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Neighbours Episode 3233 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3233
Australian airdate: 03/02/99
UK airdate: 19/04/99
UK Gold: 05/11/04
Writer: Don Battye
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Cluney Webb: Cecilia Specht
Gary O'Neil: Kevin Hopkins
Midge Arnott: Colin Donald
Pippa Layton: Natalie Shostak
Andy Sisson: Martin Copping
- "One Good Reason" by Tim Watson
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Gary telling Anne he's going to contest Lily's will.Phil telling Gary he's on to him. Gary tells Phil the house is rightfully his.Phil and Bill tell Anne she can't let a liar and a cheat take what Lily meant for Anne to have.Anne doesn't want to get involved.
Hospital Room
Joel is very depressed about his condition. Karl says a physiotherapist is coming to see him. Joel says he feels like a racehorse that's had it's day. Karl says they'll have to put him out to stud(!).
Phil has gone back to bed - he's still not feeling himself after the wasp stings. Bill tells Anne that she has to fight Gary for the house. Anne says that she will fight even though she doesn't really want the hassle. She says her "assertive" self is back! Bill asks her if he wants him to come with her to confront Gary.
Paul is talking to Hannah on the phone. Turns out that the guy in the photo is Claire's brother and even though he's good-looking, he's really up himself(!) so Hannah is not interested in him.
A Road
Bill and Anne are walking when Amy drives up in a convertible. She has passed her driving test with only 4 mistakes which is the maximum! She told her father she wanted to visit her teachers to thank them for all their help during the year(!) so he agreed to lend her the convertible. She offers Bill and Anne a lift to lassiters and they readily agree. Amy tells Anne that she might be interested in buying the ute. She drives off, first going up on the kerb(!).
The Coffee Shop
Paul is looking forward to his Dad arriving andis thinking of things they could do together. A man comes in looking for Monty his rat. Harold says they just shooed him outside when the Health Inspector came. The man asks if Harold will put up some posters about the rat. Harold isn't keen - it's a bad image for the Coffee Shop, but he eventually agrees as it's partly his fault that Monty is lost.
Outside Lassiters
Bill and Anne bump into Gary with a set of golf clubs. He says he's borrowed them. Anne tells Gary that she's going to fight him all the way - Lily would never have left her house to someone like him.
Hospital Room
The physiotherapist is doing some work on Joel's leg, but he is very pessimistic and is rude to her. She says it's up to him to do the exercises and he reluctantly agrees although he can't see the point.
Outside Lassiters
Gary says she'd better watch it or he'll be sueing her for slander. But Anne tells him she won't back down and will see him in court. Gary says he's a blood relative and that puts him way ahead of Anne. He stalks off.
Bill tells Anne she did really well - even Bill felt a bit scared!
The Coffee Shop
Amy is reading the Monty posters. Anne and Bill come in and Amy shows Bill the poster and reminds him about the rat droppings in the pub.
Amy asks Anne about the meeting with Gary.Then she says she's off to see her hypnotherapist about her needle phobia!
Karl is on the phone to Susan, tells her that Sarah is having a bit of trouble with her case and he is the only one who can help her. But he is interrupted by Andy the street person, so puts the phone down. Andy tells Karl that Karl owes him money.
The Coffee Shop
Harold tells Anne that she did well to tackle Gary. He says it's the pressure of the modern world that's making people greedy.
Andy reckons that his mates think Karl is a cop and they don't trust him anymore. Now he's lost his busking spot. He reckons Karl owes him for lost business. He grabs a prescription pad and runs off. Karl chases him. There ensues a (hilarious!) chase scene across Lassiters, over the bridge and knocking over tables at the Coffee Shop. Finally Karl rugby tackles Andy to the ground outside Lassiters.
Harold comes up and Karl takes back the prescription pad. Harold tells Andy off - what if Karl does want to do voluntary work with the street people anymore. While Karl lis talking to his receptionist, Andy snatches back the prescription bad and runs off.
Hospital Room
The physiotherapist is visiting Joel again. Joel says the exercises are stupid - it's all for nothing, he has to face the fact that he'll never compete again. The physiotherapist says he'd better sort himself out and start behaving like the athlete she's heard that he is. Then she storms out.
Karl is about to ring the local pharmacies about the prescription pad. Harold asks Karl if he will stay with the voluntary programme. Karl says he'll think about it.
Anne and Bill are asking Amy about the hypnotherapist. She says he wanted to know when she started being scared of needles and asked about her family too. Amy says she could have been there all day just talking about her mum(!). Amy reckons that she could be a hypnotherapist herself!
Bill says that he and Anne spent the afternoon cleaning out the garage so he can make CD racks and stuff to sell in the market. Amy asks if he has given up on the idea of Uni. He says maybe, maybe not, he hasn't decided. Anne thinks he should go, but Amy says there's no point if it's not going to help him.
Hospital Room
The physiotherapist is back. Joel is rude to her again. She says he's being defeatist and that if he doesn't do the exercises he might not run at all again, let alone compete. The choice is up to him.
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