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Neighbours Episode 3201 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3201
Australian airdate: 02/11/98
UK airdate: 04/03/99
UK Gold: 14/10/04
Writer: Drew Tingwell
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: Bonnie & Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sal
- Lance says he thought Joel was going to win. Lou warns him that's what every gambler thinks - "Every bet will be a winner."
- Hank comes into Erinsborough High and tells Lance his money is overdue.
- Lance gives Hank his money. Hank counts it, and then tells Lance he's lucky. Anne wants to know who Hank was.
Number 26
Lance and Anne bicker over who Hank was.
LANCE: No-one.
ANNE: No-one? Right! So you just gave money to no-one for no reason.
LANCE: It wasn't no-one. It was... it was some fellow collecting for some charity and I didn't want to say no so I, um...
ANNE: Stole the phone money.
LANCE: I *borrowed* it. What's the big deal? You just promoted yourself to the head of the morality police or something? I'll give it back.
ANNE: Something weird's going on.
LANCE: What?
ANNE: You're just acting really strangely. You've been like this for days. Weeks.
LANCE: You're imagining it.
ANNE: I just imagined you giving the phone money to a complet-?
LANCE: (interrupting loudly) I TOLD YOU I BORROWED IT.
ANNE: Yeah, yeah, I know what you told me!
Anne wonders if Lance is in trouble, and then she guesses that it was to do with his gambling. Lance admits that he had a bet but insists that he hasn't got a problem - it was just a one-off fun bet on the triathlon to make the race more interesting.
ANNE: If it was just a fun bet, how come you had to borrow money to cover it?
LANCE: (angrily) Because I didn't have the cash on me! Look, there's no big deal. I'll put the money back when I get a chance to go to the bank.
Anne doesn't look impressed.
LANCE: Everything is under control.
ANNE: (disbelieving) Yeah?
LANCE: Yes. So stop overreacting. I'll put the money back and nobody will be the wiser. Unless you tell them, of course. *Which you won't*. Will you?
Billy walks in from the kitchen and asks what's going on. Anne and Lance look at each other, and Anne says nothing. She goes off with Billy. Lance sits in the living room and looks troubled.
Number 24
Harold apologises to Paul over Battery Acid. Harold tries to make Paul see that he was driven by his concerns - he wasn't being malicious. Paul strops off to do his homework!
There's a knock at the door - it's Lou. Lou gives him a nomination form for Citizen of the Year. Harold says he hasn't thought of who to nominate and Lou, rather unsubtly, tries to suggest himself as a nominee! Harold says he will give it some thought.
LOU: Now on another subject entirely... I've come up with an idea for that charity idea we were talking about(!)
Lou suggests a dinnerless dinner at Little Tommy Tucker's. Harold is confused as to how it works (it's exactly how it sounds - people pay for the meal, but don't receive it). Lou says that they'll get finger food and entertainment instead - so there's less to organise, and more money for the hospital instead.
Harold says it's a good idea, but thinks Lou should also be looking at his next endeavour. Lou indignantly tells Harold that he's rushed off his feet as it is. Harold looks thoughtfully at the nomination form for Citizen of the Year.
HAROLD: The good citizen is always ready to help...
LOU: (back tracking) Ah yeah, well, that's why I've got to look into this situation ASAP!
Lou goes to leave and then turns back to Harold and asks if he's ok. Harold says he's a bit down as they're going through a rough patch with Paul. Harold talks about Paul's poor taste in music and how aggressive his mood swings are. Lou shrugs it off, saying that's to be expected with a teenage boy. Lou advises that Harold and Paul have some father/son time together and bond. Harold thinks this is a good idea.
HAROLD: We could do Tuba Electrica again. Yes, because that brought us together last time... We could play at Little Tommy Tucker's again!
Lou looks a bit worried! He tells Harold that whilst he's thinking about that, he can remember the Citizen of the Year nominations!
LOU: We've all got to do our civic duty, Harold. Excuse me, I've a hospital to save!
