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Neighbours Episode 3229 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3229
Australian airdate: 28/01/99
UK airdate: 13/04/99
UK Gold: 03/11/04
Writer: Shaun Charles
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Tad Reeves: Jonathan Dutton
Victoria Healy: Tamar Kelly
Gary O'Neill: Kevin Hopkins
Gerri Hallet: Isabella Dunwill
- "Miracle" by Dom Cincotta
- "Any Day" by Violetine
- "One Good Reason" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Mike tells Libby that Geri's going to follow him in his job at the newspaper.Geri tells Liby she should do a story on lecturers getting off with students(!)Mike asks Geri to give Libby a message about visiting Sasha's grandmother with Victoria, but Geri just tells her Mike has gone off with his wife.
Libby comes home in a bit of a strop. Susan congratulates her on her new job. Libby tells her the job is good. She also tells Susan that she saw Mike leaving work with Victoria. Susan warns her not to go jumping to conclusions again - it could be innocent. Libby says he has kept secrets before, so she doesn't know what to think. Susan suggests asking Mike what he was doing with Victoria and also why he didn't tell Libby about it. Libby says, "What would I do without you, mum?". Susan says, "Kill Mike"(!)
Paul is practising her guitar. Tad is bored. Paul says he wants to talk to Hannah on the computer, but he can't keep using Phil's computer all the time. Tad teases him that the French guys will be cracking on to Hannah. Tad suggests he and Paul do a bit of web exploring. Paul says OK as long as Tad gets lost when Paul is talking to Hannah. Tad teases him again: "I love you, Paul. I love you, Hannah. You log off first. No, you log off first"(!) Tad reckons once Paul has seen some of Tad's favourite websites, he'll know what love is too(!).
Mike comes to see Libby who blanks him a bit. Susan says that "she'll just go somewhere that's not here"(!) and goes into the bedroom. Libby asks Mike about Victoria. Mike said he left a message with Geri. Libby realises - Geri was trying to cause trouble.
Sarah is massaging her feet after work. Tad tells her she has beautiful feet and will Sarah let him massage them(!). Tad says Sarah is wasting her time in nursing and she should be a model instead. Sarah tells him she's been there and done that. Tad wants to see the photos. Sarah shows Tad who is very interested in them(!). He steals one of the photos of Sarah out of the album.
Erinsborough High
Libby is telling Mike not to say too much to Geri in case she makes their lives hell. Mike calls Geri in to talk to him.
Paul is talking to Hannah on the computer. Tad keeps reading what he's written and asking what, "Je t'aime" means. He keeps teasing Paul about Hannah. Paul says at least he's got a girlfriend. When Hannah signs off, Tad takes over the computer to show Paul some dodgy websites.
Erinsborough News
Mike has told Geri what's what. Libby asks if she is OK. Geri tells her angrily she's just quit her job. She blames Libby for Mike hassling her. Geri says she'll tell everyone at uni about Libby's "professional ethics".
Paul and Tad are looking at dodgy websites. Paul is looking a bit guilty. He gets up and says he's seen enough. Tad has a floppy disk and puts it into the machine (which presumably has Sarah's photo on it, though how Tad managed to scan the image in the available time with no scanner is anybody's guess!).
The Coffee Shop
Lily's nephew Gary is talking to Sarah and trying to get information about her. He somehow recognises Sarah's face - he asks her if she did any modelling. He then asks Sarah if he can take her to lunch to say thank you for being nice to Lily.
Tad is showing Paul Sarah's photo. He says he's going to email the photo to all his mates back home and tell them that Sarah is his girlfriend! Paul mocks this idea - noone will believe that. Tad admits he's right, so he decides to set up a Sarah Beaumont website.
The Pub
Libby asks if she was the reason that Mike has a go at Geri because of her. But Mike says that Geri needed a lesson in maturity. Libby is worried that Geri is going to spread lies about them all over campus. Mike tells her to ignore it.
As they leave they bump into Sarah and Gary coming in.
The Coffee Shop
Paul and Tad come in for some coffees. Paul tells Tad that his website is amazing (even though it seems to have been knocked up and put on the web in ten minutes flat!). Tad wonders how many hits they'll get overnight. He talks about expanding the website to include details about Sarah and more photos.
Erinsborough High
Victoria comes into the office. She has come to drop off the keys for Mike's car, but Mike is in a meeting. She writes a note. Geri comes up and spurts poisonous comments at Libby. Amongst other vitriol, Geri tells Libby snidely that Mike has probably run off back to his wife. Victoria interrupts at this point and tells Geri that she is Mike's wife and also that if Mike tore a strip off her, it's probably because she's a lousy journalist. Geri stalks off. Libby looks pleased.
The Coffee Shop
Tad suggests they watch some of Toadie's gory horror movies. They run off. Outside the Coffee Shop, they are attacked by Lou the goose - he's back. She asks Tad to catch it but he says, "No way, that things a killer!". Paul and Tad eventually agree to do it for $10 and a couple of cokes. Madge reluctantly agrees. Tad says he's from the country - catching livestock is his speciality.
Libby comes in and tells Susan that Victoria was nice to her at the office earlier. Susan is going away to a principal's conference. She gives Libby the colour choices for the house and tells her not to let Karl and Bill choose(!). She also instructs Libby to make sure that Karl sells the Thunderbird! She hugs Libby goodbye and leaves.
The Pub
Sarah and Gary are having lunch. He probes her for more information about Lily. He asks if Lily had all her faculties towards the end. Sarah said she was a little bit vague, but that wasn't unusual for a woman her age with pneumonia.
Outside the Pub
Tad and Paul are trying unsuccessfully to catch Lou the goose. Chaos ensues, but they eventually get him under a tablecloth.
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