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Neighbours Episode 3255 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3255
Australian airdate: 5/3/99
UK airdate: BBC: 19/5/99
Writer: John Davies
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Bess O'Brien: Diana McLean
Victoria Healy: Tamar Kelly
COW Trained by Luke Hura
BOB Trained by Anne Hura
DAHL Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Bess and Sarah arrive at the country. Sarah isn't pleased to find it's an environmentalist's camp, but cheers up eventually after having a mud fight with Bess.
Karl is reading a medical book. But when the camera zooms in, it turns out he has a used bike catalogue tucked inside it!
Joel arrives, and Susan and Karl welcome him as a long-lost son(!). Joel sees the catalogue and asks if Karl is buying a motorbike. Susan says she isn't.
Susan asks Joel if he wants some dinner - she's made his favourite. Karl says Susan is great cook, wife, mother, principal... Susan says he's still not getting amotorbike.
The Country
Sarah and Bess are asleep in their tent. A cow puts its head in. Sarah wakes up and screans.
Karl is saying how exhilarating a bike is. Susan is unmoved though and tells Karl to give it a rest. Joel says he's impartial on the subject. Jeol goes off to get his exercise bike. Karl says he can put it in the garage - there's plenty of room for a biek in there(!)
The Country
Bess has shooed off the cow. Sarah is grumpy again about the country situation. Bess' mobile phone rings - it's for Sarah.
Drew is helping Joel to pack. Joel says he's getting rid of his exercise equipment - there's no point now he's incapacitated. Drew says his situation is only temporary.
Susan has got Joel's exercise bike which she has borrowed. Karl says it won't be used for more than two weeks. Karl is still moaning on about the motorbike. Karl doesn't want the exercise bike - they've only just got rid of Eric the Idol. They bicker.
The Country
The director of nursing wants to see her ASAP - apparently there was a fault on the call buzzer which is enough loophole to give Sarah her job back. Sarah is very pleased. Meanwhile the cow has come back and is destroying the tent!
Drew says he'll rent the exercise equipment from Joel. Joel isn't keen, so Drew says he'll buy it. Joel says he doesn't want a handout, but Drew says he'll use it for training. Joel agrees. He doesn't know if Susan will want to keep the bike or not.
Drew asks Joel about Clooney the physiotherapist. Joel says Ruth has taken over now. He says that now they aren't linked professionally, Joel can ask her out! Joel doesn't seem to keen though. He says it was a one-sided affair.
The Pub
Drew comes in. He seems nervous around Libby. He has got something in a bag. It turns out to be a throw rug for the sofa. Libby asks if Lou knows about it. Drew says anything is better than the pink sofa. Libby tells him to be sensitive as Cheryl bought the sofa originally.
Libby tells Drew off for biting her head off - and it's not the first time. She wants to know if she's upset him in some way, but he says she hasn't. Drew says he's just had a long day at work.
Bess and Sarah arrive home. Sarah is pleased to be home and goes off to have a shower. She thanks Bess for everything and says she's sorry for whinging.
The Pub
Libby tips something on herself. Victoria comes in and suggest she puts soda water on it. She buys a bottle of Mike's favourite wine. Susan comes in an complains that the service is terrible(!). Libby introduces her to Victoria and Susan is very surprised. Victoria leaves.
Libby is just finishing her shift, so Susan asks her to come with her to see a surprise for Karl.
Karl thinks that Joel's progress is quite slow. Joel says he's thinking of chucking in the counselling - he's not getting anything out of it. Joel says he's fine but admits he has broken sleep. Karl says he should keep trying the counselling. They suddenly hear a beeping from outside.
Ramsay Street
Susan and Libby have driven up on a motorbike. Susan has hired the bike for the day hoping to quell Karl's obsession(!). Karl is chuffed to bits. They ride off together!
Libby and Joel chat. Libby says she's glad he's back - she's like the brother she always wanted. Libby asks why he's moved back in. She says she knows he had a crush on her. They joke about it. Libby says she thought it was sweet(!) Joel looks embarrassed, but he laughs too.
Drew answers the door to Libby. She likes the throw but Drew is very prickly. She asks Drew what his problem is - she insists he tell her what's going on. He says it isn't personal. He goes off for a jog.
Susan and Karl have come back from their ride. Karl says Susan is a crazy bike driver and refers to her as "Hot Mamma Kennedy"! Susan goes off to return the bike. Karl begs her for just one more go. Susan says only if he promises to lean into the corner this time!
The Pub
Sarah and Bess are celebrating the restoration of Sarah's job. Joel come in and is pleased to hear the good news. Joel is depressed about Dominator Sports dropping him. Bess has got a phone call saying that someone wants her to attend a conference in New Zealand that started yesterday.
A road
Drew is jogging. He sees Mike and Victoria from a distance and then they start kissing. Mike goes to his car but chances to look up and sees Drew there.
<<3254 - 3256>>
Drew Kirk in Neighbours Episode 3255
Drew Kirk

Victoria Healy, Mike Healy, Drew Kirk in Neighbours Episode 3255
Victoria Healy, Mike Healy, Drew Kirk

Drew Kirk in Neighbours Episode 3255
Drew Kirk

Mike Healy in Neighbours Episode 3255
Mike Healy

<<3254 - 3256>>
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