Number 26
Anne and Lance are sitting in front of the televison, but Anne is ignoring Lance. Lance looks uncomfortable. Ruth is running through some things with Philip in the background.
RUTH: And there are these appointments that I haven't had chance to re-schedule.
PHILIP: I'll do that.
RUTH: This bill, which we were meant to pay today.
PHILIP: Leave it with me.
RUTH: And there's a load of washing in the laundry.
PHILIP: I can do that.
RUTH: You can't do everything.
PHILIP: Yes, I can, haven't you heard?
RUTH: And I need to give Lance some money.
PHILIP: Ah, you can do that!
They laugh and Ruth grabs her purse. She gives Lance a bundle of notes.
LANCE: What's this?
RUTH: It's money, Lance, what do you think?!
Anne wonders why she's giving Lance money. Ruth tells Anne she's a stickybeak, but explains that it's so Lance can buy Amy an 18th birthday present.
LANCE: (surprised but pleased) Thanks.
RUTH: Oh, don't thank me - it's a present from me, not from you.
LANCE: Oh, right.
Ruth explains that as she hasn't got time to buy Amy a present before she leaves, and Lance will probably have a better idea of what she wants than Ruth does.
ANNE: Do you want me to look after that for you?
RUTH: And why would you want to do that?
PHILIP: Lance is quite capable of buying a present for his girlfriend, Anne.
LANCE: Yeah, thanks, Phil.
ANNE: It's just um...
RUTH: It's just um, what?
ANNE: Nothing.
Anne is clearly not happy, but doesn't dare reveal Lance's secret. Philip and Ruth look a bit confused! Ruth thinks that she's now got everything organised, which pleases Philip - he thinks Ruth should relax a bit. Anne comments on how stressed she seems to be. Ruth confesses that she's worried about leaving Anne and Lance at exam time.
ANNE: We'll be all right.
LANCE: Yeah, don't worry about us.
RUTH: Oh, I'll be worrying - you can't stop me!
PHILIP: They'll be fine, won't you?
LANCE: Yes, we'll be too busy keeping Phil out of trouble to miss you.
PHILIP: You watch it!
Ruth says they shouldn't have time to worry about Phil - their studies should keep them busy enough. They all laugh, and Phil says they won't have time for anything else. Anne laughs along, but Lance looks grim.
Number 28
Billy, Karl and Susan are laying the table. Billy is chatting about Anne and how she's feeling since Lily passed away. Billy says that the issues with her grandparents, and now Ruth going to Broome to be with them - it's as if everything's piling up on Anne. Karl and Susan sympathise and Billy says he's promised Ruth that he'll keep an eye on Anne whilst she's away.
Karl is surprised when Billy mentions that he's going to Lily's funeral with Anne. Karl worries that Billy's own studies are going to be affected by him taking care of Anne, and warns him that just because he's repeating, it doesn't mean the exams are going to be any easier.
Susan and Billy look at him incredulously.
SUSAN: Can you stop right there, thanks?
KARL: Well, what's the matter?
SUSAN: Come on, Karl, no points for sensitivity!
Karl apologises and says he does want Billy to be there for Anne, but he doesn't want him to lose sight of the bigger picture. Billy and Susan crack up laughing.
KARL: (confused) Why is this so amusing? I'm trying to be serious here.
BILLY: Nothing, I'm sorry, I shouldn't laugh. It's just, well, you know. He's back.
KARL: Who's back?
BILLY: (excitedly) He's back! I'm talking about you - the old Karl Kennedy! He's back!
Karl nods and looks injured.
KARL: I'm sorry.
BILLY: No, don't be. It's a good thing! Seriously.
Karl nods and Susan looks at Karl lovingly.
Number 26
It's early morning. Ruth zips up her case.
PHILIP: Done your last minute check?
RUTH: Yeah, the only thing I've forgotten to pack is you.
Lance, Ruth and Philip all 'aww'. Ruth and Phil hug and kiss whilst Lance answers the door. Karl and Susan have popped around to wish Ruth well, and say how sorry they are to hear about how ill her mum is. Susan promises to keep an eye on Anne and Lance for her.
