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Neighbours Episode 3231 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3231
Australian airdate: 01/02/1999
UK airdate: 15/04/99
UK Gold: 04/11/04
Writer: Drew Tingwell
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Victoria Healy: Tamar Kelly
Sasha Healy: Chelsea Driessen
Eric Pantano: Matthew Caterson
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Sarah finding Deirdre in cardiac arrest and resuscitating her.
Karl tells Sarah she acted outside of her position - the hospital may punish her for it.
Sarah tells Karl that the hospital fired her and is very upset. Karl hugs her to comfort her.
Ramsay Street
Libby sees Karl and Sarah hugging on the doorstep. She goes up to them and shouts at Karl and storms off without waiting for an explanation.
Sarah tells Toadie about the incident with Libby and about being fired from the hospital. Sarah rants about Libby being self-righteous. She says she's just about had enough of her life at the moment.
Karl comes to see Libby but she doesn't really want to talk to him. Karl tells Libby what was happening with Sarah. Libby makes snide remarks but Karl isn't having any of it - he tells Libby to grow up.
Toadie tells Sarah that she has to go and see Libby but she doesn't want to. Sarah says that only Karl can help her - he was there when she was resuscitating the patient.
Erinsborough News
Victoria pops in to remind Mike about picking up Sasha tomorrow. Victoria asks Mike if Libby is getting on any better with Mike's mother (she isn't).
Libby has to choose between two articles - the Erinsborough Bowls' Frog and Grog night or the boss' nephew' wedding. She chooses the former.
Sarah comes in to see Karl. She apologises for this morning, but Karl says it's not her fault - she had a genuine reason to come and see him and if Libby can't see that then that's her problem. Karl tells her to contact the union and to launch an appeal to the hospital board. He says he's right behind her - she's got an excellent case. Sarah agrees, but she says that if Susan doesn't want him getting involved, he must pull out.
The Pub
Lou is back. He comments on the state of the pub - Toadie has spruced it up after the incident with the band. Toadie has to explain to Lou about the damage caused the night that the band played. Lou is very cross. He says that Toadie has to pay the bills himself - he doesn't have insurance against morons(!).
Lou sees a poster for another band for that evening, and isn't pleased. He goes off to sort it out.
The Coffee Shop
Libby comes in and says a strained hello to Sarah. Sarah tells her about what happened with the patient and Karl was helping her. Libby makes snide remarks so Sarah snaps and says she doesn't need another serving from Saint Libby. Libby says that she's not saint - if she was then she could forgive Sarah(!). Sarah storms out and Libby smirks.
The Pub
Lou has been on the phone to the band's agent. He has cancelled the act and re-engaged another band called Powerfinger. Toadie mishears and thinks it's a band called Powderfinger. Toadie says they're a huge band and is very excited. He promises to spread the word on the condition that Lou forgets the money for the damages.
Toadie tells Sarah that Powderfinger are playing at the pub. She is amazed. But she says she can't come - she promised Tad that she'd watch scream with him. She says Tad is hoping she'll get scared and leap into his arms! She says she'd rather a quiet night in anyway. Toadie goes off to change. Sarah reminds him that they've got a house inspection later that week.
The Pub
A geeky bloke comes in and introduces himself as "Powerfinger" - it's him and electric keyboard. So it was Powerfinger after all, not Powderfinger(!) He shows them the powerfinger(!)
Libby and Mike are going to take Sasha to the market the next day. Mike tells Libby that she's in the bad books with the boss for not including his nephew's wedding in her column. Libby says she doesn't like nepotism, but Mike says that sometimes it's necessary. Libby stubbornly refuses to clear the air with her Dad or Sarah either.
The Pub
The electric keyboard is playing. Toadie is giving people their money back, but a few geeky individuals are enjoying themselves and doing a conga line! Lous comes up and tells Toadie quite serious that he likes his taste in music - the guy is great! He says he might book him for a regular gig at Little Tommy Tucker's and then joins on the conga line!
Victoria drops Sasha off with Libby and Mike. Sasha and Libby start to bond a bit. They head off for the market.
The Market
Libby buys Sasha a doll and she is pleased with it. Mike goes off to check out a computer stall so Libby and Sasha wander off happily together holding hands.
Madge has been babysitting Lolly and had a really good time with her. She tells Lou how much she's been missing her grandchildren.
The Market
Libby and Sasha are looking at rings. While Libby tries one on, Sasha goes off to look at the balloons. When Libby looks round she can't see her. She runs around calling Sasha's name. Then she sees Victoria approaching.
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