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Neighbours Episode 3246 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3246
Australian airdate: 22/02/99
UK airdate: 06/05/1999
UK Gold: 16/11/2004
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Stan Durant: Paul Parker
Sgt. Joanne Douglas: Matilda White
Mike Healy: Andrew Blackman
Const. Ryan Moller: Pieter Siertsema
Unhappy Patron: Warwick Randall
- "Miracle" by Dom Cincotta
- "Land Of Hope And Glory" by Sir Edward Elgar
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Drew and Lou tell Mike that they have a plan.
Amy introducing the Full Monty.
The boys stripping.
Lou can't get to the lightswitch.
The boys rips off their boxers and use their hats for coverage!
The Pub
The crowd are all cheering and clapping. Lou hasn't managed to put the lights out so in the end Karl lifts his hat above his head, followed by Bill and the rest of the boys. Libby hides her eyes! Susan and Amy take photos while the crowd go mental.
The boys see two police officers arriving and quickly run off stage. The police says some (boring git) has made a complaint and they want to see Lou's license.
Back room of The Pub
The boys are dressing. Amy comes in to congratulate them. Karl says he'll get the photo away from Susan. Harold has come out of his trance.
The police say they've had a complaint and she wants names and addresses. Amy says it was a bit of fun for charity.
The Pub
Susan and Madge are having a bit of a go at the police. It turns out, though, that Lou doesn't have a permit. Nobody is very impressed with Lou. But Susan says she wouldn't have missed the show for the world(!) Karl tells Lou it's about time he bought them all a drink!
The Monties, Susan and Amy are having a celebratory drink. Everyone is really chuffed with how it's gone.
SUSAN: We'll have to wait for the photographic evidence
DREW: Susan, you're an evil woman.
SUSAN: I try.
Karl wants to destroy the film. Lou gives a toast to the courage of the Full Monty. He says the police aren't going to follow through and they made a pile of money for the hospital. Karl says he won't be able to walk down the street from now on(!)
Madge is teasing Harold for chickening out of the Full Monty. Harold is cross that Madge enjoyed the show. He didn't think she was that type of woman but she says he already knows what type of woman she is and he loves it(!). She says next time there's a Full Monty, he's doing it!
Susan is trying to finish off her camera film by pulling Karl and Bill's dressing gowns back to take shots(!). Karl tells Susan she is very childish. He tells Susan off for drinking his coffee. Bill comes in.
KARL: Your mother is starting up a family pornography collection.
BILL: OK, cool.
KARL: No! It's not cool! Come on Susan, give me the film!
SUSAN: No, no! Get your own!
Susan asks Karl if he'll come with her to look for a new car. Bill is missing Anne but he's off to look for a workshop. Karl tells him to make sure that the rent is cheap.
Susan says that both Karl and Bill are on the wrong track career-wise. What the world needs is more male strippers! Karl tells Susan off for eating his toast!
Outside the Coffee Shop
Drew and Bill are chatting. Drew says he feels a bit silly after last night. Bill wonders if the cops will give Lou a hard time. Drew doesn't think so. Bill and Drwe talk about Susan circulating the photos when she gets them developed(!)
Bill is off to look at a workshop at the industrial estate. Drew asks if that's before or after Bill heads Susan off at the photo shop!
Madge gets a phonecall and tells Harold it's someone complaining because he didn't strip(!) Really, it's Tommy Rolls, a music friend of Harold's from wayback.
Joel and Toadie are chatting. Joel is going to try to get a Marine Biology transfer from Tasmania to Eden Hills Uni. Toadie says there's no way they'll let him in after last night(!) Toadie tells Joel that Sally has resigned from the radio. He also teases Joel about his physiotherapist being a babe(!).
The Coffee Shop
Harold is telling Madge about his phonecall with Tommy Rolls. He's offered him a change to play the tuba in the Eden Hills Conservatorium Concert Band who have been regional champions for the last five years. Harold is going to audition. Madge asks him dryly that if he gets in, will he have to do a lot more practice?(!) She says that it'll make the Neighbours happy!
Karl and Susan come in at that moment and overhear. Madge tells them that Harold's back on the tuba. Karl says, "Oh good, the street's been irritatingly quiet recently"(!) Susan says to ignore Karl as he's in a grumpy mood. He snaps grumpily that he isn't.
Susan says Karl is grumpy about the photos from last night and also that he doesn't like Susan's choice of new car. They go outside to look.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Madge likes the car, but Karl is clearly fed up that is too sensible and functional. He says that's just what he's always wanted in a car(!). Susan says she's very happy with the car and at least it won't break down all the time!
The Pub
Toadie is telling Bill that he's worried about Joel and his recovery. He's invited him down to the pub tonight to get him out.
Bill has found some workspace, but he says the rent is a bit high. He's just got to convince Susan and Karl. Toadie tells him that the radio are running a competition for a trip to Queensland. Bill is very excited but Toadie says the promotion is aimed at couples, so with Anne away he can't enter. Bill says he'll get a replacement girlfriend for the day(!)
Harold is playing the tuba badly. Madge comes in a throws a pair of socks down the tuba. She tells him his tuba playing doesn't sound very good. Harold is worried he's going to make a fool of himself. Madge tells him to keep practising. She grimaces in the background!
Bill is on the phone to Anne saying he's organising a surprise for her. Karl is still grumpy about Susan's choice of car. Bill asks Susan and Karl if they'll help out with the rent. He also tells them about the radio concert - if he winds, he can go and visit Anne when she's at Uni.
Karl won't help Bill out with the rent - it's too expensive and he thinks Bill can do better. Karl says if he can fix the door of the cupboard under the sink he'll pay the rent. Bill fixes it by giving it one blow with the hammer(!). Karl says he'll think about it!
Susan gets the photos out that she's had developed. To her horror, they have not come out - all of them are blank. Karl and Bill are jubilant however saying, "There is a God and he loves us!"
The Pub
The guys are celebrating the photos being blank. Amy comes in and tells them that her photo has come out perfectly - it's crystal clear. She's put the negatives in for an enlargement and also wants to put it on a T-shirt! The guys are horrified!
Susan tells Madge that the vice-principal isn't coming back after the holiday, so they'll have to get a replacement. She asks Madge to come to a meeting later in the week. Harold is still practising his tuba.
Libby comes in with some flowers which Mike has given her. Libby reminds Karl and Susan that Mike has invited them to lunch tomorrow.
The Pub
The guys are ganging up on Amy, and she finally agrees not to get a T-shirt done. She says they are all uptight!
A man comes in who used to work with Lou at the council. The man says that unfortunately the council are closing Lou down for violating a by-law, and maybe Little Tommy Tucker's too.
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