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Neighbours Episode 3237 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3237
Australian airdate: 09/02/99
UK airdate: BBC: 23/04/99
UK Gold: 09/11/04
Writer: Louise Le Nay
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Bess O'Brien: Diana McLean
Tad Reeves: Jonathon Dutton
Leo McClain: Ross Thompson
Pippa Layton: Natalie Shostak
- "Life Without You" by Chris Pettifer
- "Lie" by Chris Pettifer
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Bess O'Brien making a speech.Bess greeting her "beautiful daughter, Shakira Beaumont" (Sarah)
Conference Hall
Toadie quizzes Sarah why she didn't say that Bess O'Brien was her mother, and what is all the Shakira stuff about? She puts him off.
Madge, Harold and Phil all chat to Bess who is very friendly. Harold tells her to drop around for a chat. Madge says, "She's only just arrived, don't put her off"(!)
Toadie and Phil probe Sarah about her name, but she won't say anything. Toadie takes Sarah's mother off to the car and asks her if she'll do an interview for Uni FM.
Paul is making a "Welcome" sign for his father. Paul seems very touchy on the subject of his father coming to stay and very defensive. Madge and Harold assure him that it's fine for Leo to come and stay.
The Pub
Toadie is quizzing Sarah's mother about Sarah's name. She says the American Indians believe that you should have a name that reminds you of the "auspicious moment of your birth". Sarah was born at dawn, so she called her Shakira Sunshine. Catherine was born in a thunderstorm - her given name is Chandra Rain.
Bess tells Toadie that both Catherine and Sarah took mainstream names at school in order to fit in better. It seems to be a little bit of a sore point with Sarah's mother.
Pippa, Karl's temporary secretary runs up to Phil and tells him excitedly that she's on jury duty too. She babbles that trials can take a long time.
The Coffee Shop
Sarah and Bess have been out doing a power walk. She says she feels bad about throwing Tad and Toadie out of their rooms. Bess says she could always sleep in a tent. Sarah is glad to see her mother, she hasn't seen her for ages. Bess says that she had Sarah figured as the type to be married with a couple of kids straight out of school. There is a bit of a pause, then Bess asks Sarah if she's alright. Sarah says she is, but it's been a tough 12 months.
Paul is waiting anxiously for his father to arrive. They put the "Welcome" sign up. There is a knock at the door and it's Paul's dad. They shake hands and Madge and Harold greeting him too. Leo gives Madge some tuna steaks from yesterday's catch. Harold doesn't seem too impressed (because he's vegetarian). Leo likes the "Welcome" sign and seems a bit overcome.
Sarah, Bess, Toadie and Tad are discussing sleeping arrangements. Tad is all for Bess sleeping in a tent(!) but Sarah won't hear of it. Tad tells Bess that the house is being sold, so they might all end up sleeping in Bess's tent(!). Sarah gets cross with Toadie for referring to her as "Shak".
Leo tells Paul that Madge and Harold are good people. An awkward silence descends. Leo tells Paul he'll have to head back in a couple of days when the ship is out of dry dock. He gives Paul a present of a kite. Paul is chuffed with it. Leo suggests they could give it a try out.
The Park
Paul and Leo are flying the kite. Leo looks dead chuffed to be spending quality time with Paul.
Sarah is telling Bess about the hospital situation. Bess is outraged - Sarah saved someone's life. Bess offers to help her - going into bat for people is what she does. Sarah begs her not to.
The Park
Paul and Leo are still flying the kite and talking about Paul's mother. Leo apologises for the way he treated her and Paul. He regrets all the drinking he did. Paul asks him if he ever tried to give up. Leo says he tried a lot but it wouldn't last more than a day or so. Paul says it's OK and they continue to fly the kite.
Tad asks Sarah to put some suncream on his back which he enjoys(!). Tad tells Sarah that Bess has gone off to interrogate the hospital staff! Sarah is horrified and runs out.
The Pub
Phil is back from jury duty already and is discussing it with Toadie. Leo and Paul come in. Paul isn't keen on having Leo in the pub, but Leo says he's fine. Toadie says it's fine for them to be there as long as they're eating. Leo orders a ginger ale. They chat with Phil at the bar.
The Hospital
Sarah meets her mother in the corridor. She says she has discussed fundraising ideas with the Head of Nursing. Also, they have agreed to bring Sarah's appeal forward. Sarah is pleased and they go off to get some lunch.
The Pub
Sarah and Bess come in. Leo and Paul are enjoying themselves playing pool. Bess is surprised to see an advert for Monty the missing rat. She looks thoughtful and asks if Sarah minds if she nips out to the Coffee Shop to talk to Harold about some fundraising ideas.
The Coffee Shop
Bess comes in. She tells Harold that she's spoken to the Head of Nursing at the hospital about fundraising. She shows them the Monty the Rat poster and says that what you need to raise lots of money is a gimmick, and she's got just the thing. Madge says they've already had a rat race, but Bess says she was thinking of a Full Monty - a male strip!! Harold is appalled, but Madge is quite interested(!) and thinks it is a great idea.
Bess mentions she saw Paul and Leo at the pub. Harold does not look amused.
<<3236 - 3238>>
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