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Neighbours Episode 3251 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3251
Australian airdate: 01/03/99
UK airdate: 13/05/99
Writer: Jason Herbison
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Victoria Healy: Tamar Kelly
Mike Healy: Andrew Blackburn
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Drew telling Libby that he's in love with someone.
- Libby asking if Sarah feels the same way(!)
Lou's balcony
Drew asks Libby incredulously why she would think he was in love with Sarah. Libby says she thought it was someone she wouldn't like and Sarah was the obvious choice. Drew says Sarah is just a mate.
Libby is distracted by seeing a meteorite streak across the sky and asks Drew what it is. He explains what it is, but he is a little bit tetchy.
Libby remembers what they were talking about and presses Drew on who the mystery girl is, but his moment's gone. He tells Libby it's getting cloudy so he's going in. She protests that it isn't getting cloudy at all, but Drew says, "Why wait for something to spoil such a beautiful night?" and goes in.
Bill and Amy are cleaning the kitchen and chatting. They finally talk about the kiss at the radio station. They start to see the funny side but Bill still doesn't want to tell Anne. Amy agrees.
Phil comes in and says they reached a verdict so his jury duty is over. He is horrified by the décor - apparently the colours are the wrong way around!
Lou is peering through Drew's telescope, but he sees Drew coming and quickly moves to the sofa. Drew comes in in a bad mood. He asks Lou if he's ever been close to making a total fool of himself, stopped, but then wished you had done it anyway because at least it would be off your mind(!). Drew complains about the sofa - it's pink and he thinks it's not suitable for a house with two grown men living in it.
Libby is making pancakes. She asks Bill if he knows what a falling star is. Much to Libby's surprise he explains exactly what it is. She asks him how he knows, and he laughs and tells her that "everyone knows that!" Libby laughs at her lack of astronomical knowledge!
Libby tells Bill that she's got him a quarter page in the Erinsborough news to advertise his business. Bill is very pleased.
Ruth and Anne arrive home and try to decide if they like the new décor. On the whole, they do like it. Ruth gives Amy a present to say thank you for looking after Bonnie while they were away. It's a brooch. Amy hates it but tells Anne quietly that it's the thought that counts.
The Coffee Shop
Libby comes in and sees Drew there. She asks Drew to fix her car, but he says he can't drop everything for her. He is a bit abrupt so he apologises, saying he's a bit stressed. Libby says she has something to cheer him up and shows him a leaflet saying he can adopt a star too! Drew doesn't look too keen.
Libby then asks Drew if she can borrow his telescope to show her star to Mike, oblivious to the fact that she is trampling all over his heart. Drew refuses to lend the telescope, saying it's expensive equipment and he doesn't want to move it around unless he has to. He goes back to work.
Amy and Anne are catching up and Ruth is waiting for Phil to come home. Eventually he comes in and hugs Ruth. She says she likes the décor. Ruth and Phil start getting a bit lovey-dovey so Amy and Anne go off to the Coffee Shop.
The Pub
Lou is reminiscing about Little Tommy Tucker's which is closing down. Lou says he could make Drew wear one of the Little Tommy Tucker uniforms down at the garage(!).
Libby asks Lou if he thinks Drew has been a bit off today. Lou says Drew told him he hated his sofa and asks Libby what she thinks of his furnishings. She tells him tactfully that they are a bit 80s but when the 80s come back in he'll be the height of fashion(!). Lou says that Drew was brought up in the country so they have to make allowances for him(!).
The telephone goes and it's Mike. He asks Libby to get away from work for a while.
Phil and Ruth are being lovey-dovey in the kitchen and talking about the trial. Ruth says that Phil seems a bit tired. He says that he missed her.
Bill has been having a shower and answers the door to Anne half-naked(!). They are excited to see each other and hug. Anne takes Bill off to help him get dressed(!).
Phil is a bit grumpy. He says he's not going to the sentencing for the court case tomorrow. He says the trial was an awful business and he just wants to forget about it. Ruth wants to know how the bloke got off on the murder charge but Phil doesn't want to discuss it.
The Coffee Shop
Anne and Bill are eating sandwiches. Amy is working there and cleans their table. Anne asks Bill what was the big surprise he mentioned. Bill says it was a competition but it bombed. Anne wants to know what the competition was and it's obvious they are hiding something. Amy tries to use the excuse of going back to work, but Anne purposely spills some milk on the table so Amy has to stay and clean it up(!). She presses them to tell her what's been going on.
No.32 Balcony
Libby arrives a bit worried, but it turns out that Mike just wanted to see her and spend the afternoon "together" (bleurgh!!). But as he is about to put his plan into action, Victoria arrives. She has a bottle of champagne. She gives it to Mike saying it's for helping out with Sasha's schoolrun that week. She also asks him for Sasha's immunisation records. He goes off to have look.
The Coffee Shop
Bill is explaining about the competition and the prize. He says he wasn't into the kiss at all and Amy gets a little bit offended(!). Anne says it seems a bit suss because they are so highly-strung about it! But she isn't really cross.
No.32 Balcony
Libby and Victoria are sitting in silence. Mike comes back with Sasha's immunisation records. Victoria asks Mike to take a look at her car which is playing up again. He goes off to the road with her to do this. Mike is a bit tense and we get the feeling that something is going on that Libby doesn't know about. Libby also looks a little bit suss.
Amy, Bill and Anne are deciding what movie to go to. Suddenly Anne says she has a very strange feeling about Lance. Amy gets a bit excited and asks if it's a "twin thing" (despite the fact that Anne and Lance are only fraternal twins!). Ruth takes Anne seriously because Anne's had feelings before. She says she'll give Lance a quick ring (he's off fruit-picking with Pinhead).
Before she can get to the phone, it rings and it's Lance. Ruth asks if everything is OK and he says it is.
Drew tells Lou off for spying on the neighbours through the telescope. Lou says he isn't spying, he's just keeping an eye on things(!). Drew says it's hard to see anything with the lens so dusty. He cleans the lens. As he is looking through the eyepiece to test it, he catches sight of Mike and Victoria having a furious row.
Bill tells Anne to relax because Lance is fine. Anne takes the phone from Ruth and starts to chat to Lance. Suddenly she screams loudly and calls Lance's name several times. She says that there was an awful crashing noise and now the phone has gone dead!
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Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3251
Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy

<<3250 - 3252>>
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