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Neighbours Episode 3218 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3218
Australian airdate: 25/11/98
UK airdate: 29/03/99
Writer: John Upton
Director: David Myles
Guests: Victoria Healy: Tamar Kelly
Geri Hallett: Isabella Dunwill
Mayor Dick Goss: David English
RATS Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Harold asking Lou to hold another fundraiser - it would help his Citizen of the Year campaign.
Paul telling Madge and Harold that he has invited his Dad to stay with them.
Madge and Harold are not too keen for Paul's Dad to stay. Paul says he hasn't got much money. Paul storms out.
Mike is marking essays. Libby is studying for her exam in media ethics. Libby is worried the other students will think she's getting preferential treatment, especially one called Geri Hallett. She says Geri has no ethics at all!
Lou's Place
Lous is showing Madge and Harold a contraption with lanes to hold a rat race in (as a fundraiser!) Harold protests that he's allergic to fur! He says he'll just have to try his best. Lou tries to get him to stay away, but Harold isn't having any of it.
Exam Room
Mike is starting the exam. Geri makes some cutting remarks about Libby and Mike.
Lou's Place
The rats are ready to be raced. Then Lou says that there will be a delay to the race as rat number 2 has escaped. Lou catches it with Karl's best jacket! The rat race starts and they all cheer the rats on. The rat in lane number 6 wins (in case you were wondering!)
Harold is sneezing madly. Karl tells Lou that rat number 2 has gone missing again.
Exam Room
The exam is finished. Geri makes more cutting remarks to Libby about her getting preferential treatment from Mike. Libby tells her to get a life.
Lou's Place
Lou is trying to re-capture the missing rat. Harold says it must have escaped because he's stopped sneezing! Harold and Lou chat about the Citizen of the Year award. Madge is not impressed with Lou's bragging.
Harold talks to Paul about the situation with his father. Harold agrees that Paul's Dad can stay with them even though they are virtual strangers.
Citizen of the Year Awards
Lou compliments Karl on his jacket. Karl says he's having the other one fumigated(!). Libby, Mike, Harold and Madge all wish Susan good luck. Lou says he's written his acceptance speech!
The mayor announces the finalists in the competition - Lou, Susan and Harold are among them. Harold is shocked - he didn't even know he'd been nominated! Madge tells Harold that she and Paul nominated him. The mayor announces that their decision is unanimous - the Citizen of the Year is Harold Bishop! Harold is overwhelmed and Lou is stunned. A shocked Harold receives a trophy and makes an impromptu speech. He pays tribute to Lou, Susan and the rest of the nominees. He says it's a great honour and thanks them very much. Lou mutters that there's no justice in the world!
Lou's Place
Harold is still very embarrassed about the award. Libby asks if she can do a media profile of him for the [I]Erinsborough News[/I].
Lou tells Harold he's disappointed that he went behind his back! Harold insists he had no idea he was nominated and also he should be proud of the work he did - that knowledge should be enough.
Karl tells Lou sternly that no-one has any idea how much work Harold quietly puts in for good causes - Lou was never in the hunt for the award.
Libby is still steamed up about Geri. Mike says another lecturer has been stirring him too. Libby says she'll drop his lectures next year and switch to another module this year. Libby says she just wants things to run smoothly for a change - she's also contending with Mike's mum, daughter and ex-wife. She says it'll be easier to concentrate if Mike's not her lecturer anyway.
Lou comes to apologise to Harold for being so ungracious earlier. He tells Harold that Karl had a go at him. Lou says his work won't be wasted anyway - his good reputation can only enhance his business!
Victoria gives Mike some money to give to Drew for her car. She agrees to bring Sasha around that weekend. She kisses him on the lips. Libby comes in at that point and sees the kiss. She looks uncomfortable.
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