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Neighbours Episode 3254 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3254
Australian airdate: 4/3/99
UK airdate: BBC: 18/5/99
Writer: Jon Stephens
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Rob McGregor: Erik Donnison
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Lou tells Susan that he's thinking about buying No.30
Susan running over Bob
Susan and Lou run into No.30 with Bob. Susan is very upset and says she'll take Sarah to the vet. Sarah agrees.
Ramsay Street
Harold is on a powerwalk and sees Sarah and Susan driving off to the vet with Bob. Karl is also coming up the street and is surprised to see them drives off together.
Harold tells Madge that he saw Susan and Sarah together in the car taking Bob to the vet. Madge says it isn't any of their concern.
Harold asks Madge is she thinks Hannah has really got a French boyfriend. Madge says they're teenagers so it's very likely! Madge drags Harold off to buy a computer but she won't take no for an answer - Paul needs one for school and she's sure Phil is sick of him using his all the time.
Lou and Karl are chatting. Lou hopes it will give Susan and Sarah a chance to mend some bridges.
Susan's car
Susan says she'll pay for the vet and that she feels terrible. Sarah is very upset about Bob. Susan says she's very, very sorry, particularly as Sarah's had such a hard time with work recently too.
Madge and Harold carry the computer in. Madge starts to unpack it. She wants to put it together before Paul gets back.
Susan and Sarah come back with Bob. Bob is wearing a neck collar but seems to be OK. Bess offers Susan a coffee and asks what the vet said. Apparently he just has a bruised pelvis and a cut, so he's been lucky. Susan leaves awkwardly. Bess says it was a pity she couldn't stay for coffee.
Madge and Harold are trying to assemble the computer. Madge is working on the philosophy that they plug the leads into the sockets that fit! Madge goes off to find an expert.
Karl is probing Susan about the trip to the vet but she doesn't want to discuss it. Karl won't drop it though. She says they just talked about vet stuff.
Someone knocks on the door and they place bets on who it is(!).
SUSAN: Place your bets. Toadie.
KARL: Lou.
SUSAN: Harold.
KARL: I'll go for Ruth.
SUSAN: Salman Rushdie!
KARL: Tony Blair!
SUSAN: The Spice Girls!
KARL: (opens the door) YOU'RE RIGHT!!

It turns out to be Joel! Susan asks how Bob is. Joel says he's OK, but he doesn't know how he got out - apparently someone left the side door open. Susan invites Joel to stay with them for a bit as it's a bit crowded at No.30.
Madge has found her expert - Toadie - who sorts it out and offers them an introductory lesson.
Bess is trying to persuade Sarah to come with her to the country to visit some friends of hers. Joel says he's moving back to the Kennedys for a while to ease the overcrowding at No.30. He offers his bed to Bess.
Toadie comes in. He refers to Bob as "bucket-head" and Sarah is not pleased. Toadie is pleased he's getting his room back. Bess cons Toadie into lending her and Sarah his car to go to the country.
Ramsay Street
Sarah and Bess are leaving for the country (that was quick!). Susan comes up and asks how Bob is getting on. Sarah says he's much perkier today. Bess tells Susan they're off to the country for a bit. She tells them to have a good time, although things are a bit awkward between them.
Toadie is worried about his car and gives them strict instructions to take care of it.
Lou has come to see Bob(!). He gives Toadie some toys for Bob and says he feels guilty because he thinks he left the side gate open. Toadie asks him what he was doing and Lou said he was snooping(!). He was looking around with a view to buying the house. Toadie is weighed down under the weight of presents for Bob that Lou has brought.
Lou asks Toadie how much rent they pay.
The Country
Bess and Sarah have arrived. Sarah is very unimpressed to find that it isn't a bed and breakfast - they will be camping. Bess's environmental crusader friends are making mud bricks and seem like a friendly lot. Sarah isn't happy though, she wanted a swimming pool. Bess says she can swim in the river(!). Bess says she will enjoy herself making mud bricks(!).
Harold is using the computer - in fact, he's glued to it. Madge threatens to pull the plug unless he comes to work now.
The Country
Sarah is digging and is covered in mud. She is moaning, so Bess throws some more mud at her(!)
Paul has been suspended so is working at the Coffee Shop today. Susan says she's can't understand the logic of school discipline - giving students another day off for wagging in the first place!
Susan says that Bob is a bit better. Karl says he's glad she is getting along with Sarah, but Susan says she is civil to her, no more. Joel comes in on his crutches and asks if he can move some of his stuff in.
The Country
Sarah and Bess are having a mud fight and laughing. The environmentalists are laughing at them.
<<3253 - 3255>>
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