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Neighbours Episode 3211 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3211 (Tad Reeves arrives)
Australian airdate: 16/11/98
UK airdate: 18/03/99
Writer: Lois Booton
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Karen Oldman: Pia Miranda
Tad Reeves: Jonathon Dutton
Mad Joe Pringle: Greg Carroll
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Toadie saying that his cousin Tad is coming to stay so Toadie can straighten him out!
The dog's owner accuses them of dog-napping.
The dog's owner is still suspicious of them. Joel and Sally have gone out to look for her. The man calms down and tells Sarah he's worried about his dog.
Railway Station
Toadie and Karen are looking for Tad. Toadie says he might not have recognised him - he hasn't seen him for a while. A teenager was sighted getting off at West Waratah, so Toadie and Karen decide to go there.
Sarah answers the door to Tad. He is quite impressed with Sarah being Toadie's housemate(!). Toadie is still out looking for him. Tad asks Sarah to pay his taxi fare!
Karl is getting ready to go out to do night calls with homeless people.
Tad is telling Sarah that if she's single, he's available(!). Toadie and Karen come in. Toadie is very cross with Tad. Tad says he tried to call but the line was busy. Toadie says the $30 will go on Tad's tab. Toadie tells Tad that he WILL straighten him out - there's nothing he can do that Toadie hasn't done before and he'll always be one step ahead of him.
No 30, the following morning
Tad has cooked a large breakfast for Toadie and himself. He keeps eyeing up Sarah and she tells him, "In your dreams!" Tad says, "Yeah, that too!"(!). Sarah goes off to feed Bob. She says Bob has gone missing.
Karl is telling Susan about how the other half live. He says there's an awful lot to be done. Susan says she enjoyed having the whole bed to himself while he was out(!). Karl says that Harold is a good person - he thought he was just sticky-beaking before, but he really does do good work.
Toadie asks Tad why Aunty Coral is so worried about him. Tad tells him he's just done some stuff. He says stuff like smoking and a bit of graffiti with his mates. Also he "borrowed" a car. Toadie tells Tad that he has his own life and Tad isn't to get into trouble. He tells Tad that he was worse than Tad at fifteen.
The Coffee Shop
Sarah is writing a lost notice for Bob. Madge tells her not to worry. Lou comes in and asks Madge how the flying machine is coming along. He hasn't heard any building so he thinks Madge and Harold haven't started yet.
The dog's owner comes round and Sarah tells him now both dogs have gone. He says Bob doesn't even look like a dog, he looks like an old duster(!) Tad says he's seen both of them but it'll cost them for him to tell!
Later at No.30
Tad brings both dogs in - he saw them in the garden. Happy and Bob seem to be good friends and neither are barking. The dog's owner says he'll cut a hole in the fence so Happy and Bob can hang out. He also asks Sarah out on a date!
The Coffee Shop
Susan is asking Madge to come on the school council. Madge says she did her bit when Charlene was in school - she's too busy now. Susan tells Madge that Amy's mother has resigned from the council and they have a free spot. Madge tells Susan that she could ask Harold, but Susan doesn't seem keen.
Lou is introduces to Tad (real name Wayne). Tad is pleased to meet Lou as the owner of the pub(!). Lou talks to Karen and Toadie about the flying machine. Tad offers to help move the machine.
Karl is sleeping on the sofa. Susan comes in with shopping. She tells him about Amy's mother resigning and that she doesn't think Harold is the right person for the job - he can be very "particular"
The Coffee Shop
Toadie tells Karen that Tad is a good kid really. Karen hopes Tad is not out scamming Lou(!).
Self Storage Unit
Lou reverses over a bit of the flying machine. Tad runs off.
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