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Neighbours Episode 3213 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3213
Australian airdate: 18/11/98
UK airdate: 22/03/99
Writer: Kate Langbroek
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Patrick Greenwood: Matthew Barnes
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Harold showing Phil a naked picture that Lily left him in his will.
Anne gets a phonecall from a solicitor to say that Lily has left Anne her house in her will.
Anne is shocked. Amy comes in and they tell her - Amy is excited. The other are kind of stunned though. Amy says if she'd known she'd have visited Lily more often(!). Phil tells Anne they will think about it together after Anne's exams.
Madge tells Harold she's avoiding Susan because she wants her to join the school council. Paul comes in and tries to see the plans for Madge and Harold's flying machine. Madge refuses and they make a little bet on the outcome of the race!
Anne is still shocked about the house. Anne is upset about Amy hinting that Anne had had an ulterior motive for being Lily's friend. Anne says she'd much rather have Lily alive.
Madge is reading the paper. She says she's read a few pages and it's the first time in ages that there hasn't been a photo of Lou making a charity donation(!). Madge is reading about funding cuts of Erinsborough High. They are also going to drop the school choir. Paul says he was hoping the choirmaster/music teacher would teach him the guitar and he could play in the school group.
The Coffee Shop
Paul serves Amy and Patrick a bit stroppily. Patrick riles him about his flying machine designs. Patrick is confident about his machine. He's also started the guitar and got a girlfriend since he last saw Paul. He asks Paul how he is. Paul says his marks are average, his guitar teacher is leaving and his girlfriend has gone to France(!). Patirick reckons he'll win the flying competition by a mile.
Lily's house
Anne is missing Lily. She says that some small things have disappeared from the house. Anne is suspicious that someone has been through the house.
The Coffee Shop
Patrick is boasting that he's going to go on holiday with his dad. Paul tells Patrick that his real dad is taking him crocodile hunting in the Northern Territories(!). When Patrick and Amy leave, Amy leaves a bag behind.
Anne is telling Phil that she thinks some items are missing. He suggests asking the solicitor if anything from the house was bequeathed to someone else.
Amy and Bill are studying. Amy tells Bill that if he and Anne end up together, Bill will have a good start in life(!). Bill is incredulous. He asks Amy if she is going to get back together with Lance. He says she could make Lance feel much better in his illness by getting back with him. Amy is cross - it's her business, not Bill's.
The Coffee Shop
Harold has been to sign up for the University of the Third Age and enjoyed it. Paul is grumpy following his run-in with Patrick (Amy's brother). Harold finds Amy's bag and puts it under the counter. Harold tells Madge he's thinking of offering his services for school council.
Lance still looks awful. Phil says he'd like to be Amish so there were no phones ringing or faxes coming in. Lance says he'd have to spend all his free time building barns(!). Lance is grumpy because of his glandular fever. He tells Phil he wants Amy back. Phil says all he can manage is making Lance a cup of tea!
The Coffee Shop
Patrick comes in to pick up Amy's bag. Paul is still being stroppy. Patrick mentions Paul's Northern Territory trip to Harold but Harold tells him he doesn't know anything about it. On the way out, Patrick says to Paul, "See you tomorrow, loser!"
Anne asks Amy if she has had a row with Bill. Amy says that she and Lance have a few things to sort out. Lance overhears and says that he agrees! Anne leaves them to talk.
Phil tells Anne that he contacted the solicitor about the will. There were only two specific bequests, so most of the stuff must have been stolen.
Amy and Lance chat casually and a bit awkwardly. Amy leaves to go and study.
Madge is hanging the painting in the living room. Harold is telling Madge he's embarrassed to look at it because it's pornographic(!). Madge tells him not to look(!).
Amy brings Lance some flowers and some soup because he looked so depressed before. Lance asks her if this means they can get back together. Amy says one step at a time.
The Garage
Patrick and Paul bump into each other. Patrick mocks Paul and Drew's entry. He also mocks Paul's "alky" father. Upon further taunts, Paul punches Patrick.
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