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Neighbours Episode 3250 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3250
Australian airdate: 26/02/99
UK airdate: 12/05/99
UK Gold: 18/11/04
Writer: Ben Marshall
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Bess O'Brien: Diana McLean
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Sarah telling her mother that she never put her and Catherine first.
Sarah's mother (Bess) tells Sarah to grow up.
Sarah's mother said she was always there for her kids, but she can't forget about the world. She said they had love, but only between meetings and marches. Sarah says she and Catherine felt left out. She says her mother spent more time with other people's kids than her own. Bess is very hurt.
Harold is packing up his tuba. Madge is protesting, but Harold won't be moved. He says he'll give it to someone with some talent. Paul comes in and says he can get some advanced stuff for their duo, but Harold isn't interested and walks off dejectedly. Madge tells Paul about the audition and says that Harold has gone to bury the tuba in the garden(!).
The Pub
Drew comes in and asks Libby what the urgent message was. Libby wants to know why his date with Abby was a flop - she says Abby is still keen. Drew says there is no X-factor between him and Abby. Libby says that Abby thinks Drew is chasing someone else. Drew suddenly becomes very guarded and asks Libby what else Abby has said. But Abby hasn't said anything, much to Drew's relief.
Mike comes in and orders drinks for him and Drew. While Libby is serving the drinks, Mike says he wants to ask Drew a question because he knows how close he and Libby are. Drew looks a bit worried and starts to protest that they aren't that close really, but it turns out Mike just wants advice on what to get Libby for a spontaneous jewellery present. Drew looks even more worried and asks Mike if he means a ring! Mike assures him it isn't though. Drew looks relieved and suggests a rectangular watch he has seen in a local shop.
Paul is talking to his Dad on the phone. Harold is cutting up vegetables sulkily.
Paul tells Madge that Harold has put the tuba under some old carpet in the shed. Drew comes in and tells Paul that he's got the telescope if he wants to have a look. Paul is keen and they go off together.
Balcony of Lou's house
Drew and Paul are looking through the telescope. There is an amazing starscape behind them containing thousands of stars (a miracle considering they are in the suburbs of Melbourne with the associated light pollution!). They chat about Paul's dad and how much Paul misses Hannah. Paul tells Drew that her letters are getting shorter and shorter. He asks Drew if he thinks long-distance romances can work. Drew said if he could give advice on relationships, he'd have one of his own. Paul asks him why he's not hooked up with a local babe(!). Drew says that all the good ones are taken.
Libby and Mike are sitting on the sofa. He gives Libby a wrapped present containing the watch. She opens it and likes the watch, but doesn't like the card because Mike has written "Forever" on it. Mike asks if she loves him and she says she does, but is a bit unconvincing.
Madge has recovered the tuba from the garage and arranged some flowers in it. Harold is not amused and starts taking the flowers out. Madge says she and Paul think it's not like Harold to just give up. Paul asks him what Harold would say if it had happened to him. Paul says he'd say that you can't succeed without failing along the way. Harold seems a bit perked up. He says he feels like a bit of a play, so Madge and Harold make themselves scarce(!).
Ramsay Street
Paul says he wishes Harold would take up knitting or something - it's quieter! He sees Drew and they agree to meet up for more astronomy later. Madge and Bess talk about the water plant. Bess tells Madge about her problems with Sarah. They also chat about the Grey Growlers.
Mike offers to take Libby out for a picnic lunch, but she's unenthusiastic. He asks why she's not wearing her watch. She says she does like the watch, but is concerned about the cost of it - he's been doing so much recently. She asks if he's trying to make up for something he's done! Mike gets very defensive and cross. Libby says he should be spending his money on other things, like supporting Sasha.
The Coffee Shop
Bess tells Madge that the water people are going to issue a report on the water quality. Bess talks to Madge about mothering and Madge suggests she cooks Sarah a roast. But Bess is vegetarian and also doesn't know how. Madge gives her a recipe.
Mike suggests that he take the watch back. Libby says it isn't necessary. Mike asks her what's changed between then. She mentions the "Forever" on the card, and Mike says he can't win - he's either under-committed or over-committed. Libby says he's been a bit full-on recently. Mike is cross and stalks off.
Later at the Kennedys
Libby is talking into Mike's answerphone. She thinks he is screening his calls, but despite her pleas, he doesn't pick up the phone.
Drew comes in as she is putting the phone down.
DREW: Guess what I've found?
LIBBY: Gold, true love?
DREW: Theta Coronae Australis.
It turns out that he has spent the last two evenings searching for the star that Karl adopted for Libby for her 21st birthday, Theta Coronae Australis. He asks if she wants to see it and she's keen - she says she might even decide to move there(!) He takes her by the hand and leads her to the door. As he is helping her put her coat, Libby asks Drew what she'd do without him. He says she'd lead an empty, meaningless life(!) She asks him to promise they'll never fight. He agrees and puts an arm around her shoulder as he leads her off.
Lou's balcony
Paul complains he has been waiting for them for ages - he thought the star would have gone supernova by the time they got there(!). Paul has already got the telescope trained on Theta Coronae Australis. Drew checks, then gets Libby to look through the eyepiece. He describes the position in the starfield where her star is. Libby says it's beautiful and Drew agrees with her. Paul looks at them both knowingly and excuses himself(!).
Drew and Libby talk philosophically about other stars/planets and whether anyone is out there with a telescope looking back at them. They are getting on very well. Libby is a bit wistful and Drew asks if she's OK. Libby says she is and that sometimes you can be happy without really knowing it.
Sarah is excited that her mother has made her a roast. She takes a photo. Sarah hugs her mum and says she's had a great night with her.
Later on Lou's balcony
Libby and Drew are still looking at the stars, this time with the naked eye. They have made themselves a cup of tea each which they are sipping as they look at the sky. Libby thanks Drew for straightening her out. She says he always knows how to cheer her up. Libby says she feels happy and Drew is glad. She says he wants everyone to be happy.
Drew asks Libby if he tells her something terrible, would she forgive him?
DREW: It's sort of a confession. Personal crisis.
LIBBY: You can tell me anything.
DREW: I'm...in love.
LIBBY: Why would that be such a terrible thing? Unless it was...with the wrong person. Oh. Drew. Oh, I never would have thought. So, how long has this been going on?
DREW: It feels like forever. I can't help it, Lib. You can't help who you fall for.
LIBBY: So why did it take you so long to tell me?
DREW: I would have thought that was pretty obvious.
LIBBY: Yeah, I guess. And, Sarah, does she feel the same way?
DREW: What? No, Lib, I'm not talking about Sarah.
LIBBY: Well, who then?
Drew is looking quite dejected.
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Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy, Paul McClain in Neighbours Episode 3250
Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy, Paul McClain

 in Neighbours Episode 3250

Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3250
Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy

Libby Kennedy, Drew Kirk in Neighbours Episode 3250
Libby Kennedy, Drew Kirk

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