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Neighbours Episode 3240 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3240
Australian airdate: 12/02/99
UK airdate: BBC: 28/04/99
UK Gold: 11/11/04
Writer: Don Battye
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Abby Hopetoun: Elizabeth Crockett-Zappa
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
- "Tease Me" by Paul Kelly
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Anne has got into Fine Arts in Dawber. She's torn as to whether to stay or go.Anne tells Bill that she's going to go. They tell each other that they love each other.
Anne comes in crying and tells Phil she's decided to go to Dawber. Phil says she should discuss it with her mother but Anne says it's her decision. Anne is upset that she'll be away from Bill - she's worried they'll split up. She cries and Phil comforts her.
Joel tells Drew that life is treating him like a dog. He's trying to get medical compensation.but the bureaucracy is formidable. Joel tells Drew that Sarah's mum is staying. Joel thinks Sarah and her mum are like chalk and cheese. Sarah has never mentioned her dad.
Drew looks at the form and sees that Joel has left the driver's name off. Joel says that he doesn't want to drop Anne in it.
Anne is trying to ring Ruth in Broome but she isn't there. She thanks Phil for comforting her earlier. They discuss Phil's jury duty. Anne says it'd be about the time for the case of the girl who was kidnapped and murdered. By Phil's face she has clearly hit on something, but Phil says he can't say anything. Phil says it's hard to detach yourself.
Phil shows Anne some colour charts and says he's thinking of redecorating as a surprise for Ruth when she comes home. Anne and Lance don't like Phil's colour selection. They say Ruth will hate it!
The PubAbby the journalist is interviewing Lou about how toxins in the water would affect his business. Drew comes in. Abby asks him very directly if he wants to go out sometime. Drew says yes but doesn't seem very certain. They agree to meet tomorrow at 1pm. She leaves. Drew goes to the bar to see Lou smiling impishly at him. Drew says there's nothing going on, but Lou reckons Abby is a lady who gets what she wants(!).
MartinsLance and Phil are looking at colours. Lance asks Phil if he's colour-blind(!). Bill comes in to talk to Anne. He says they have to stop being pessimistic and make the time they have left the best they've ever had! Phil and Lance are still arguing about colours. Lance says Phil's choices will be like living in a hospital ward(!).
Drew comes in. He is having a collection for Joel because he's skint until his compensation comes through. He also says that the ute is back and it's fixed.
Outside the Pub
Karl isn't sure about doing the Full Monty but Lou says that the older generation should be represented(!). He also says that Karl will have patients queuing up to see him(!). Lou asks Karl if he's sold the Thunderbird yet. Karl says Drew's contact has fallen through.
Drew, Bill and Anne give Joel some money from the collection. Joel says he's not that desperate for cash - he'd only have a problem long-term. Anne looks at the form and sees that Joel hasn't put the name of the driver on it. Joel says he's been trying to leave her name out of it. Anne says it's her fault and insists on putting gher name on the form.
Anne says she's been worried all night about the form - she could face conviction for driving without a licence. Phil says they'll wait and see. Phil shows Anne and Lance colours but they say they're all boring. Phil reckons the idea is to keep the walls plain and add colour with the furnishings. Anne says that Ruth likes vibrant colours.
Lou comes in. He asks Phil to do the Full Monty. He says it's more a semi-Monty. Phil says even if it's a non-Monty he's not interested, and besides he's on jury duty. Lou tells Lance that girls will be lining up for him after this. Lance does not look convinced. Lance wonders what he's let himself in for. Phil says he could have said no, he's a "big boy"(!). Lance says, "I wish!"(!).
Joel tells Anne he's contacted the accident commission and given the situation, Joel will be regarded as the driver because he reversed the ute at the river. Anne is very relieved.
The Pub
Drew and Abby are on their date. It is a bit awkward, they don't seem to have anything in common. In fact they are like chalk and cheese. They get on to the subject of Libby and Drew sings her praises a bit. Lou comes up with their meals and starts singing Drew's praises to Abby! Neither Drew or Abby are very impressed.
Lance shows Bill a Gamblers' Anonymous pamphlet. He's going to go to a meeting when he gets back from fruit-picking with Pinhead. Lance encourages Bill about Anne's move to Dawber - there'll be plenty of holidays.
The Pub
Drew's about to leave. He half-heartedly suggests they could go to a movie if they can find one they both like(!). Abby asks him if he's kidding - they're not exactly soulmates. Abby says she knows there's someone else on his mind and they both know who it is.
The Coffee Shop
Drew has drawn up a list of places they could go on their camping trip. They are both quite keen on the beach. Joel comes in on his crutches. Anne suggest Joel goes along with Bill to the rehearsal for the Full Monty. Joel says he'd rather be part of the act(!). Bill and Anne look doubtful about his crutches. Bill says he could use them to hide the "naughty bits"(!).
The Pub
Drew is leaving. Abby says if you fancy someone you should just tell them. She asks him why he hasn't told Libby he likes her. He says he only likes her as a friend. Abby looks doubtful.
Public Hall
Drew, Lance and Karl are rehearsing for the Full Monty with Amy doing choreography. Lance is not doing very well. Bill and Joel come in. Joel says he wants to be in the act - he wants to give something back to the hospital. Amy says he can't dance, he can hardly walk. Joel says it's discrimination, and if everyone thought like that they'd never have had the Paralympics. Amy agrees he can be in it. She puts him on a chair in the middle. Lance is still not doing very well.
Amy calls Lance over. Lance says it's not just the dance - he and Amy can't work together. Lance says he thinks he'll head off fruit-picking tomorrow so won't be in it. Amy tells him to have a good trip. The other continue rehearsing.
The Pub
Lou guesses that Phil is on the kidnap and murder case. He sympathises - especially as Pippa, Karl's secretary is also on the jury. Lou asks Phil about the thoughts of the jury on the case but Phil says he can't comment. Phil is worried that the jury are going to be sequestered.
Public Hall
The boys are still practising, now half-dressed. They are doing quite well. They get down to their boxers and seem quite pleased. Amy says that they have to take their boxers off too. Karl says it's out of the question but Amy says everyone is coming to see the Full Monty, not a half-dressed Monty! People can see a half-dressed Monty at the pool. "So come on," she says, "get it off!"
<<3239 - 3241>>
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