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Neighbours Episode 3217 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3217
Australian airdate: 24/11/98
UK airdate: 26/03/99
Writer: David Allen
Director: David Myles
Guests: Tad Reeves: Jonathan Dutton
Snr. Sgt. Tim Stamisorth: Bob Halsall
Emma Steele: Anne Cordiner
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Tad filling up Toadie's car with patrol and driving off.
Toadie telling Tad off for stealing his car.
A policeman arrives to say that a theft of petrol has been reported - to a car registered to Toadie.
Toadie admits that it's his car. He says he was driving it, but Tad speaks up in Toadie's defence. He tells the policeman that he stole Toadie's car. The policeman says both Tad and Toadie as Tad's guardian will have to come down the station. Sarah intervenes and uses her feminine wiles to distract the policeman by making him a cup of tea(!)
Paul tells Harold that there's a policeman outside Toadie's place. Harold goes outside to nose.
Toadie is laying it on thick with policeman - says Tad was under severe emotional distress and that he doesn't have a record. The policeman is a little sympathetic, but unmoved. Toadie offers to pay for the petrol and also he will punish Tad severely. The policeman says he can't wipe the slate clean about the car theft and that they'll have to go down to the station with him. He'll also have to call Tad's mother.
Harold asks Paul to come to his university class on popular music, but he isn't keen.Harold asks Paul about his fight with Patrick Greenwood. Paul says he insulted his father - Patrick said his father was a drunk and that Paul would turn out the same. Harold is shocked at what Patrick said. Paul asks Harold if it could be true.
Toadie and Tad come back from the police station. Toadie tells Sarah that the police might bring Tad up on a charge of unlicensed driving and could get a criminal record. He has to wait for the court case to come up now.
Paul is wondering if he should be teetotal, like Harold. Harold thinks moderation in all things is fine - Paul is clever and has people to support him. He tells Paul he must talk about any problems he has.
Tad is trying to make amends to Toadie by doing chores. Toadie tells him to get off his back and relax.
Toadie hears an advert for a quiz with a trip to Bali as a prize! Toadie says he's going to give it a go! Sarah says his chances are a million to one. Toadie says they are forgetting that he is a genius(!).
The Coffee Shop
Toadie is asking Karl for parenting tips. Karl suggests finding him company his own age, like Paul for example. He also says Toadie might consider a self-defence course for himself(!)
Toadie is listening to the Master Quiz on the radio. He gets through on to the program! They ask him what the capital of Texas is. Tad tells him it's Austin but Toadie doesn't listen and says Dallas. He loses - it was Austin.
Harold is hosting his university group's discussion. He introduces Emma Walsh who will be leading the discussion.
Toadie comes in with Tad. Toadie asks if it's OK to have Tad there while his group is there. Madge and Harold say it's fine. Paul and Tad head off to Paul's room.
Toadie is stressed about Tad. He's also sad he missed out on the holiday to Bali. He tells Sarah that Karen's family are moving to New Zealand. Sarah asks if Karen is going too, but Toadie is confident that she isn't.
Bishops - Paul's room
Paul is playing his guitar and Tad is looking at scantily-clad women in a magazine. Tad invites Paul over to his place for a while - there's too many old people in the house for them!
Bishops - Living Room
Paul and Tad try to escape, but Harold calls him over to play a duet with him on the tuba! Tad quietly suggests sabotaging the fusebox! When the tuba starts, Tad kills a fuse, leaving the house in darkness.
Outside the Bishops
While Madge and Harold are mending the fuse, Paul asks if he and Tad can go over to No.30. Madge agrees. Tad thanks her for having him around. Madge says it's a pleasure(!).
Paul and Tad are laughing about what Tad did. No.30 appears to be empty. Paul tells Tad about Hannah who's in France. He doesn't want to cheat on her. Tad mocks him a bit, but Paul is firm on the subject. Tad suggests rummaging in Sarah's room!
No.30 (the following morning)
Toadie asks Tad if he wants to go go-karting. Tad is surprised, but pleased. Sarah asks Tad if he's been in her room. He denies it. She says there are a few things out of place. Tad still denies it.
Paul's Dad is on the phone - he's coming to Erinsborough for a couple of weeks. Paul tells them he's told him he can stay with them! Madge and Harold are taken by surprise.
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