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Neighbours Episode 3234 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3234
Australian airdate: 04/02/99
UK airdate: BBC: 20/04/99
UK Gold: 08/11/04
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Tad Reeves: Jonathon Dutton
Cluney Webb: Cecilia Specht
Sean Brady: Roy Edmonds
- "Life Without You" by Chris Pettifer
- "Delicious" by Moler
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Joel is rude to his physiotherapist - he knows he'll never compete again. She says he's being defeatist and that if he doesn't do the exercises he might not run at all again, let alone compete.
Hospital Room
Joel is angry with his physiotherapist. He says she's wasting her time. She storms off crossly.
Tad comes in as she's leaving. Joel crossly asks him what he wants. Tad says he's just visiting. Joel snaps that he's having an operation tomorrow - he just wants to rest and go to sleep. Tad leaves, a bit shocked.
Phil comes in complaining that people are driving like maniacs on the roads. Lance is trying to work out how he can pay the repairs on the ute. Phil opens the phone bill and gets cross about that too. Then he gets cross that Paul wants to use his computer more.
Lance comments that Phil seems a bit edgy(!).
The Coffee Shop
Lance is looking through the racing pages of the newspaper. He covers them quickly when Lou comes in. Lou asks where Harold is. He says the three weeks of not getting at Harold are up and he wants to start again(!).
Lou asks Lance why he's looking at the racing pages. Lance says he's not going to place a bet. Lou looks suspicious.
Phil is cross that Lance didn't wake him - he's an hour late. Lance thinks Phil needs a holiday. Lance seems a bit worried that Phil is so cross.
Hospital Room
The physiotherapist comes in to tell Joel that his operation has been delayed. Joel is very upset - he thought he'd be home tonight. He is unforgivable rude to the physiotherapist but she ignores him.
Tad comes in - he is happy to perve on the physiothrapist. He claims he's got a problem with his knee and could she work on it(!). She says a male colleague could take a look at it!
The Garage
Drew is telling Lance that the ute will be expensive to repair - he just can't make it any cheaper. Amy comes in and tells them that she's buying the ute. Lance says it's not for sale. Amy says her father will buy it for her for finishing year 12. Lance says she's spoilt and anyway Amy is not a ute person. Amy says she could be - it's kind of retro! Lance angrily stresses that the ute is not for sale and stalks off.
The Pub
Phil says that the damage to the pub is covered under insurance. He snaps at Lou over everything he says, much to Lou's surprise
The Coffee Shop
Tad asks Madge what he can take with him when he visits Joel. She tells him to go easy on Joel, but Tad says she's just cheering him up. Madge gives Tad some flyer for the Erinsborough Fair to put on the reception desk at the hospital. Tad asks what's in it for him. Madge says, "Your health and well-being"(!)
Lance is sitting at another table looking through the paper again.
The Pub
Drew is reading one of the Erinsborough Fair fliers and sees there is a Junior Miss Erinsborough Beauty Contest mentioned. Lou says he might enter Lolly. Drew is appalled - he says beauty competitions are very tacky. Drew says competitions can be tricky - the pumpkin competition is already causing trouble and Drew is pulling out.
Lou says he'll buy Drew's pumpkin!
The Coffee Shop
Amy comes in and gives Lance a hard time about taking up gambling again. Lance tells her she's not his girlfriend any more. Amy says she's still his friend. He tells her to get lost.
Tad is hoovering while talking to his mother on the phone. He opens the door to Amy. She is looking for Toadie. Tad insists on perving on her. He invites her to the hospital tonight. He says he's sick of Joel telling him to rack off as soon as he gets there(!) and he might be OK if Amy comes too. Amy says her parents might let her borrow the BMW if it's a mission of mercy. Tad tells Amy to tell them it's life-and-death!
Hospital Room
Tad and Amy come in with flowers from Susan and also some goodies from the Coffee Shop. Joel apologises to Tad for being aggro with him on his previous visits. Tad gives Joel some beer.
His physiotherapist comes in and isn't pleased to see the beer.. Tad says it is all his fault - Joel wasn't really drinking it. Amy drags Tad off. Joel insists he wasn't drinking. She says she knows because if Joel really had been having a party in his room, she would have been the first one invited(!). Joel smiles wryly and offers her some fudge. They both laugh.
Phil's car
Phil is still in a right strop. He beeps his horn at an inconsiderate driver. Phil has got road rage and starts chasing the inconsiderate driver.
Hospital Room
Joel is doing his exercises. Drew comes in. Joel is still waiting for his operation. He tells Drew that he's a little scared - if he doesn't do all the exercises he can forget about competing. He's worried that during the operation they'll find something they can't fix. He hates having to need someone's help all the time.
Phil's car
Phil runs the inconsiderate driver off the road, gets out of his car and goes to sort him out!
<<3233 - 3235>>
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