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Neighbours Episode 3207 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3207
Australian airdate: 10/11/98
UK airdate: 12/03/99
Writer: Margaret Wilson
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Lenore Mayes: Jane Bayly
HAPPY: Trained by Luke Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Mike's mum telling Mike that Libby isn't in Victoria's league.
Libby telling Mike that she's glad Mike's mum and her are getting on well.
Mike tells Drew that his mother doesn't really like Libby much - she's putting on a front.
Libby tells Drew to spill whatever he knows.
The Pub
Drew is saved by Mike coming back from making a phone call.
Mike and Drew sit at a table. Drew tells Mike to tell Libby the truth - she'll find out eventually anyway. Drew tells him Libby will be very cross if he doesn't - and he doesn't want to be dragged in too. Mike says he's hoping his mother will come round, but Drew doesn't think that's very likely.
Phil is on the phone arranging to meet an old friend for dinner. Bill and Anne are studying. Bill says nothing is going in anymore, but Anne says there's no point him going home because the dog will be barking!
Susan is inviting Mike and his parents to dinner. He makes excuses. Libby says she'll call them herself and arrange it. Mike says there's no need - he'll sort it out with them.
Ramsay Street
The dog is still barking. Drew went round to see the owner, but noone was home. The Kennedys come out in dressing gowns advocating shooting the dog! Susan says she'll have to complain to the council again. At that moment the dog stops barking! Ten seconds later it starts again. Bill suggests stabbing the dog!
Phil tells Karl about going out with a woman he used to go to school with. He asks Karl if he and Susan will drop by. Karl says, "We need to talk!"
Libby reminds Mike that he has to call his mother about arranging a time for her to come over for dinner. Mike says the dinner won't be happening. He tells Libby that she's got the wrong impression about his mother - she doesn't approve of Libby at all.
Phil says the woman used to have a crush on him but she was a bit of a dag back then. Phil says it's just catching up. Karl says he'll ask Susan but he'll be there.
Libby asks Mike how long he has known. Mike says since the day after they met. Libby is cross that he didn't tell her before - she's told everyone that his mother loves her! Libby storms out.
Karl answers the phone - he tells the person that his situation has changed. Susan is puzzled but Karl runs out to work before she can ask for an explanation.
Anne is stressing about her exams. Bill persuades her to have a break and they go for a short walk.
The Coffee Shop
Susan asks Karl who was on the phone that morning. Karl says it was Australia Volunteers Abroad. Susan says he was being a bit secretive. Karl said he applied a few months ago when he and Susan were separated. Susan is cross he was thinking of packing up at a time of crisis, but Karl said she was the one who wanted them to move on at the time. Susan says they'll talk about it at home.
Susan apologises for thinking that Karl was up to something dodgy. But she is still upset that he was thinking of moving overseas - at the time he said he'd always be around for the family even if he and Susan weren't together. Karl says it wouldn't have been forever. He thought he'd lost Susan and he was trying to pick up the pieces. Volunteers Abroad wasn't an option when he was with the family. Susan says if he'd gone abroad they'd have never got back together. She frightened to think about how close they came to splitting up forever.
Anne and Bill are studying again. Phil is getting ready to go out for dinner with his old friend. Anne says, "While the cat's away!" and they all laugh. Bill asks Anne if she has a gun out the back to shoot the dog (which is still barking)!
The Pub
Phil's daggy old friend meets him at The Pub - he's amazed to see that she is no longer daggy! He buys champagne for them both.
Libby storms in. She goes to the back window and shouts, "SHUT UP!!!" very loudly at the barking dog. She shouts other derogatory comments and Susan mildly asks her if it didn't go very well at the library(!). Libby says all the books she needs are out and Mike's mother doesn't like her. Libby tells Susan what Mike's mother has said about her behind her back. Libby is upset and asks why she isn't good enough. She's also cross with Mike. Susan says Bianca needs to get over herself.
Karl and Susan leave to meet Phil at the pub. When they've gone, Libyb goes back to the window and shouts, "I SAID, SHUT UP!!!"
The Pub
Phil and his old friend are chatting easily. Karl and Susan come in and pretend to be surprised to bump into Phil. Phil invites them to join them for dinner. Susan asks for stories about Phil in his younger days. She tells them about Phil abseiling at the Year 10 camp - he got wedged on a rockface.
Ramsay Street
Libby wants Drew to try to calm the dog giving his record on calming horses! He tried up the dog growls at him and continues to bark. The crouch by a fence and Libby tells Drew about the fight with Mike. Drew says Mike didn't want to hurt her feelings. The dog stops barking - he's found some dog biscuits. Ten seconds later it starts again and Drew and Libby despair.
The Pub
Phil's friend is still telling Karl and Susan about the old days. Phil doesn't look too chuffed.
Karl and Susan are both up in the night because of the dog. Susan is still thinking about Volunteers Abroad - she doesn't want Karl to give up on his dream for the family. She went to Wangaretta for her career, and Karl should do six months or a year abroad if it's his dream. He says he wouldn't go without her - would she consider coming?
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