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Neighbours Episode 3205 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3205
Australian airdate: 6/11/98
UK airdate: 10/3/99
Writer: Don Battye
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: Portia Grant: Sue Ingleton
KARMA Trained by Wally Dalton
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Lou telling Karen he's looking for a lightweight pilot.
"Helium" Karen floating away.
Ramsay Street
"Helium" Karen is stuck in a tree. The neighbours are looking on. Sally and Karl are puzzled but by the time Joel comes up "Helium" Karen has floated away. Joel invites Sally in for breakfast.
Susan asks Karl how anatomically correct the balloon was(!).
Karl tells Susan he's been having terrible dreams. He says the dream is about Mal - he keeps seeing him trapped in rubble. Susan tells him dreams are just dreams.
Susan tells Karl that Libby seems much happier since she's started getting on with Mike's parents. Susan suggests they invite them over for dinner.
Sally tells Joel she's missed him. Sally says she's sorry about speaking out of turn about Libby and they make up.
The Pub
Lou is giving Toadie suggestions as to how to get "Helium" Karen down. He says air traffic control might complain!
Portia comes in to say she'd like to nominate Lou for Citizen of the Year and that she and Hilary want him to help organise a charity event next year. She says she knows people who are influential in deciding the outcome of Citizen of the Year.
Joel brings Sally breakfast. He says he can't have feelings for Sally and Libby at the same time - he's an old-fashioned monogamous kind of guy. They agree they have made up now.
Joel says he has a surprise for Sally down at Harold's allotment but he won't tell her what it is.
The Coffee Shop
Madge is trying to mime something to Harold unsuccessfully. Joel comes in and asks Harold to put up a poster about a special function. We don't see for what. Joel suddenly catches sight of an advert in the paper and runs out without his coffee.
Joel shows Karl the newspaper article - a bus belonging to the company Mal works for has crashed in the Pyrenees.
The Coffee Shop
Harold gives Sally a picnic basket that was ordered by Joel. Sally says the allotment is a strange place for a picnic. Harold says he enjoyed her radio programme about the Third Age University. Harold suggests they walk to the allotment together and they can talk on the way.
Madge serves coffee to Lou and Portia who are laughing conspiratorily. They mock Madge's lost voice. Portia says she's been sounding out the ladies of the Grey Growlers over who they'll vote for for coach - she's sure they'll all vote for her. Since Madge can't shout at her, she manhandles Portia out of the Coffee Shop and slams the door! Madge then proceeds to do the same for Lou. She looks very pleased with herself!
Joel, Susan and Karl are panicking about Mal and the coach crash. Karl says he's scared the dream had roots in truth. Susan tells him not to be silly.
On the way to the allotment
Harold and Sally are chatting. When they get to the allotment, Phil's horse has wrecked Harold's shed.
The Pub
Lou is serving sherry to Portia for medicinal purposes! Portia says she can't imagine what got into Madge after all Portia had done to make her welcome at the Grey Growlers(!). Portia flirts with Lou and he flirts back, refilling her glass. Portia says she hopes she can rely on his continuing support. Lou smiles and plays along with her but he obviously has his own agenda(!)
Susan has rung the Department of Foreign Affairs so they're waiting to hear back. They are all panicking. Karl reminds Susan that the same thing happened with Libby recently and that turned out fine. Foreign Affairs ring back to say that Mal was on the passenger list for the bus! Susan starts to cry.
Sally and Harold are rebuilding the shed. The horse starts eating the picnic. When Sally goes to stop her, the shed falls down again!
Everyone is sitting in panicked silence waiting for news about Mal. Susan says they have to let Libby and Billy know. The phone rings - it's a reverse-charge phonecall from Mal himself! Mal changed his plans at the last minute apparently. They are all extremely relieved. Joel goes off to meet Sally.
Harold is thanking Sally for her help. She wonders where Joel has got to. Joel runs up and Sally is a cross with him. Joel has organised for them to go on a ride with the horse and caravan. Sally is stroppy and asks him for an explanation for his lateness.
The Park
Sally and Joel are riding the horse and caravan. They discuss how worried the Kennedys were. They catch sight of "Helium" Karen floating above. At that moment someone shoots "Helium" Karen making a loud bang. The horse bolts, dragging the caravan behind it.
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