RUTH: Thanks, I appreciate it. It hasn't been the best couple of weeks for us, has it?
SUSAN: No. I wanted you to know, Ruth, I am sorry I got so upset and tense.
RUTH: You weren't alone. I wouldn't have won any prizes for serenity.
They both smile at each other. Karl leans over the sofa and interrupts them.
KARL: Don't you worry about young Phil here - I'll keep him sane.
PHILIP: Why is everyone so worried about me?!
Anne rushes in with a bag that Ruth forgot to pack. Philip and Karl take her cases outside. Susan watches whilst Ruth hugs Anne and Lance goodbye.
LANCE: Watch out for that airline food.
Ruth apologises to Anne that she can't be there for Lily's funeral. Ruth says she loves them, hugs Susan and then leaves. Lance approaches Susan.
LANCE: Um, what are you having for tea tonight?
SUSAN: Um, spaghetti bol, why?
LANCE: Well, depending on what we're having, I might uh, drop round.
Susan laughs it off and leaves. Lance looks put out!
LANCE: I was serious.
Number 24
Paul seems tentative about entering the living space when he sees Harold. Eventually, he does and he compliments Harold on his attire. Harold thanks him, but wishes it was for a nicer occasion (i.e. not a funeral!). Paul hopes that it goes as well as funerals can.
Paul goes to leave, and Harold asks him to stop and help him to sort his collar. Paul does so, and Harold takes the opportunity to invite Paul down to the allotment to help him to build a garden shed. Paul pulls his face. Harold presses on, saying that he could really do with the hand and Paul would be doing him a favour - anyway, it might be fun!
Paul shrugs it off and walks away. Harold looks hurt, but then Paul turns back and agrees. Harold is pleased.
Number 26
Anne walks in, dressed for the funeral and grabs a notepad. Lance - who's looking a bit ill and using a tissue - asks if it's the eulogy. Anne is a bit short with Lance and replies that it is.
LANCE: "A full life, lived by a woman - a wonderful woman." That's nice.
ANNE: Yeah, except it's wrong, though. I mean, she didn't really live a full life - she just imagined it. I'm changing that bit.
LANCE: Suit yourself. How are you feeling?
ANNE: I'm okay.
LANCE: I know it's hard but try not to get too worked up about the funeral.
ANNE: It's not just the funeral I'm worried about, Lance - it's you.
LANCE: (scoffing) Me?! Oh, don't worry about me, I'm fine.
ANNE: I know that wager on the triathlon wasn't a one-off.
LANCE: We're not back to that again, are we? Do you ever get off my back?!
Lance stalks off and Anne follows him.
ANNE: And I also know a liar when I hear one. I want you to hand over that money that Mum gave you before you blow it all on some stupid bet.
LANCE: She gave it to me.
ANNE: Because she thought - mistakenly - that you could be trusted with it.
LANCE: Come on. Do you really think that I'd gamble away money for my own girlfriend's birthday present?
ANNE: Frankly, at the moment, it wouldn't surprise me! Look, I know you've lost more money than you're letting on and I don't really don't want to see you getting into any more debt.
LANCE: You're blowing this out of all proportion.
ANNE: Amy called last night. Wanting to know what's going on. You've been lying to her and your friends, and me and on top of it all, Lance, you're sick - I mean, look at you, you look like hell! I think it's time you stopped pretending to yourself that you've got it all under control.
LANCE: And I think it's time you shut up! I have got everything under control. The sooner you get off my back the better.
Lance leaves. Anne doesn't look impressed.
Harold is reading the instructions for building the shed. Paul is listening to his walkman very loudly and totally ignoring Harold. Harold rambles on, but Paul isn't listening to him at all. When Harold finally realises it that it's a lost cause, he looks irritated.
Number 26
Lance is reading a magazine on the sofa. Anne is looking through a book at Philip's desk. Philip walks in and softly asks how the funeral went. Anne doesn't hear him until he prompts her again and then says it was ok - it helped that Bill was there. Philip turns his attention to Lance, and asks how he's feeling.
