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Neighbours Episode 3241 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3241
Australian airdate: 15/02/99
UK airdate: 29/04/99
UK Gold: 11/11/04
Writer: Jon Stephens
Director: David Myles
Guests: Bess O'Brien: Diana McLean
Andy Sisson: Martin Copping
Stevie Wells: Steven Stagg
Estate Agent: Travis Clark
Street Kid: Ben Rounsefell
- "Tease Me" by Paul Kelly
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Bess having the idea to hold a Full Monty.
Amy telling the guys they have to strip naked - people are not coming to see a half-dressed Monty!
The Coffee Shop
Bess comes in to see Harold. She is confirming the participants in the Full Monty. She says if Harold joined the lineup it would give the event a certain credibility. Harold says he can't - he's too uncomfortable about it. Bess coerces him that the hospital need the funds and that they need a lynchpin because the other boys are wavering. It has to be someone like Harold.
The Pub
Toadie is saying that the guys have seen the movie - they must have known! Noone will pay to see half a Monty! Joel wonders if they'd pay half-price. Joel also says that he can't see Toadie in the lineup. Toadie agrees to do it!
Outside No.30
A man has put up a sign saying No.30 is up for action. Toadie asks Bess how much room she's got in her tent(!).
Susan arrives back by taxi. Sarah looks uncomfortable and goes back to the house. Bess realises that something has happened between Sarah and Susan.
Susan comes in the door and is amazed to see Karl practising his Full Monty dance complete with stripping his clothes off! She watches for a while but then Karl spots her. Susan simple says, "You've lost some weight"(!) and goes to get her bags from the car.
Toadie has a crick in his neck. Sarah offers to massage it but Toadie doesn't want her to. Sarah stomps off. Bess says that Toadie has been a bit tense around "Shakira" (Sarah) recently. She asks him if he wants to talk about it but he doesn't.
Karl is telling Susan about the Full Monty. Susan says she should go away more often! Karl worries that he is the local doctor - maybe he should pull out. But Susan wants him to do it. She says the world will cope with naked Karl!.
Karl tells Susan that Lou found Eric in Mike's carport. They chat about Sarah's mum and the hospital case. Susan is pleased with the decoration of the house and then asks Karl if he's sold the Thunderbird yet. He says he hasn't. She suggests Karl shows her his strip act and they get a bit amorous over the washing up(!).
The Coffee Shop
Karl comes in. Harold has just banged the phone down on George Caruana. Karl is amazed to hear that Harold has been roped into doing the Full Monty. He asks what Susan thinks about Karl taking part. Both Susan and Madge thinks it's wonderful!
Toadie is brooding. Joel brings him a cup of tea. He says just because you dream about someone it doesn't mean that you fancy them. Toadie can't even remember the dreams, but Tad has taped him so it must be true. Apparently Toadie has been muttering something about Sarah and silk! Joel says maybe he was dreaming about Sarah doing laundry(!). Joel says he's dreamt about his physiotherapist but it doesn't mean he's in love with her. Toadie says he's awkward around Sarah now.
Sarah comes in and they change the subject. Sarah says they have both been acting weirdly lately.
Outside Lassiters
Susan is looking for Karl but he's just going back to work after lunch. Susan says she's found the perfect replacement for the Thunderbird. She gives him a picture to look at. Karl is unenthusiastic. Karl says he was thinking about a motorbike! Susan laughs her head off - she says Karl nearly had a fit when Darren bought one for Libby. Karl stalks off.
The Coffee Shop
Toadie is eating a muffin. He tells Harold he's worried about the re-opening of Uni FM after the merger this week. Susan comes in and tells Toadie that George Caruana is terrible. Toadie says people like controversy, like the Monty. Harold admits he has been roped into the Monty. Toadie looks a bit stunned, but then shakes Harold's hand! Susan is very impressed and says Harold is a very brave man(!)
Sarah asks Joel if he's noticed that Toadie has been behaving a bit oddly lately. She says it's like he doesn't want to be in the same room as her. Joel tries to distract her by feigning pain in his leg. She probes Joel but he's not giving anything away. He swears he doesn't know anything. He's not very happy about having to lie to Sarah, however.
The Coffee Shop
Bess is handing out flyers for the Full Monty. He says he's now opening the Erinsborough Fair so he should pull out of the Full Monty. Bess won't hear of it though. She goes round the Coffee Shop handing out flyers. She sees Susan sitting there and introduces herself as "Shakira and Chandra's mother".
Later at the Coffee Shop
Bess and Susan are still chatting and getting on well. Bess says she'll stay as long as she's welcome. She tells Susan that Catherine has spoken a lot about Susan. Bess invites her and Karl to dinner but Susan makes excuses.
The Rough Side of Town
Karl is treating someone in the mobile surgery. Harold comes in to see him. Karl says he hasn't seen Andy. They discuss the Full Monty. Harold doesn't want to do it and Karl says he's not too keen either. Karl wonders if it could be a conspiracy by the women to humiliate them(!).
Harold and Karl see Andy setting up his guitar up the street. Karl wonders if he could win back Andy's friendship if he told him he was taking his clothes off for charity(!).
Bess asks Sarah if she's OK - she seems to have been a bit down lately. Sarah still a bit worried about her job. Her mother tells her not to be pessimistic - Sarah has to take control of her life. Sarah says she's not Bess. Bess asks what happened to the little girl who used to write to the Prime Minister about issues. Sarah says her mother was always crusading, although she doesn't think Bess did a bad job with her and Catherine.
Bess says that she met Susan in the Coffee Shop and invited her for a meal. Sarah makes the same excuses that Susan did.
The Pub
Joel is telling Toadie that he has to talk to Sarah - Joel is not a good liar. He says that if Toadie can't remember the dreams, there's no problem. Toadie goes a bit quiet and Joel realises that Toadie does remember the dreams! Toadie says he just remembers bits of the dream and goes red.
The Rough Side of Town
Karl approaches Andy. Andy says he's sick of do-gooders, but Karl says that do-gooders sometimes do good if people let them. Karl thanks Andy for returning his prescription book but Andy claims he lost it - someone else must have handed it in.
A dodgy-looking guy comes up to Karl and Andy. He asks Andy if Karl is hassling him but he says he isn't. The dodgy guy starts pushing Karl and insulting him, so Karl punches him. The dodgy guys sees a policeman watching so he can't fight back, but he tells Karl, "You'll keep".
<<3240 - 3242>>
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