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Neighbours Episode 3236 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3236
Australian airdate: 08/02/99
UK airdate: 22/04/99
UK Gold: 09/11/04
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Tad Reeves: Jonathon Dutton
Bess O'Brien: Diana McLean
Dr. Veronica Olenski: Caroline Lloyd
- "One Good Reason" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Sarah sees a doctored photo of her on the wall at the hospital.Tad admits he put a photo of Sarah on the Internet but he didn't doctor it.Sarah says Tad has to go back to his mother - she's had enough.Joel is worried about his operation.
Sarah is adamant that Tad has to go home. He insists he didn't doctor the shots but Sarah says it doesn't matter - he put the photo on the Internet in the first place. Tad says she can't do this - he's cooked breakfast loads of times(!).
Toadie sends Tad out. Toadie tries to persuade Sarah but she says Tad is an unbearable pain in the neck and she wants him out.
The Allotment
Harold is tending to his pumpkin. On the flyer for the competition, Madge sees that it's not size that's important - it's weight. Harold is worried Lou will use plant steroids on his pumpkin(!). Madge says she has an idea.
Toadie is still trying to persuade Sarah - he says Tad is adjusting and is a bit scared too. Sarah is unmoved. Toadie said it would be a disaster to send Tad home to his town. Sarah says yes it would be - for his town(!). Sarah reluctantly agrees to two weeks - if Tad doesn't step out of line for two weeks, she'll reconsider. But she doesn't think he stands a chance of succeeding.
Hospital Room
Joel is just coming around from his operation. He asks Karl how it went, but Karl tells him to rest and the doctor will see him in the morning.
Tad is on the phone to "a weird woman". He gives the phone to Sarah.
Toadie comes in Tad says he owes him for straightening things out with Sarah. Toadie says that he definitely does and says there going to be some new rules. Tad says that if he's got new rules, Toadie has to follow some too. Tad is fed up of Toadie talking in his sleep.
Sarah come in. It turns out that the "weird woman" on the phone was Sarah's mum(!) and she's coming to stay. Tad is quite pleased - he wonders if Sarah's mum is as hot as Sarah!
No.30, the following morning
Toadie is setting up equipment for a social justice talk he's going to record for Uni FM. Tad has used the equipment already to record Toadie talking in his sleep muttering about Sarah! Toadie tries to get the tape off Tad.
Hospital Room
The doctor is telling Joel that one of his ligaments is damaged so he'll need some reconstruction on it but with intensive physiotherapy, he'll be able to walk properly. When she's gone, Joel is in denial. Karl says his knee will never be strong enough to stand up to any distance running.
Tad is giving Phil some money for the phonebill. Phil says he spoke to Hannah. She received the email from Tad and Paul about the model. Phil says it's not every day that Miss Teen California moves into Erinsborough(!). Also that she'd want to hang out with Tad and Paul(!).
Hospital Room
Toadie and Sarah have come to take Joel home. Toadie says he's going to cook for Joel who doesn't look very impressed. Joel limps out on his crutches, refusing any assistance from Toadie or Sarah.
The Coffee Shop
Tad asks Madge for a part-time job, but she hasn't got anything going. Madge does say though that she has an outdoor job for him.
Joel has arrived home. He asks where the "car thief" is(!). Joel gets a bit annoyed with Toadie and Sarah and tells them not to treat him like a cripple. Toadie goes off to prepare for the talk he's going to record. Sarah offers to help but Toadie gets suddenly very flushed, makes and excuse and runs off.
The Allotment
Tdad is instructing Tad in sabotaging Lou's pumpkin - he has to cut off the top off and scoop out the innards!
Karl is cleaning up paint stains. Phil comes round with the prescription pad that Andy stole - apparently it was handed in. Phil apologises for snapping at Karl the day before. Karl says it might not be the wasps - Phil might just be turning into a grumpy old man(!). Karl says he's been cleaning up after the painters for nearly an hour. He suddenly realises it's not paint, it's parrot droppings!
Sarah comes in with a camera and asks where Tad is. Joel tells her he's in the shower. Sarah gleefully says, "Payback!" and goes off to the bathroom.
Bathroom of No.30
Tad comes out of the shower (to the accompaniment of music from the shower scene in "Psycho"!) and Sarah takes a photo of him. Then she pulls his towel off him and takes some more photos!
Madge is telling Harold about the pumpkin sabotage. He isn't very impressed - he says it's cheating. He says he wanted to get Lou back with his superior gardening skills(!). Harold tells Madge to hurry up or they'll miss Bess O'Brien's lecture.
Toadie, Joel and Sarah are talking about rent - it might go up if the house is sold. Tad suggests Sarah sells the photos of Tad in the nude. But Sarah says she has much better plans - if he steps out of line, she'll plaster them all over Erinsborough High! Tad look worried.
Conference Hall
Bess O'Brien is addressing the audience. People in the audience that we know include Madge, Harold, Phil and Toadie who is taping the talk for Uni FM. Everyone is captivated by her - she is telling them how individuals can make a difference. Harold in particular is very impressed and leads the applause. Sarah comes in and stands at the back.
Tad has made Joel sausages and eggs for dinner. He annoys Joel by talking about the ingredients for sausages. Then he asks Joel if he should be worried about the naked photo of him that Sarah took. Tad asks if Joel think his body is normal(!). Joel says he doesn't know - he's never seen Tad nude! Tad consoles himself that Sarah didn't laugh so his body must be OK. Joel says Sarah is a health care professional, and is therefore trained not to laugh at anything, no matter how freaky(!)
Conference Hall
Bess O'Brien is just finishing her speech. She says she'll take questions in a minute, but first she wants to greet someone - her daughter, Shakira Beaumont!
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