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Neighbours Episode 3232 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3232
Australian airdate: 02/02/99
UK airdate: 16/04/99
UK Gold: 05/11/04
Writer: Hugh Stuckey
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Victoria Healy: Tamar Kelly
Sasha Healy: Chelsea Driessen
Gary O'Neill: Kevin Hopkins
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Mike leaves Sasha with Libby at a market.
Sasha wanders off when Libby isn't looking.
Victoria turns up, much to Libby's horror.
Victoria asks where Sasha is. Mike comes up and hears what has happened. They all split up to look for her.
Phil is still struggling with his wasps stings but is doing better. Anne and Bill suggest he goes for a checkup. Bill is staying with the Martins while his house is being painted. Bill asks Anne if she'll go to the market with him. She says she will if Bill comes to a Turner exhibition with her at the National Gallery in a few weeks which he agrees to. Phil protests that the exhibition is in Canberra! Bill says he will drive.
Gary, Lily's nephew comes to the door. He tells her he is convinced that Lily was of unsound mind when she wrote the will and that he's going to contest it.
Madge has got the photo album out looking at photos of her grandchildren. Madge says she's looking forward to retirement when she can spend more time with them. Harold says they have a retirement fund.
Bill and Anne are at the market giggling over the daggy clothes. Libby runs up and asks if they've seen Sasha. Mike and Victoria run up - they haven't had any luck finding her. Anne suggests trying the lollies or balloons stalls. When they arrive at the balloon seller Sasha is standing there quite happily. Victoria snatches Sasha up in her arms, Sasha says she is fine and that she wants to stay with Libby. But Victoria and Mike hustle her off and Victoria tells Libby off.
When they've gone, Bill asks Anne when they can have some kids(!)
Victoria rants at Libby for being distracted. Mike tells Victoria to give it a rest - it was just an accident. Libby insists she's a responsible person. Victoria takes Sasha off, despite Sasha's protest that she wants to stay with Libby. Mike tells Victoria angrily that she's shouldn't use Sasha to score points - she's a child, not a weapon.
The Pub
Phil has asked Gary to meet him for a chat about the truth. He tells Gary he won't have Anne harassed - she's legally still a minor and he should have discussed it with Phil. Gary says Lily's house is legally his! He reckons it's proof, but Phil says it's gossip. Gary says he'll see Phil and Anne in court.
Mike isn't impressed with Victoria's behaviour. Libby is sad - her and Victoria had been getting on well recently. Mike goes round to see if Victoria's OK - he wants to keep the peace for Sasha's sake.
Anne and Bill are discussing the contesting of the will. Anne says maybe he should contest the will - she's still uncomfortable with being bequeathed such a huge thing as a house.
Bill looks at some wooden CD racks and comments on the shoddy workmanship. He says he can't stand seeing shonky work. Anne suggests he makes his own - he's got the garage and the tools. He wonders how much it would be to set up a market stall.
The Coffee Shop
Libby is telling Drew about the incident at the market. Libby is sad - she was getting on with Sasha well at last and now Victoria will never let her see Sasha again. Libby finally asks Drew how he is. He says, "Thanks for asking" - she has sat there for fifteen minutes talking non-stop about herself! Libby apologises and asks Drew how he puts up with her(!). She thanks him for listening. She says Drew was right - it is hard taking on a married man with a child after all. He asks her if the relationship is worth it and Libby says yes - she's happy. Libby says that Drew has been a bit cranky lately - he's different these days when he talks to her.
Drew congratulates Libby on her article - but the article has been changed from what she wrote. Drew leaves her still reading the article.
Erinsborough News
Mike tells Libby that editors are entitled to change her work sometimes. Libby is annoyed that something was published under her name that she didn't write. Mike tells Libby he'll see her later - he's going to see the editor and then to dinner with Victoria.
Drew has given Anne an estimate for the repairs to the ute - it won't be cheap. Bill is designing a CD rack on his sketchpad.
Gary comes round again to explain. Anne tells him that she doesn't want to talk to him. Gary says he's doing it for his wife and three kids and gives her a sob story about not having much money. Anne is weakening a bit, but Phil comes in through the back door and sees what's going on. He shuts the door in Gary's face.
Erinsborough News
Mike tells Libby that the paper are offering him a permanent position as a consultant. He's done such a good job restructuring the Erinsborough News, they want him to do all the other papers in the network too. But the down-side is that he'll be away a lot - could be months, or a year. (So, an upside for us!!). Mike says he doesn't want to be away from Libby or Sasha though, so he's not sure. He heads off for dinner with Victoria and Sasha.
Mike's (No.32)
Drew is programming Libby and Mike's video. Libby is looking forward to a film at 4am - "The Sweet Smell of Success". He sits with Libby on the sofa and she tells him he's brilliant. At that moment Mike rings and Drew looks quietly put-out.
Mike tells Libby that he is spending the night at Victoria's house. She isn't too chuffed. When Mike has rung off, she asks Drew if he thinks it's suspicious. Drew says maybe Sasha just need her Dad for a while. Libby invites Drew to stay for dinner - she's made a chicken and mushroom ragout. He says he's got his dinner organised, but she begs him - she promises she won't talk about herself(!). Drew says that now he'll have to stick around to see if she can keep her promise!
Bill is tired out because Lance was snoring all night! Phil talks to Anne about Gary. Phil has heard that Gary is staying at Lassiters which is very expensive - so he can't be destitute. Anne says she's sorry Lily left her the house - it's brought nothing but trouble.
Madge calls in - she has spoken to Charlene and Henry about Gary O'Neill and they can't remember him (he claimed he spent his school holidays in Erinsborough as a boy). Phil and Bill tell Anne she can't let a liar and a cheat take what Lily meant for Anne to have.
<<3231 - 3233>>
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