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Neighbours Episode 3253 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3253
Australian airdate: 3/3/99
UK airdate: BBC: 17/5/99
Writer: Craig Wilkins
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Tad Reeves: Jonathon Dutton
Pippa Layton: Natalie Shostak
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Tad organising a party at No.30 with just him, Paul and two girls.
One of the girls tells Paul that Hannah is dating a French guy.
Phil is still asleep on the massage table and Bonnie is licking his feet. Phil thinks it's Ruth(!). Ruth is very amused. Phil finally wakes up and apologises to Ruth he is exhausted.
Paul is moping over his breakfast and then mopes off to school. Madge and Harold wonder what's up with him. Harold says he's not sure he likes Paul being friends with Tad as Tad is unreliable. Madge says Tad is OK.
Ramsay Street
Paul is moping down the street. Tad says Jade told him about Hannah's French boyfriend. Tad makes loads of insensitive remarks to Paul but he doesn't rise to the bait.
Ruth is back. Pippa talks incessantly as usual and Ruth is a bit overwhelmed. Karl tells Ruth that he's a bit worried about Phil being so tense.
Garden of No.30
Lou is casing the joint. Harold comes up behind him and scares him. Lou says he's thinking of putting in a bid for No.30 as an investment. Harold asks him how he can afford it. Lou tells Harold to keep it to himself. Harold jokes that Lou should check the boundaries are correct before he buys it(!).
Erinsborough High
Paul says he's not going to class - he's going to ring Hannah instead. Tad tells him to just get over it but Paul can't. He goes off.
Phil brings Ruth some flowers. Pippa fawns over Phil. Karl probes Phil about the jury case but he doesn't want to say anything.
Pippa tells Ruth that Phil was the undecided juror in the case and he had to convince all the others.
Phil and Paul come in. Paul probes Phil for any info about Hannah's new boyfriend. Phil says he thinks they're just friends but he can't help him as daughter don't discuss their love lives with their fathers. He invites Paul over that evening to use the email.
Pippa is arranging Ruth's flowers, generally helping out frenetically around the surgery, and bossing Karl around.
Paul is on the phone to Hannah. Hannah tells him that her relationship with Pascale is none of his business. It seems he has woken Hannah up early and puts the phone down.
Paul hears Harold coming and hides in his bedroom (because he is wagging school). Madge rings and tells Harold that the phone has been engaged. Harold isn't suspicious though and leaves.
Pippa can't find one of the files and is really stressed out. Karl suggests that she has a break. Pippa does the lunch orders and accidentally tips the vase of flowers over. Pippa sends Karl for the lunches while she cleans up the spilt water!
The Coffee Shop
Harold tells Susan that he's enrolled as a singing and tuba student at the University. Karl comes in to get the lunches, but he can't remember what Ruth wanted(!). Susan says that Karl's attention to detail is hopeless.
Susan asks Madge and Harold how Paul is because he wasn't at school.
Paul tells Madge and Harold that he didn't feel like going to school. He tells them that Hannah has got a new boyfriend. Madge and Harold says he should have told them because they were worried. Madge is sympathetic towards Paul though.
Ruth is telling Susan that Pippa is a bit full-on but she says that Karl loves her! Susan asks Ruth to be on the selection committee for the new Vice-Principal at the school.
Tad comes in, Harold says Paul is grounded. Tad says Harold is doing the right thing and delinquents should be punished(!).
Tad asks Paul how "Operation French Guy" went. He says Hannah told him to mind his own business. Tad tells Paul to get himself another girlfriend. Paul thinks he will give Jade a go. Tad says Jade is his girl(!).
Phil tells Ruth that he went to the sentencing of the case after all. Phil says that the guy got 11 years. He's a bit depressed - what if he was wrong? Ruth cheers him up a bit though.
Garden of No.30
Lou is casing the joint again. We see Bob run past. Susan is in her car about to pull out and chats to Lou. He asks her about property assessment as Karl had one done recently. Susan reverses the car out straight over Bob!!
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