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Neighbours Episode 3206 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3206
Australian airdate: 09/11/98
UK airdate: 11/03/99
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Peter Hicks: David McLean
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Joel and Sally riding the horse and caravan
The horse bolting when "Helium" Karen is punctured
The Park
Joel struggles to grab the reins. He manages and manages to slow the horse. Drew, who is out running nearby helps them to calm the horse. Sally is impressed that Drew is so good with animals.
Joel can't do anything with the horse, so Drew has to take her home!
Madge's voice is coming back. Madge is sure the mouthwash was the cause. Harold is considering using helium balloons for his flying machine - the rules don't say he can't! Harold wants to help Lou become Citizen of the Year, but Madge says everyone knows he's a crook! Harold's a bit worried that their flying machine plans aren't very advanced.
The Park
Lou is showing the horse to the owner of the disabled kids' centre. Libby has come from the Erinsborough News to cover the story. She tells him it's just a publicity stunt for Lou's Citizen of the Year campaign!
The Coffee Shop
Harold is asking Mike about the University of the Third Age - he's interested. Libby tells Mike she got on really well with his mother. Mike doesn't tell her what his mother really thinks of Libby(!)
Madge is stroppy with Lou for conspiring with Portia. Lou asks Harold if Tuba Electrica is available for the charity night. Harold says he supposes it is. Lou has double-booked Little Tommy Tuckers, so the charity dinner will be held at the pub instead.
Harold complains to Lou about the horse knocking down his shed. Lou says he wasn't the owner when the shed was knocked down and Harold should take it up with Phil!
Paul asks Harold why he said yes to Tuba Electrica - he didn't even ask him. Paul says he has loads of schoolwork, and anyway, he doesn't want to do it. Harold tells him it's about time he starts thinking about someone other than himself. It's a family affair and if Paul is a part of the family he must do it. Paul stalks off to his room (just for a change!)
Later at the Bishops
Harold asks Madge if she thinks he was too hard on Paul. Madge says that playing the tuba gives Harold pleasure and the least Paul can do is to give him a couple of hours. Madge says the reason for Paul's behaviour is that he's never had a strong father figure until Harold came along. She tells Harold he's the best father a kid could have and Paul will come to appreciate that. Harold is pleased.
Joel and Libby have both been kept up by a dog barking in the house behind, so both are yawning. They chat about the bus crash that Mal just missed out on. They philosophically chat about time they waste on stuff that doesn't really matter.
Libby asks Joel why he's not making Sally breakfast. She picks up that Joel is a bit annoyed with Sally. It turns out Joel is a bit jealous of Sally being impressed with Drew(!). Libby says boys are far too competitive over nothing.
The Coffee Shop
Madge is still being stroppy with Lou. He says he's been up half the night thinking about it. Madge says, "I suppose that was you barking!" (!) Lou says he and Madge are old friends and that he'd never side with Portia against her. Lou tells her he's only being friendly to Portia because he needs support for his Citizen of the Year campaign. Madge isn't impressed and says they're playing both sides off against each other and he'd better watch himself.
Harold is playing the tuba. Paul joins in with his electric guitar and they have a bit of a jamming session. Paul apologises for being stroppy the night before. He says he overheard what Madge said about Harold being a good father to Paul. Paul says that he thinks Harold is a good father too and he really appreciates it, even if he doesn't always show it.
The Garage
Lou looks at a flying machine under a tarpaulin. He accidentally puts his foot through a part of it. Just then he hears someone coming and looks up guiltily.
Libby is studying at Mike's. Libby says if she does well on Mike's course people will say Mike's given her advance tips about the paper. It doesn't really bother her though.
The Garage
Drew and Paul are getting the tarpaulin off their flying machine - Lou is hiding behind a car! They find it has been damanged. Drew says he doesn't think Lou would have sabotaged it on purpose. Paul goes off to buy wood. Drew sees Lou behind the car and asks him if he saw anyone damage their plane. Lou lies very unconvincingly.
The Pub
Joel and Sally are reading Drew's leaflet about his business. Sally is gushing about how good Drew was with the horse. Sally says quietly to Libby that she's enjoying winding up Joel's competitive side(!) Libby asks Sally if anyone is talking about her and Mike behind her back. Sally says one or two, but hardly anyone.
Mike asks Drew to service his mother's car. Mike says he wanted to tell Drew in advance because he's a friend of Libby's and he doesn't want Drew to get caught up in family politics. Drew is surprised - he thought Libby and Mike's mum were getting on well. Mike tells him that his mother hasn't show Libby how she really feels. He asks Drew not to say anything to Libby.
Madge tells Paul that Harold was thrilled by what he said to him. Paul tells Madge that someone sabotaged his and Drew's flying machine. Madge suspects Lou (and so does Drew).
The Pub
Mike goes off to take a phone call. Drew starts to tackle Lou about the flying machine but Lou is saved by the office phone ringing! Drew tells Libby about him servicing Mike's mum's car. Libby says Mike's mum is lovely and she's glad that now they really like each other. Drew says "Yeah" but is not very enthusiastic so Libby probes him further - she says he's a terrible liar. She tells him if he knows anything he has to share it with her.
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