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Neighbours Episode 3230 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3230
Australian airdate: 29/01/99
UK airdate: 14/04/99
UK Gold: 04/11/2004
Writer: Noel Maloney
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Tad Reeves: Jonathan Dutton
Greg Baker: Gabriel Egan
Andy Sisson: Martin Copping
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
RecapTad stealing a photo of Sarah out of her albumTad showing Paul the website he has set up about Sarah using the photo.
The Coffee Shop
Lou the goose is in a cage in the Coffee Shop. Madge wants to take him home as a pet, but Harold isn't keen - he says the goose doesn't like him. Madge cajoles him and Harold agrees to take the goose as a trial.
Tad tells Harold that he is under Madge's thumb!
The Pub
Toadie is asking Sarah about her lunch with Gary. She thinks he's quite rich but also thought he was a bit odd. Toadie tells her that The Truckers are going to play at the pub - they are a bikey band. Sarah doesn't want to come and see the band, so Toadie asks her if she can babysit Tad. She comments to Toadie what wonderful options she has for the evening - a bikey band or a sex-crazed fifteen-year old(!) Toadie says, "Videos are on me!"
Tad is looking at his Sarah website, which has somehow managed to get 8 hits overnight. Paul checks his email from Hannah, much to Tad's disgust. Paul prints out an attachment (a colour photo which prints suspicious quickly!). The photo is of Hannah and a guy with his arm around her at the Louvre in Paris.
Paul is down in the dumps. Madge comes in and Harold says to Paul, "Not a word about the goose and I'll do the talking."
Madge sees straightaway that Harold has got something he's hiding. She prises out of him that he's given the goose to the same children's farm that Phil's horse went to. Madge is filled with silent rage and Paul runs off to his room before the storm breaks!
The Pub
The Truckers are setting up. As they start, the phone rings and Toadie goes into the office to answer it, closing the door behind him. It's someone complaining about the noise. As he tries to go back to the bar he can't open the door - it's locked itself shut. Breaking glass can be heard from the other side of the door.
The Rough Side of Town
Harold and Karl are doing their voluntary work. They talk to a guy called Andy who is busking (despite a distinct lack of passers-by!) Harold tells Karl it'll take a while for the street people to accept Karl - he's the third one in as many months.
The Pub
The band has finished and Toadie has finally managed to get out of the pub's office. The pub is wrecked. The band are angry that Toadie didn't have bouncers on the doors.
The Rough Side of Town
Harold is telling Karl about Andy - he is drying out and has been dry for six months now. Karl tells Harold that he is a dark horse - he had no idea what Harold did for people. When they get back to Andy's spot, he's gone. Harold is worried and goes to look for him.
Mobile Health Centre
From a distance, Karl sees Andy giving a guy something. Andy comes in to see Karl about a headache and wants painkillers. Karl says he saw his transaction out in the street. Andy is angry and says that he saw him give a mate some money he owed him and storms out. Karl follows Andy and apoloigies but Andy isn't having any of it.
The Pub
Madge is helping Toadie clean up in pub. He finds a shoe and says "Look! Cinderella came to the brawl!" He says the bar staff were hopeless - didn't do anything to stop the fight and resultant damage. At that moment Lou rings up and Toadie tells him that everything is fine. He asks why it's so quiet so Madge talks loudly to herself to help Toadie out(!). Madge says it isn't all bad - she thinks she just saw the rat running out of the front door. Toadie says, "That's what happens when the ship is sinking"(!)
There have now been twenty-two hits on his website about Sarah. Someone has left a message with a link to a website. It has photos of Sarah in underwear. Tad says they've taken her face and put it on the body of another model. Tad is suddenly very worried and tells Paul they must take their website down straightaway.
Sarah tells Toadie that the hospital have made a decision on her future so she is worried what it will be. Toadie says he hasn't slept a wink because of the trouble at the pub. Sarah tells him to come clean to Lou about what happened - she'll sure Lou will sympathise. Toadie says Lou doesn't know how(!)
The Coffee Shop
Tad has inexplicably come over all virtuous - he reckoned he put Sarah's photo up for artistic reasons(!) he didn't want semi-nude pictures of her out there.
Karl is on the phone to Susan. Sarah comes round to see him, so he puts the phone down. Sarah talks to Karl on the doorstep - she tells him that the hospital have fired her for saving Deirdre's life (because she was unqualified). She is very upset and asks Karl for help. Karl hugs her.
<<3229 - 3231>>
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