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Neighbours Episode 3247 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3247
Australian airdate: 23/02/99
UK airdate: 07/05/99
UK Gold: 16/11/04
Writer: David Allen
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Tuong Pham: Trent Huen
George Caruana: Greg Ross
- "Land Of Hope And Glory" by Sir Edward Elgar
- "Juanitas Cocktail Party" by Not From There
- "River Of The Soul" by Alan Fletcher
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
- "One Good Reason" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
The boys doing the Full Monty.
The police arrive to investigate a complaint.
A council worker tells Lou he's being closed down.
The Pub
Lou can't believe he's being shut down. Karl tells him not to worry, the liquor licensing commission will let him off. Lou says he'll call up some of his mates on the council from when he was mayor.
Bill, Libby and Susan are discussing Lou being shut down. Libby says it will put a whole new angle on the story she's writing.
Mike comes in to take Karl off to play golf. Susan can't understand how he has time since Mike has invited them all to dinner! Mike says that it's all under control. Bill is off to Uni FM to take part in the "Win a trip to Queensland" competition.
Golf Course
Karl suggests they take a bet on the winner of the game. They put $20 on. Karl hits the ball first - straight into a lake(!). Mike hits the ball straight on to the green. He claims it is beginners luck!
Outside Lassiters
Bill is trying to persuade Amy to be his partner for the competition. She says she will as long as she can have the other ticket if they win. She says she won't have to hang out with Bill and Anne if they win. Bill goes off to look at workshop space and Amy invites herself along.
Golf course
Karl is looking dejected as Mike pots the last hole. Karl gives him $20.Karl says mike is buying the first round!
The Club House
Mike tells Karl that everything is ready for lunch so Libby won't be disappointed. Karl tells Mike that he had his doubts about Libby and Mike at the beginning because Mike was married. Mike says he really does love Libby. Karl asks him if he sees it as a long-term thing.
Uni FM
Toadie is setting up the competition getting stressed out.
The Club House
Mike says that he takes his relationship with Libby seriously, but he hasn't really thought about the future. Mike defends the fact that he hasn't filed for divorce because he is protecting Sasha - he wants her to get used to the separation first.
Bill and Amy are looking at a dump. Bill is optimistic but Amy says the only thing going for it is that it has electricity(!). She reckons the owner should pay Bill to take it off his hands! Bill says he'll get Karl down to have a look. He reckons he doesn't have a choice but to consider it.
Karl is calling Susan and Libby. As they are about to leave, Mike comes in with some casserole dishes saying that his oven has broken down. Susan puts them in her oven. Mike gives Susan the recipe book(!). Libby and Mike go off to get the rest of the stuff.
Karl crossly starts making a sandwich for himself(!). Susan asks if he'll do one for her too!
Uni Fm
Toadie is cross to find the radio host who hassled Susan the other day in the recording studio.
Everyone is starving and fighting over the starters! Mike says it will be about an hour until the main course! An awkward silence descends.
Mike asks Karl if he's missing the Thunderbird. Karl says it would be easier if Susan would let him have a motorbike! Susan says motorbikes are fine if you're Fonzie(!) but they aren't suitable for a middle-aged, professional man! Libby agrees. Mike thinks Karl would look cool.
Uni FM
The radio host (George Caruana) is insulting his student listeners. Toadie comes in and tells him to get out - the shifts have not been changed. The bloke says that possession is nine-tenths of the law. A fight develops as Toadie tries to throw him out of the recording studio. It turns out they have hit the "on-air" button and everyone has heard the fight!
Lunch has finally ended. Karl says it was the best afternoon tea he's ever had(!).
When Mike and Libby have gone, Susan says she likes Mike because he's easy to get on with. Karl is a bit quiet. Susan asks him what's wrong with Mike. Karl says he doesn't think that he and Libby want the same things.
Uni FM
Bill and Amy congratulate Toadie on the fight. Toadie says the radio owners are not too pleased. Toadie introduces them to his friend Tuong - but Amy already knows him from the law competition a few weeks back when Amy was the witness. Tuong seems quite taken with Amy.
The Pub
Mike and Libby are playing pool. Mike tells Libby that Karl started the heavy father routine that morning. He doesn't seem to bothered though - he says he likes Karl very much. Libby says why wouldn't he - Mike is perfect son-in-law material. Mike looks uncomfortable, but Libby says she was only joking - she thinks they've got a long way to go before they start hearing wedding bells.
Uni FM
Toadie is announcing the competition. He has a spin-the-wheel going with dares on it. The wheel lands on "half-hour kiss". Bill and Amy look horrified!
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