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Neighbours Episode 3216 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3216
Australian airdate: 23/11/98
UK airdate: 25/03/99
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: David Myles
Guests: Tad Reeves: Jonathan Dutton
Snr. Sgt. Tim Stamisorth: Bob Halsall
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Tad trying to buy alcohol at the pub.
Tad driving off in Toadie's car.
Petrol Station
Tad has fuelled up and takes off at high speed. He pulls in to answer the mobile phone when it rings but decides against it and drives on.
Toadie is very cross with Tad. He asks Joel why he wasn't watching him(!) Joel says it's not his problem. Toadie calms down and apologises. Joel suggests putting a contract out on Tad(!). Toadie says he can't tell the police because Tad will be sent to juvenile detention.
Bill and Anne are celebrating the end of their exams. Anne suddenly gets a bit serious that now they're adults. Bill says they don't have to become adults straightaway, so they make the most of their time by jumping on the sofa!
Toadie tells Sarah that Tad has stolen his car. Toadie suggests borrowing a car and going out to look themselves. At that moment Tad's mother rings up to speak to him. Toadie makes an excuse as to why Tad isn't there.
The Pub
Drew is distracted by Libby's article. He raves to Lou about how good it is. He tells Lou he should be encouraging Libby. Lou tells him he's president of the Libby fanclub. Drew stutters but Lou says it's just an observation!
The Coffee Shop
Lou asks Bill if he wants to work at the pub. Bill says no chance - he's on holiday! Lou then asks Madge to work at the pub! She says no. Lou begs her to help him out and eventually Madge agrees after requesting double-time and that he lay off Harold for a month! Lou isn't sure about this last one but Madge tells him to take it or leave it! They compromise on 3 weeks(!).
Toadie's Car, Middle of Nowhere
Tad rings Toadie. Toadie asks if he and the car are OK. Tad says he's doesn't know where he is - he's lost.
Toadie is looking for a street name that Tad gave him. They find it in the atlas - it's miles away. Toadie leaves in a taxi to find him.
Sarah and Joel discuss how fed up they are with Tad - Toadie invited him to stay without asking them. They decide to propose a household meeting.
Joel admits to Sarah he is still cut up about the breakup with Sally.
The Coffee Shop
Drew is ordering his dinner. Sally comes in. She tells Drew that she and Joel have broken up. Sally invites Drew for a meal or a coffee so they can stay friends. When she's gone, Drew suddenly realises she might have meant it as more than friends.
Toadie has brought Tad back and is apoplectic with rage with him. Toadie rants at him and says he's going to pay big. Tad asks him how and Toadie says he can go to his room(!). Sarah and Joel are not impressed with this punishment.
Lou's Place
Madge is behind the bar. She hasn't lost her touch since she owned the place years ago. Lou is impressed. He gives Madge the key to the pub.
Sarah, Joel and Toadie are having a house meeting. Toadie is defending Tad as being a bit disturbed but is basically a good kid. They call Tad in and Sarah apologies about the perfume. Toadie hasn't softened towards Tad though.
Lou's Place
Joel tells Drew that he broke up with Sally. Drew buys him a drink.
Madge accidentally locks herself in the office at the pub! The phone rings and Drew is forced to answer it. He hears her banging and she tells him to get the keys, but he can't find them.
Drew tells Madge that Lou has rung to say he's on his way down. She begs Drew to keep looking for the key.
Later at Lou's Place
Joel has joined in the hunt for the key. Joel tries to distract Lou when he comes in, so Drew can keep looking for the key. Luckily Drew finds the key to let Madge out just in time before Lou notices!
Tad is making Sarah a healthy breakfast. She is impressed with his efforts but tells him to cut out the schmoozing. She tells him no more stealing, snooping or calling her "babe"(!). Tad tells Sarah that he loves it when she talks tough!
The Coffee Shop
Sally bumps into Joel and invites him to eat with her. He isn't impressed. He tells her he can't just turn his feelings on and off. She says she wants them to be friends but Joel tells her it's very clichéd. Sally storms out.
A policeman has arrived to say that a theft of petrol has been reported - to a car registered to Toadie.
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