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Neighbours Episode 3212 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3212
Australian airdate: 17/11/98
UK airdate: 19/03/99
Writer: Marieke Josephine Hardy
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: N/A
Summary/Images by: Sayaka/Graham
Mike telling Libby that his mother doesn't approve of her.
Lou reversing over his flying machine. Tad running off.
Lance feels and looks terrible. Harold comes to supervise Lance in his exam which he's doing at home. Bill and Lance wind Harold up about showing them the paper in advance.
The Pub
Lou is telling Drew that he reversed over his flying machine Drew tells him he'd better hurry up and repair it because the competition is in two days' time. He asks Drew not to tell Toadie or Karen!
Mike is looking for Libby. He asks Drew if he knows where she is but he doesn't. Mike tells Drew he wants to make up with Libby. He says Libby is incredibly stubborn. Drew says she's also incredibly hurt. Mike says he can't chose between her and his family, so it's difficult. Drew says he has to make the first move.
Libby has heard Mike was looking for her so has come to see Mike. Mike says his mother is hypocritical but she's still his mother. Mike apologies. Libby says she's sorry too and she took out her disappointment over his mother on Mike.
The Pub
Phil is getting details about Lou's flying machine for his entry in the competition. Lou names his flying machine "The Spirit of Erinsborough". Lou tries to give a description of the flying machine - "a machine that will fly in the air and has wings and a tail!" Phil asks for specifics, but is saved by Drew. Lou quickly changes the subject.
Lance is finishing his exam - Harold is being overly pernickety about exam procedure and timing it to the last second(!). Harold tells Lance he had chicken pox during his own school exams so he knows how Lance feels.
The Coffee Shop
Lou is asleep at a table. Drew creeps up on him and tries to whisper a subliminal message about giving him a raise(!). Lou tells Drew that his flying machine entry is ruined and he's very disappointed. He then asks Drew if he'll help him rebuild it! But Drew says the rules are that team members have to build their own machines. Lou says he'll tell Phil he's pulling out.
The Garage
Libby is subtly probing Drew for information about Victoria (she's a customer of his). Drew sees right through her, however! Libby asks Drew if Victoria is better-looking than her! But Drew won't tell her anything. He tells Libby to check Victoria herself if she's that keen to know!
Bill and Anne return home - the exams went well. Harold goes to make them all some camomile tea. Bill and Anne talk about the camping trip. They assumed Lance would be too sick to come, but Lance says, "Never assume!" and asks them to fill him in. Lance says he's not contagious unless he exchanges saliva with them(!). Anne says he might pash someone, but Lance says that's not very likely - theonly person he wants to pash is Amy and she's dumped him.
Phil comes in and they mention the camping trip to him. Phil tells Lance he's far too sick to go - he doesn't want him passing out in the middle of nowhere. He says he'll ask Ruth but not to hold out too much hope.
Harold is telling Lou that the hospital want to do a frog race for the hospital and they need a venue. Lou says he's too busy, but Harold persuades him by saying the newspaper coverage would help his Citizen of the Year campaign!
Later at the Bishops
Phil is looking at a picture - Lily has left it to Harold. It's a painting of Lily when she was young. Harold doesn't like it because it's a nude picture. Phil laughs quietly to himself.
The Pub
Phil tells Lou about Harold's painting. He says Harold's response to it is pure art in itself! Lou tells Phil that he has to pull out of the contest. But he sees Phil playing with an elastic band and that gives him an idea. He says he's not pulling out after all.
Harold brings the painting around and shows it to Libby and Mike. He says since Libby saved her house from the developers that Libby might like it. Libby sees that Harold is embarrassed and tries not to laugh. Libby says she thinking Harold should keep it. Mike says he should be honoured that she gave him something so beautiful. Harold is all flustered and goes off with the painting. Mike and Libby crack up laughing.
Bill and Anne are making dinner. Anne tells Phil that the ute has been fixed so they can take it on the camping trip! Anne gets a phonecall from Lily's solicitor - Lily has left Anne her house!
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Billy Kennedy, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 3212
Billy Kennedy, Harold Bishop

Drew Kirk, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 3212
Drew Kirk, Lou Carpenter

Libby Kennedy, Mike Healy in Neighbours Episode 3212
Libby Kennedy, Mike Healy

Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 3212
Philip Martin

Lance Wilkinson, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 3212
Lance Wilkinson, Harold Bishop

Drew Kirk, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 3212
Drew Kirk, Lou Carpenter

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3212
Libby Kennedy

Anne Wilkinson, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3212
Anne Wilkinson, Billy Kennedy

Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 3212
Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop

 in Neighbours Episode 3212

Philip Martin, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 3212
Philip Martin, Harold Bishop

Philip Martin, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 3212
Philip Martin, Lou Carpenter

Mike Healy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3212
Mike Healy, Libby Kennedy

Lance Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 3212
Lance Wilkinson

Anne Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 3212
Anne Wilkinson

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