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Neighbours Episode 3243 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3243
Australian airdate: 17/02/99
UK airdate: BBC: 03/05/99
UK Gold: 12/11/04
Writer: Marieke Hardy
Director: David Myles
Guests: Leo McClain: Ross Thompson
Tad Reeves: Jonathon Dutton
Emilio Lontano: Tony Aufgang
Mary Morris: Janet Westbury
Natalie Morris: Jacintha Vengtasamy
Vern Williams: George Dixon
- "One Good Reason" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Lou telling Madge he's going to win the pumpkin competition.
The pumpkins falling off the back of the trailer and smashing into little pieces.
Madge doesn't know what she's going to tell Harold.
Madge shows Harold a black bag full of pumpkin pieces. Harold is horrified and demands to know if Lou did it. Madge says that Lou's pumpkin was smashed too which mollifies Harold, but only slightly. Harold says that Madge doesn't realise how much that pumpkin meant to him. She says, "Trust me I do, you've done nothing but talk about pumpkins in your sleep for weeks."(!)
The Coffee Shop
Paul's dad (Leo) is telling Paul how much he's enjoyed his stay. He says Paul can come up to Port Lincoln to visit him next time.
Lou opens the door to Madge and says, "Oh look, it's the pumpkin killer!". Madge apologises again, but says she's quite glad that the silly rivalry between Harold and Lou is over.
Lou has made pumpkin soup(!). He is excited about the Little Miss Erinsborough competition and asks Madge to help them pick out ribbons.
Paul and Leo come in. Harold asks if he can try out his "King of Erinsborough" speech on them for the Fair. Harold starts his speech. Madge and Tad come in. Tad asks if he can borrow Paul to do a surprise for the Fair.
Harold tries out his speech again but he's still upset about his pumpkin. He also says that Lou couldn't make pumpkin soup in a fit and goes off to make his own, enlisting Leo's help. Madge says, "God, give me strength!"
Tad has got a loads of junk on the table. He's going to wrap them up and make them into a lucky dip for $2. Paul says noone will give them $2 for junk, but Tad says noone will know because it'll be wrapped up(!). Also he has got a $200 watch as the star prize. He is evasive on how exactly he got the watch. Paul agrees to help.
Bill is half-asleep and is complaining to Anne about him dragging him out of bed in the middle of the night (8.30am!). She wants him to take his CD rack to the Fair and get some orders. Anne has got him a stall organised and everything. Bill is quite grateful but asks if he can have another coffee before they go(!).
Harold is decanting his pumpkin soup into a large saucepans. Both he and Lou are going to enter the soup competition(!). Harold is determined to beat Lou, but on the way out he trips and spills his soup all over himself and the floor(!).
Erinsborough Fair
Lolly is wearing her dress for the beauty competition. Bill is taking orders for the CD rack. Tad is impressed and orders one.
Paul asks Tad where the watch is. He says it's in the tumbler. On further pressing, Tad admits there is no watch!
Harold is late. Madge and Lou are wondering where he is.
Paul says that he and Tad are bound to get caught. But Tad says they wont be caught and they'll make $100 each.
Bill asks Anne if she wants to get a portrait done, but she doesn't. She says it'll be horrible!
Lou is trying to replace Harold as King of the Erinsborough Fair, but at the last moment, Harold arrives. He makes his speech and declares the Fair open.
Madge asks why Harold was late. He tells her that he dropped the soup all over himself. Madge laughs. She goes off to see the Little Miss Erinsborough competition.
Bill is having a go on Tad and Paul's tombola. It's a very cheap ring and he gives it to Anne!
Leo's dad comes up and says he got himself an extremely tasteful pink bracelet(!) from the tombola earlier. Paul tries to put him off doing another lucky dip. But he has another go and gets plastic watch! Harold gets one earring - it turns out to be Sarah's earring which they must have wrapped by accident. Tad suddenly realises that the other earring must be wrapped as well - someone could have won it by now! They start to unwrap the other prizes.
Bill asks the portrait man quietly if he'll do a portrait of Anne.
Anne is eating candy floss and enjoying herself. Bill says he's only got one order for a CD rack, and even that is only a maybe. Anne says he needs a gimmick. Bill suggests she drape herself over the CD rack wearing a bikini(!). The portrait man is drawing in the background, unbeknown to Anne.
Lou and Madge are looking for Lolly. Madge asks Tad and Paul to start searching.
Madge finds Lolly outside playing in the mud with another little girl.
Harold has found out there is no watch in the tombola and he and Leo are both cross with Tad and Paul. Harold sends them off to do a litter pick as penance.
Bill and Anne are hanging out happily, but there still isn't much business.
Tad and Paul are picking up litter. Tad finds Sarah's earring on the floor. Tad is crossed with Paul for dobbing about there being no watch. Paul says they're even now because Tad lied about the watch in the first place.
Paul finds a prosthetic arm in the rubbish and shows it to Tad. They mess about with it and play-fight.
Bill is pleased to have got six orders.
Bill pays the portrait man for the portrait of Anne. He is very pleased with it and says he'll look at it while Anne is in Broome. Anne says that one look at it and he'll want to get a new girlfriend(!).
Paul says it's been great having his dad to stay. Leo said he was expecting it to be more awkward. He regrets that he and Paul didn't get together sooner. He tells Paul that his mother wouldn't let him have any contact at all and Paul gets very angry with him. Leo says he can't keep apologising for the rest of his life - Paul has to stop judging him or he's on his own.
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