. Drew says he thinks Mike is scum. Lou says he must tell Libby or Mike will get away with it.
Harold and Lou's boundary fence
Harold is singing. Lou joins in from his side of the fence.
Harold is still singing when Lou comes in. Lou says there should be a council bye-law against Harold's singing(!). He says Harold has got the lyrics wrong and Lou corrects him. Harold says he's wrong - he knows more about Gilbert and Sullivan than Lou does. Harold gives Lou a cassette to listen to to see who's right.
The Coffee Shop
Karl sees Drew and asks him if he wants to play golf with him and Mike on the weekend. Drew makes every excuse in the book, but Karl nags him. Luckily for Drew, Harold comes up and he's interested in playing golf so says Harold can have his place. Karl doesn't look too chuffed(!).
Sarah is on the phone to the hospital talking about financial compensation. They offer her a fair deal - her lost wages and a bonus by way of an apology. Sarah is very, very pleased.
Bill and Anne are packing for their trip. Anne tells Susan that she's exciteda bout going to Dawber but at the same time she knows how much she'll miss Bill. Susan says that during the war people went off for years and lots of those relationships survived. They just have to be committed to each other. Bill and Anne leave on their trip.
The Beach
Bill and Anne are setting up camp right on the beach. They are very happy.
The Pub
Sarah and Bess are celebrating the compensation from the hospital. They ask Lou if he's going to buy No.30. He says he's still thinking about it. Bess flirts with Lou a bit and he looks very worried and withdraws to another customer. Sarah is worried about being thrown out of No.30. Bess suggests that she buy No.30 herself, but Sarah hasn't got any money. Bess says she has some shares that she could sell to help her buy the house. Sarah is very surprised but pleased.
The Beach
Bill is getting a bit depressed about Anne going away - he can't stop thinking about it. He doesn't know how he can cope with life without her. Neither of them want to separate. They agree not to think about it just for one night.
Lou says Drew can't put off telling Libby forever - he's running out of cars to fix(!). Drew is worried that Libby will never talk to him again. He says Mike needs a good smack in the mouth and is so lucky to have Libby at all.
The Beach
Anne and Bill are messing about in the tent. Anne insists on going for a swim and says that they can skinny-dip(!) They strip off their clothes and run to the water!
Joel is reading about extra-curricular clubs available in the university. Susan asks if he's keen to go back to study. Joel says it's a good option now that he's incapacitated for sport.
The Beach
Anne and Bill are skinny-dipping. A family comes along and they both look horrified - they both thought it was a remote beach!
<<3255 - 3257>>
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