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Neighbours Episode 3238 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3238
Australian airdate: 10/02/99
UK airdate: BBC: 26/04/99
UK Gold: 10/11/04
Writer: John Upton
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Leo McClain: Ross Thompson
Abby Hopetoun: Elizabeth Crockett-Zappa
Damien Wilt: Geoffrey Caskill
- "One Good Reason" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Bess telling Madge and Harold that they can raise funds for the hospital by holding a Full Monty!
Bess mentions to Harold that she saw Paul and Leo at the pub.
The Pub
Harold storms over to the pub with Madge trying to stop him. Lou tells him that the law says that kids can have a meal with their parents. Harold is cross that Leo, as an alcoholic, was in a pub. Madge drags Harold away.
Mike is trying to decide whether to take the job offered to him by the Erinsborough News. He says his current salary at the University is chicken-feed. Libby is feeding Darl and tells him to hurry up and make a decision.
Mike tells Libby that a seasoned reported is coming to work for the Erinsborough News.
Leo is telling Paul about sailing in a storm and they are getting on very well. Harold and Madge comes in. Harold tells him angrily that he shouldn't have taken Paul into a licensed premises. Madge tells Harold to calm down. Leo says they went into a pub so he could show Paul that he wouldn't fall off the wagon. Harold allows that there might have been more to it than he thought. Paul is very cross.
Lou's garden
Lou is getting Lolly to practise walking on a catwalk(!). Drew says the Full Monty thing could make a lot of money - for Lou as well as the hospital. Lou agrees to do it for the publicity! Drew says he'll even be in the lineup - it's no different to standing by the pool in his Speedos.
Leo is cooking Harold some rather bland vegetarian food. They all sit down to eat. Paul is still a bit frosty with Harold but his father tells him that Madge and Harold deserve their respect. Paul apologises and they all get on quite well.
The Pub
The reporter Mike mentioned earlier comes in to talk to Libby. She tells her about a story about toxins getting into the water. She tells Libby to meet her with a camera at 6am the following morning.
Water plant
Abby tells Libby that she's late. She says they have to take photos before the spokesman comes because they'll never get permission to shoot otherwise. Libby notices that the camera battery has gone flat. Abby is not impressed.
Leo is cooking breakfast. He offers Harold some porridge which looks awful! Paul and his dad are making plans for the day. Madge and Harold quietly discuss that they are finding Leo's stay hard. Leo overhears.
Water plant
Abby is interrogating the spokesman for the water plant. She insists he have a report for her by 2pm. Libby is very impressed. Abby says it's a pity about the photos. But Libby says she's got them - she used the battery from her watch. Abby is quite impressed - she says Libby is better than she gave her credit for.
The Coffee Shop
Lou comes in and tells Madge that he thinks the rat is living in his kitchen(!). Madge suggests he get the traps down quick before the Full Monty show. Lou says he's agreed to host it as "sex sells"(!). Harold overhears and says he is appalled. Lou calls him a "fuddy-duddy jelly-belly"! Harold says he isn't, he's just got standards. Madge is well into it though(!).
Lou asks Harold if he can have a quiet word later that day.
The Pub
Abby and Libby are having lunch. They are getting along well. Drew comes in and Libby introduces him to Abby. Libby tells Abby that Drew is "cute and available". Abby looks interested.
Leo has packed his bags. He says it's too much of a squeeze in the house and he's going to a motel. He also says he can't inconvenience them in their own house. He'll still see Paul every day though. Paul asks him to wait for 15 minutes while he goes out.
The Coffee Shop
Madge is teasing Harold about the Full Monty. Harold says it is tasteless and trivial and he doesn't want Madge to have anything to do with it. Paul comes in and says that his dad is leaving and it's all their fault.
Drew is sitting with Abby and Libby. Libby is unashamedly singing Drew's praises to Abby. Drew seems a bit uncomfortable. He goes back to the garage. Libby tells Abby that Drew needs a good woman in his life. She says that a bad one would be much more interesting(!)
Harold and Madge are telling Leo that they don't want him to go - it's just a few teething problems. Paul says when his dad moves to Erinsborough he's going to go and live with him. Leo asks for a private word with Harold and Madge. They ask him again to stay. Leo agrees. Leo says he won't be moving back to Erinsborough soon - Paul will be with Madge and Harold for some time yet. Madge asks him to explain it to Paul and he says he will. He also tells Madge that she can have her kitchen back(!).
Ramsay Street
Libby is cleaning her bike when Drew comes up. Libby asks Drew if he thinks Abby is nice. He unenthusiastically says that she is OK. Libby gives Drew his number but Drew doesn't want it. He gets a bit irritated and tells her that there's a difference between being a friend and interfering. Libby says it's his loss.
Lou comes in to ask Madge about a dress or Lolly for the Little Miss Erinsborough beauty contest. She takes Lolly off to try some things on.
Lou tells Harold that he knows someone with a gambling problem and can he give him any pamphlets. Harold says he's also helping someone with a gambling problem. They can't reveal to each other who it is as they were each approached in confidence. Lou asks Harold if they should notify the responsible adult. Harold says in his experience it can set things back a bit.
Mike tells Libby he's not going to take the job [argh!] - there's too much in Erinsborough for him - for example, Libby, Sasha. Libby says "Victoria". But she is pleased he's not leaving. She says that if only she could find a nice girl for Drew, everything would be perfect. She says Abby would be perfect for him but Drew wasn't having any of it. She says it's a lot of fun to set people up(!).
Mike says his life is full of fearsome, plotting women! Bess has asked him to do the Full Monty. Libby says he should do it!
Mike also mentions that he has told Lou he can borrow some tools from his car port. Libby looks horror-stricken - the Karl and Susan have hidden the hideous idol Lou bought them there and told Lou it was stolen! Mike had forgotten. They run out to try to head Lou off.
Mikes' Carport
From a distance, Libby and Mike see Lou take the tarpaulin off the idol.
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