LANCE: Yeah, I'm fine. Good.
PHILIP: Mate, you look crook. I promised your mother that I'd make sure you saw Karl if you didn't feel any better.
LANCE: I'm fine, really. Just a bit of the flu. It couldn't have come at the worst time, really.
PHILIP: Story of our lives at the moment.
Philip opens a load of letters and comes across the telephone bill.
PHILIP: Ahhh, look at this bill. Where's that pig with the money in it?
LANCE: (panicking) What are you doing?
PHILIP: Just getting the money for the telephone bill.
ANNE: (blocking Philip from getting to the pig) Oh, no, no, don't do that.
PHILIP: Why? Why not?
ANNE: Well, we should save it until we really need it. It'll never accrue if we keep dipping into it.
PHILIP: (laughing) Anne, that's the whole idea of having the pig. When the bill comes in, we use the money in here...
Philip picks up the pig and is taken by how light it is. He shakes it, but it doesn't rattle. Philip, Anne and Lance all look at each other.
Harold is still trying to build the shed, but he is being hindered by Paul not listening to him. He struggles on and eventually, Paul drops a pole through not listening. Paul snaps his music off when he realises what he's done, but Harold snaps.
HAROLD: Paul, really, this is *too* much.
PAUL: Sorry.
Harold angrily throws his screwdriver to the floor.
HAROLD: Sorry nothing! Now we're supposed to be working together on this and you haven't done a thing to help all afternoon!
PAUL: (with attitude) All right, keep your hair on!
HAROLD: I beg your pardon?
PAUL: Well, I only came down as a favour! If I'd known you were going to boss me, I wouldn't have come down at all.
Paul walks off, dropping half of the shed to the floor as he does so.
HAROLD: Paul, you come back here. Paul, COME back here at once!
PAUL: Fix your own stupid shed!
Paul walks off.
Number 26
Lance and Anne are sitting on the sofa and Philip is stalking up and down with the empty pig.
PHILIP: I'm still waiting for an explanation. Why is there no money in here?
ANNE: Ummmm... We borrowed it to pay for a part on the ute. It was an important part.
PHILIP: Well, if you needed the money, why didn't you just ask for a loan?
Lance looks dumbfounded. He and Anne look at each and then Anne continues confidently.
ANNE: Well, you weren't around and I thought Lance was replacing the money, you see, and I think he thought I was.
LANCE: (jumping in) Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's right!
ANNE: Well, it was all pretty much a mix-up.
PHILIP: Yeah, well, mix-up or not, I'm not impressed with you just taking the money. And I don't think your Mum would be either.
ANNE: I know, I'm sorry.
PHILIP: So where's the money now?
ANNE: Um, we, we don't have it. You see, with the mix-up and all, neither of us really budgeted properly.
LANCE: But um, we will pay it back soon. Honestly.
PHILIP: I should hope so! And in future, if you have any money worries come directly to me and I'll see if I can help out. In fact, if you have any problems whatsoever, don't hesitate to come and see me. I mean, that's what I'm here for. Ok?
Lance and Anne nod.
He walks out. Anne is furious with Lance.
ANNE: Thanks a lot for your help, Lance(!)
LANCE: Sorry, I didn't know what to say.
ANNE: How about, "Sorry, Phil, I've been stealing to cover my gambling,"? I just can't believe I implicated myself!
LANCE: Well, thank you. It was really nice of you-
ANNE: (angrily) No, don't. Don't start sucking up. I think you'd better start doing something to get yourself out of this.
LANCE: Get off my back.
ANNE: I just hope you know where the money's going to come from.
LANCE: I said, don't worry about that. I've already had a look at the form guide for the races tomorrow and I'll make a killing. That'll more than cover it.
ANNE: Are you serious?
LANCE: What?
ANNE: (incredulously) I just can't believe what I'm hearing. Are you seriously considering gambling again? Gambling to cover a gambling debt?
LANCE: It's the easiest way out of a debt. Just this one last time and then that's it - cross my heart. But hey, it's cup day - everyone has a flutter on cup day.
ANNE: You're a sad case, Lance.
