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Neighbours Episode 3215 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3215
Australian airdate: 20/11/98
UK airdate: 24/03/99
Writer: Jason Herbison
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Tad Reeves: Jonathan Dutton
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Bill and Toadie replacing Sarah's perfume with their own concoction(!)
Sally breaking up with Joel.
Joel is talking Sarah who thinks the fight might blow over once her mother's death anniversary has passed. Sarah presents him with choices as if in a magazine quiz(!). Joel says he doesn't want b) push her away or c) move on. He says he'll have to go for option a) - give her some time.
The Pub
Tad is trying to get served in the pub. Susan recognises him from his smooth lines as a Rebecchi! She introduces herself as the principal of the high school! He tells her he was just mucking around trying to order alcohol. Susan doesn't believe him. Tad tries to excuse himself, but Susan suggest he walk her home and she can tell him some of the statistics she knows about underage drinking(!)
Sarah is getting ready to go out on a girls' night out. Tad keeps eyeing Sarah up and making comments. Sarah suggests he find a girlfriend his own age, but Tad reckons he likes older women(!). He asks if he can come on the girls' night out, but Sarah says "Maybe in a few years". Tad replies, "Nah, you'll be past it by then." (!)
Sarah tells Tad about Joel's breakup with Sally and asks him to be sensitive.
Sarah realises her perfume has been changed and blames it on Tad.
Mike asks Libby to move in with him, but Libby says he'd hate it because she'd make him do housework. Libby doesn't seem keen but Mike is serious.
Later at No.32
Mike is still waiting for an answer. Libby says that she doesn't want to move two doors away from home because it's harder to break the bonds. She also says it's a very major thing to move in together. Mike persuades her and Libby gives in and says she will commit to him by moving in.
Sarah is taking Alka-Seltzer - but can't understand why she feels terrible because she only had one glass of champagne. She tells Joel that Sally has asked to talk to her. Joel isn't too happy with this turn of events.
Tad comes in. Joel tells him he's wasting his time with Sarah. He asks Tad if he'll give him a hand fixing his bike. Tad tells Joel that his parents nearly split up once, but his dad bought his mum some chocolates and everything was OK after that(!). He suggests Joel do the same.
Susan is concerned about Libby's decision to move in with Mike. She tells Libby that Mike's parents will hate it and she might never have a good relationship if she moves in with him. Also, Mike hasn't even started divorce proceedings. Libby says she and Mike love each other. Susan agrees to support her. Libby asks if she'll break the news to Karl(!).
The Coffee Shop
Sally is talking to Sarah about Joel. Sarah says Joel really cares for her and she shouldn't let him hang for too long.
Libby tells Mike she has told Susan about her decision. Libby wants to discuss rent. Mike says he'll pay two thirds as Sasha will be staying sometimes. Mike optimistically says that his parents and wife will be fine about it all.(!)
Susan has broken the news to Karl who is a bit cross. But they end up laughing and talking about their retirement without the kids!
Ramsay Street
Karl and sees Tad and guesses he is Toadie's cousin. Karl tells him off for smoking, but it turns out he is only lighting a fire with glass. Tad storms off.
Sally brings back flowers that Joel sent. Joel tells Sally that she doesn't have a monopoly on grief or do it for her. Sally is very ungracious. She says flowers remind her of sick-rooms and funerals(!). She tells Joel that they're not meant for each other. Joel tells her that she came on strong at the beginning and called all the shots and now she's not even giving it a chance to work. Sally says they're too different but Joel says they haven't been together long enough for them to find that out. Sally says there are some things you just know and leaves.
Libby is brooding. She tells Mike she hadn't thought her decision through. Libby says that Sasha is very uncertain of Libby and needs time to come to terms with her parents breaking up. Libby tells Mike that she needs time, but Mike accuses her of having cold feet. Libby says she'll reconsider when things are more settled with Sasha, Mike's mother and Mike's wife.
Ramsay Street
Tad is bored. He gets into Toadie's car and uses a mobile phone that he finds in it to call his mother, but there's no answer. So Tad hot-wires the car and drives off(!). Joel runs out to see the car disappear around the corner.
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