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Neighbours Episode 3208 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3208
Australian airdate: 11/11/98
UK airdate: 15/3/99
Writer: Kelly Lefever
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Portia Grant: Sue Ingleton
Jill Ross: Bronwyn Di Cecco
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Portia telling Madge that the Grey Growlers will vote on their new coach.
Susan telling Karl that she doesn't want him to give up on his dream of volunteering abroad.
Karl asks Susan if she'd come with him.
Susan says she can't go abroad it's not that simple. She has a career, kids, friends etc. Susan says she does want the same as him - she thinks what she does in Erinsborough counts. Also they should make the most of the time they have as a family. But she doesn't want to stand in Karl's way if that's where he thinks his life is headed.
Ramsay Street
Phil is washing his car. He's up early because of the dog barking. He tells Madge that Lance is still quite sick.
Karl asks Phil about Lance's health. Karl suggest that Lance come in and see him again.
Lance is on the phone to Ruth. Anne hasn't had much sleep because of the dog so is very grumpy and stressed about the exams. Lance tells Phil not to fuss over him, he's just got a bit of a cold.
Phil thanks Anne and Lance for replacing the phone money. Anne is cross when Lance takes the credit - she covered for him in the first place.
Susan is fussing, but Bill is quite chilled out about his exams. Susan shouts exam technique after him as he leaves!
Phil tells Susan he's worried about Lance. Lance was clear for glandular fever so noone knows what it is. He asks Susan if she can organise some rest breaks for Lance.
Ramsay Street
Bill is giving out chocolate for energy(!). Amy says how their whole future rests on a few weeks of exams.
The Pub
Portia is still flirting with Lou. Lou talks to Portia about team training. He says everyone has to turn up - if they miss more than one practice, they will miss a game. Lou says that then only the keen players will remain, making the team stronger. Portia isn't too pleased with this idea.
The Classroom
The exam starts. Lance looks really rough.
The Coffee Shop
Portia comes in. Madge says, "Tea, Coffee, Arsenic?" Portia says she's offering Madge the hand of friendship. Madge says she's worried about the other hand behind her back with a knife! Portia tells Madge that if she stands against Portia for coach, she will split the team. Portia tells Madge that if Madge wins the team will suffer because Madge doesn't have much experience. Portia says her and Madge go together well. Madge says, "Yeah, like oil and water!". Portia suggests they become co-coaches. Portia says Lou must be left out! She tells Madge to think about it.
Erinsborough High
The gang are having a post-mortem of the exam. Lance still looks really rough.
The Coffee Shop
Karl is disputing Madge's theory about the mouthwash. Madge says she owes Sarah an apology for having a go at her about it.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Karl tells Susan he's been thinking about what they talked about. He says he is happy as he is, but feels that he could do more. He says it's not what he does, it's what he doesn't do. He says his work has become so mechanical and routine - he could make a difference if he did the volunteer programme. But Karl says that instead of going abroad, he's decided to help the community in Erinsborough instead. He's going to ask Harold about helping at the Salvos. Susan thinks it's a wonderful idea.
Anne is still stressed out about the exams. Bill has an idea.
The Pub
Madge tells Lou about what Portia said to her. Lou is cross. He says Portia will be sorry - he's going to teach her not to mess with him!
Garden of the Martins
Amy and Anne set fire to their English notes now that the exam is over.
Erinsborough High
Lance still looks rough. They are about to go into a Business exam. Lance says his only strategic plan is to merge with his bed!
Amy and Anne are studying. Amy is dreaming about getting a car when she turns eighteen. Anne tells Amy that she and Bill are planning a post-exam camping trip. She invites Amy and asks he how she feels if Lance comes along. Anne tells her that Lance did return the phone money, but Amy says it'll take a lot more than that.
The Classroom
Bill is writing furiously. Lance's vision is blurred. The invigilator asks him if he's OK just before Lance collapses.
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