LANCE: Lighten up.
ANNE: If this goes on any longer I'm going to blow the whistle on you.
LANCE: You wouldn't?
ANNE: Try me.
Number 28
Susan walks in from the bedrooms as Karl is reading the Citizen of the Year forms.
SUSAN: Do you know that Billy's socks were actually stuck to the floor?
Karl says that he was only joking when he first mentioned nominating Susan for Citizen of the Year. Susan laughs that she's glad to hear it, but then Karl goes on to say that the more he thinks about it, the better an idea it seems to be.
KARL: You have provided an invaluable service to the community.
SUSAN: That's rubbish - how?!
KARL: As school principal.
Susan tells him it's rubbish - the rest of the staff do as much as she does, so why not nominate them? Karl says that he knows it doesn't come easily to her, as she's a quiet achiever type, but the school needs to increase its profile to keep up funding and increase enrolments. Karl thinks that if Susan is nominated as Citizen of the Year it will help the school. They bicker a little bit but Karl tells Susan to give it some serious thought.
Lassiter's Lake
Anne plants a plant in memory of Lily. Billy tells her it's nice and they light a candle, which Anne sets sail on the water. Anne then reads "Last Lines" by Emily Bronte.
Lou's Place
Philip and Lou are playing darts. Lou asks how they bookings for the caravan are coming along. To Lou's surprise, Philip says he hasn't got any. Lou enquires where he's advertising, but Philip tells him he hasn't advertised at all!
LOU: Well, there you go then! I think I just spotted the flaw in your business management plan!
PHILIP: I haven't got time for this. I mean, Karma's a lovely animal and everything but I never wanted her. I mean, effectively, she's just another mouth to feed.
LOU: Looks as though your horse could turn into a white elephant!
Philip agrees. Lou suggests agisting Karma on the allotment. Philip thinks that's a good idea and Lou says he'll look around for any prospective owners. Philip's very keen on that, but warns Lou that it has to be a good home - Hannah will be upset enough when she finds out that he's offloaded Karma behind her back, so he wants to be able to say she went somewhere nice!
LOU: Tell me, how's Drew's business ventures coming along?
PHILIP: There's been a few developments.
LOU: Ah yes? Do you want to tell me about them?
PHILIP: No! You know I can't discuss confidential client details!
Lou hoped that as he was an old friend, Philip could tell him something, but Philip stands his ground. He does tell Lou that he and Drew are due to see a bank manager later in the week. Lou is surprised that things are moving so quickly.
LOU: You do realise that helping him is doing my business no good? A business in which you own 2%!
PHILIP: If you play hardball, pretty soon nobody wants to play with you.
LOU: Don't you try getting philosophical with me, you're talking to the wrong man.
Lou shoulder shoves Philip as he throws his last dart. Philip wildly misses the board and almost hits a patron, who raises his eyebrows at the pair.
LOU + PHILIP: Sorry!
Philip glares at Lou!
Number 28
Anne and Billy arrive home. They both think that Lily would've approved of their little ceremony. Billy guesses that Anne is still upset over Lance. Anne can't believe how Lance behaved when Philip was after the phone money. Billy is angry, and thinks Lance is a jerk for dumping Anne in it. Anne admits that it wasn't Lance - she dumped herself in it and covered for him off her own back. Billy maintains that he's a jerk for not confessing all. Anne tells Billy Lance's plan for covering the money - by gambling.
BILLY: The guy's an idiot! And it gets worse too.
ANNE: How do you mean?
BILLY: Well, I didn't want to tell you before but he and Toadie aren't exactly mates at the moment. It seems Lance has pinched Toadie's betting account number and made some bets of his own, you know, without Toadie knowing.
Anne is amazed that Billy didn't tell her earlier. Billy thought that Toadie and Lance would solve it themselves, but Anne is worried that it's getting so heavy - if Lance gets caught, it's against the law. Billy admits that Toadie is cut up over it all. Anne thinks this is the last straw - Lance is out of control.
ANNE: Brother or not, I might not have any choice but to dob him in.
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