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Neighbours Episode 3235 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3235
Australian airdate: 05/02/99
UK airdate: 21/04/99
UK Gold: 08/11/04
Writer: E.W. Johnston
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Tad Reeves: Jonathon Dutton
Janine Sumner: Caroline Wilson
Sean Brady: Roy Edmonds
- "Life Without You" by Chris Pettifer
- "Miracle" by Dom Cincotta
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Phil getting road rage at an inconsiderate driver and running him off the road. Lance is alarmed.
A road
Phil approaches the inconsiderate driver and rants at him. He invites him to a fight. The bloke drives away over the pavement. Lance tries to calm Phil down. Lance offers to drive home.
The Surgery
Lance is telling Karl about Phil's road rage. Karl can't believe it. Lance says Phil has been acting strange all week. Karl says Phil has been under a lot of pressure and everyone has their breaking point. Karl wonders if it could be a hang-over from the wasp attack. Lance asks Karl to make a housecall.
Tad and Paul are hanging out discussing women. Sarah comes in and sends Paul home - they are having a house inspection that afternoon. Sarah orders Tad to start cleaning. Tad apologises. Sarah is upset about the hospital thing. Sarah says Tad is not officially a member of the house, so he'd better make himself scarce during the inspection.
The Coffee Shop
Lance is looking a bit fed up and Harold asks him if he's OK. Lance tells him that "a friend" of his might be in trouble with gambling. Harold says it's a very difficult addiction to get over. Harold looks at him very carefully. Lance asks Harold how you know when an addiction is out of control. Harold says he thinks the gambler knows deep down. It is clear that Harold knows Lance is talking about himself, but Harold doesn't let on. Lance asks Harold if there are any counselling places that his friend could go to. Harold says there are several, and also Gamblers' Anonymous. He doesn't think Lance's friend would feel out of place there, they are very understanding. Harold suggests he get some pamphlets so Lance can pass them on to his friend. Lance thanks Harold and leaves. Harold looks quite concerned.
Karl comes to visit Phil who is hovering. Phil snaps at him. Karl tells Phil that Lance came to see him about Phil's behaviour. Phil is gets very angry with Karl and rants at him. Then he throws him out of the house telling him to look after patients who are really sick.
The cleaning is finished. Sarah tells Tad and Paul not to make a mess. Tad and Paul chat about Hannah and the guy in the photo. Tad reckons Paul should be worried. He says Paul should try to make Hannah jealous too! Tad says he has some suggestions.
There is a knock on the door and Tad answers it to the real estate agent. He says he's just visiting!
Sarah and Karl are about to meet Hospital Board. Sarah is worried, but Karl encourages her. Sarah asks if Libby is still giving him a hard time about him helping her. He admits that she is.
The Real Estate woman says the house is in good condition. She says that the owner plans to sell the property. She says it's unlikely that the new owner will want tenants.
Tad and Paul are emailing Hannah. Lance asks them to hurry up. Tad is creating a photo of Paul and model by stitching them together. Tad says he can tell Hannah that a model has moved into the area!.
Phil comes in and rants at Tad and Paul for using the computer constantly. He throws them out of the house.
The meeting didn't go very well, but Karl says that's just the first stage.
Sarah sees a photo of her head on a model's body and is appalled. Karl crumples it up and puts it in his pocket.
The Pub
Toadie is sad about No.30 being sold. He wants to be able to stay in No.30 and he and Sarah can't afford to buy it. He asks Lou to buy the house! He says it would be a good investment. He asks Lou to think about it but Lou isn't at all keen.
Sarah is telling Tad and Paul about the hospital. The case is going to the Industrial Relations committee. She sends Tad and Paul away and then tells Toadie about the doctored photos of her all over the hospital. Sarah says if she knew who did it they'd be dead by now.
Tad and Paul are eavesdropping and look worried!
Lance tackles Phil about his moodiness. He says what Phil did in the car today reminded him of his father. He says Phil is a gentle guy and he's nice, so he's worried about him. He says something is wrong and they have to stop pretending.
Tad is sneaking back the photo of Sarah. Toadie comes in and cataches him. He realises what Tad has done. He says he put the photo of Sarah on the Internet, but he didn't doctor it or put it all over the hospital. Sarah comes in, realises what is going on and starts shouting.
The Pub
Harold and Lou are discussing pumpkins. Harold thinks the pumpkins have been tampered with. Harold says he knows Lou tried to swap his pumpkin with Harold's! Harold says he's not a competitive man, but he's going to win the competition!
Tad is trying to apologise to Sarah. She says she doesn't care if Tad didn't doctor the shot - he provided the material. Sarah says Tad can go back to his mother - he's gone too far.
<<3234 - 3236>>
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