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Neighbours Episode 3219 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3219
Australian airdate: 26/11/98
UK airdate: 30/03/99
Writer: Nick Malmholt
Director: David Myles
Guests: Victoria Healy: Tamar Kelly
Maddie Harford: Karly Drever
Cara: Siho Ellsmore
Craig Pinders: Nathan Godkin
Cassandra: Elizabeth Shingleton
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Victoria kissing Mike on the lips. Libby sees the kiss.
Mike introduces Libby to Victoria. Victoria leaves quickly.
Mike assures Libby that nothing was going on - Victoria is the kissy type. Mike tells Libby about the money for the car. Libby is still freaked and leaves. She insists there's nothing wrong.
Bill and Anne are preparing for their camping trip. Lance can't go because he's too sick.
Libby looks in the phone book for a number. She finds it and dials it.
Ruth agrees via telephone that Lance can go on the camping trip after all. Anne asks Phil to look into the stuff that was stolen from Lily's house. They leaves on their trip.
Ramsay Street
The gang are preparing for their camping trip. Pinhead says he doesn't want Lance to come! Lance says he's not contagious and then says pointedly in Amy's presence that he will be sleeping alone in his tent.
Anne organises for Lance to travel in the same car as Amy(!). They all leave on their trip.
Phil and Karl hang out. The house is suddenly very quiet - Phil's never had the house all to himself. He invites Karl out for a few beers later since they are free agents without the kids. Karl says he'd better get home as he's sure Susan will have something for him to do!
Camp site
The gang are glad to be away from "the olds"!
The Coffee Shop
Libby is sitting at a table talking to Victoria (who she telephoned). They seem to be getting along well. Victoria pays for their coffees. She tells Libby that she will notice later how bad Mike is with money.
Camp site
The gang are trying to light a fire. Maddy has brought a tent full of holes. They'll have to share tents.
Lance stands on his adrenaline for bee stings and he doesn't have a space. One girls calls Lance an idiot but Amy sticks up for him. Lance gets new hope that Amy still likes him.
Anne tells Lance coyly that, speaking of romance, she and Bill need to ask him a little favour.
Mike is shocked that Libby met Victoria. She says that they just talked. Libby feels they didn't really connected though. Mike says Victoria can be a little guarded. Mike asks her if she has got over Victoria being at the house. Libby says she supposes he's forgiven.
Lou's Place
Karl and Phil are playing pool. Karl says he's going to go down with a spare tent and a replacement adrenaline for Lance. Karl says he'll take Joel for company - he's caught the camping bug, apparently.
Camp site
The gang light a birthday cake for Amy. She blows out the candles but they are the type that re-light! She opens presents from the gang too. One of them is a talking fortune ball which she tries out. Lance gives Amy another present. It's expensive perfume. Lance says she's worth it. Anne drags Bill off leaving Lance and Amy alone. Lance tells Amy that just because they're not together it doesn't mean she's not special anymore.
Bill is collecting firewood. Anne tells Bill that Lance has moved into another tent so they can be together. He looks a bit stunned but pleased!
Victoria comes to call. She asks him if everything is alright with Libby because she called her and they met for coffee. She asks Mike what's going on - she knows there's something wrong. Victoria says she thought Libby was sweet and charming, but the atmosphere is strained.
Bill and Anne's tent
Bill tells Anne he thinks she is beautiful and he's very lucky. After a while they tell each other they love each other (and TentLuvin™ ensues off-screen!)
Woods, the following morning
Amy can tell that something has happened between her and Bill. Anne doesn't say anything but looks really happy.
Camp site
Pinhead is telling Bill that he is a lucky dog(!) - while Pinhead has to share with Lance the gland boy!!(!) Pinhead grills Bill for details but Bill is embarrassed and brushes him off, telling him it was average, ordinary and boring and to lay off him. Anne hears the end of the conversation and is very upset. She cries in the tent. Then she gets the keys and runs off. Amy shouts that she doesn't have her licence. Bill asks her what's wrong, but she glares at him and drives off.
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