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Neighbours Episode 3242 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3242
Australian airdate: 16/02/99
UK airdate: BBC: 30/04/1999
UK Gold: 12/11/04
Writer: Piet Collins
Director: David Myles
Guests: Andy Sisson: Martin Copping
- "Tease Me" by Paul Kelly
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
A dodgy guy attacking Karl. Karl punches him.
The dodgy guy says to Karl, "You'll keep."
The Rough Side of Town
Andy tells Karl he is stupid for riling up the dodgy guy, whose name is Stevie Wells. Andy pays him to protect his busking spot. Karl is massaging his hand where he punched Stevie. Andy takes him off to get his hand looked at.
Bill shows Susan a CD rack that he has bought. Susan says that if she was a CD she'd be proud to live in it(!). Bill hopes he will get lots of orders. Susan says she doesn't want to discourage him but reminds him that a lot of businesses fail in the first year. Bill says he's thought of a good name - "Good Wood" and he has a business plan - start with small items in the market and move on to bigger things once he's earned a bit of capital. Bill says all he needs is some initial money for some tools.
Anne comes in. Bill tells Susan that he will get the business up and running. Susan tells him to get the dinner table up and running and they'll talk about money later. Bill says he bets there wasn't as much debate when they built the Sydney Opera House(!).
The Rough Side of Town
Andy is bandaging Karl's hand. Karl asks why Andy didn't go to the police about Stevie. Andy says they won't do anything. Karl tells Andy he's a good guitar player, and Andy seems to have warmed to Karl too. Karl invites him for a meal, but Andy says he can't be seen eating with him as well as talking to him. He leaves amicably.
Bill, Susan and Anne are eating dinner. Susan congratulates Anne on getting into Dawber. Anne says that Lily's nephew Gary rang her again to say it would be too expensive for her to go to court. She's going to meet up with Phil's lawyer tomorrow. Anne is determined to hang in there though.
Drew is unpacking a large telescope - he used to be into it as a kid. Lou is excited about the Little Miss Erinsborough competition. Madge says Lou is obsessed. Lou gets out a dress and asks them what they think.
Drew shows Lolly the telescope and she sings "Twinkle twinkle little star". Lou says Lolly could sing it for the judges of the competition(!).
Susan is telling Karl off for punching Stevie. She says Stevie might come after her. Then she asks him how he can strip with a bandaged hand, so he gives her a demonstration(!). He hurts his hand in the process, though(!).
Drew answers the door to Amy wearing a fetching red towelling robe(!). Amy has come to hold a Monty rehearsal. Drew tries to get out of it but Amy isn't having any of it. Drew goes to get changed. Amy moans that it's a thankless job. She orders Lou to ring the other guys.
Karl is talking about a patient's boil over breakfast(!). Bill feels sick at the thought! Karl asks Susan to take his jacket to the dry cleaners as it got grubby during the fight.
Bill begs Karl to be in the Full Monty rehearsal but he insists he has to work. Bill doesn't want to do the rehearsal. Susan tells him to go over there and just tell Amy he doesn't want to do it. Bill says he will get roped in if he does that but Susan makes him.
When he's gone, Susan empties Karl's pockets and finds one of the doctored pictures of Sarah crumpled up in Karl's pocket (he'd been helping her take them down at the hospital).
Amy is putting Drew through his paces. She says he's really good and asks if he's sure he hasn't done it before. Drew says he thinks he'd remember(!).
Bill comes in to tell Amy he can't do the Monty, but Amy isn't having any of it. She says she won't have any respect for him whatsoever if he doesn't do it. Drew insists he can't do it on his own.
Amy asks where Karl is but Bill says he's lancing a boil(!)
Bill says he doesn't want to take all his clothes off - there are limits to what they should show their friends and neighbours! Amy says everyone will ask for their money back if they don't. She says they only have to drop their boxers on the actual night. They start to rehearse again.
Outside Lassiters
Amy is raving to Anne how useless the boys are over the Full Monty. Anne tells her that Ruth wants her to go to join her in Broome. She's worried about what Bill will say.
Lolly is trying on her dress for the competition. Madge thinks Lou is being obsessive.
Madge looks into Drew's telescope and sees it is trained on Toadie's house!
Karl comes in in a good mood. Susan shows him the photo of Sarah that she found. She is very angry. Karl explains what happened but Sarah wants to know why he has a copy as a memento. Karl protests that it is all crumpled up and shoved in his pocket. He asks Susan if there'll ever be a time when she trusts him again. She apologises. Karl says he doesn't know how many times he can say sorry before it sinks in. Susan says she doesn't know either.
Lou asks Drew if he's picked up his pumpkin yet. He is just on his way. Drew asks Madge if she has looked through his telescope yet. Madge says she isn't impressed that it is pointed at Toadie and Sarah's house. Lou says that it must have been knocked out of position. Madge asks Drew if he'll take Harold's pumpkin to the fair too. Lou isn't keen, but Madge says he owes her for adjusting Lolly's dress for the competition.
The Coffee Shop
Anne is telling Bill that she's going to Broome. Bill is upset - now they'll have even less time before Anne goes to Queensland. He feels like they're losing touch already.
Bill comes in in a mood and lies on the sofa. Susan is cleaning silverware and says, "Animal, vegetable or mineral?" Bill says, "Animal" and says that Anne is off to Broome. Susan says if he went to Uni at least their holidays would be at the same time.
Since Susan is cleaning, Bill asks if she's had a fight with Karl. Susan says it's not serious, relationships just have to keep being worked at.
The Allotment
Drew and Lou are loading the pumpkins (which are enormous) on to a trailer.
A road
There is a crashing sound and Drew looks in his mirror and says, "Oh my God." They get out of the car and both pumpkins are splattered on the road in pieces. Madge says she doesn't know what she's going to tell Harold!
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