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Neighbours Episode 3200 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3200
Australian airdate: 30/10/98
UK airdate: 03/03/99
UK Gold: 14/10/04
Writer: John Upton
Director: David Myles
Guests: Hank Forster: Matthew Posetti
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Lily struggling to breathe.
Lily dies at the hospital.
Joel arrive late for Libby's party - everyone has gone home! He tells Billy he's been offered sponsorship from Dominator sports. Billy goes to pick up Anne from the hospital.
Erinsborough Hospital
Anne is folding Lily's clothes. Bill comes in and sees the empty bed and realises what's happened. Anne seems quite calm about it but Billy says he'll stay with her anyway.
The Classroom
Amy rants that Anne hasn't turned up to study that morning. Bill and Lance tell her about Lily's death. Bill tells her to think about people other than herself for a change.
Joel tells Sally about the sponsorship. Sally says she wants to interview him for the radio, but Joel can't because he has to work. Joel suggests interviewing Libby about the story on the school computers instead. Sally said she found Libby's article dull.
Joel shows Sally a present he's bought Libby for her 21st. Sally doesn't look too chuffed.
The Classroom
Anne arrives. They are surprised to see her as they thought she would take the day off. Anne seems quite upbeat about Lily's death. Amy makes an insensitive remark that it's the second time someone has died in Anne's presence and she might be a jinx!
Ruth and Phil tell Harold about Lily's death. Harold tells them that Lily asked him to make the funeral arrangements
Amy tells Anne that the radio station want to interview them about the school computers. Amy says she'll do it on her own, but Anne says she doesn't mind going too.
The dodgy guy Hank turns up and corners Lance at his locker wanting his gambling debt. He tells him he'll call at his house after school for it.
Later at the school
Bill asks Anne how she is and she says she's fine. Lance and Bill don't really believe her. Lance asks Bill to lend him some money.
Ruth has had a call from Broome to say that her father is not coping while her mother is in hospital with a broken hip. Phil tells her to go to Broome to help out but she is worried about leaving the kids at exam time.
Lance comes home for lunch. He asks Ruth to lend him some money but she says he gets more than enough. He says it's the Amy factor, "Amy - entertainment - expense-bankrupcy!" Ruth says Lance doesn't look well and that he should see Karl. Lance says it's just a bit of a cold and he's fine.
Ruth comments to Phil on how moody Lance has been recently. She says it's another reason for her not to go away. Phil says it'll never be a good time.
Uni FM
Amy tells Sally about Lily's death and that she might have to handle most of the interview because Anne is fragile. Anne comes in and puts on her headphones.
Sally begins the interview. Amy becomes all nervous and stutters through her answers. Anne is forced to take over and speaks fluently about the school computers.
Anne tells Bill that she'd never seen Amy so nervous! Anne picks up a postcard from Hannah in Paris with a picture of the Eiffel Tower on it. The card reminds Anne of Lily's dream to go to Paris. Her griefs suddenly boils over and she starts to cry. Bill comforts her.
Erinsborough Hospital
Harold is picking up Lily's things. Ruth tells him she has to go to Broome and the only flight is the following morning. Harold says he and Madge will help out with the kids while she's away.
Harold asks Ruth if Anne would like to speak at the funeral service. Ruth agrees to ask her.
Harold sees a collecting tin for hospital funds and says he knows someone who might want to raise their profile in the community by putting on a fundraiser.
Bill and Anne are talking about Lily. Ruth comes in and asks her about speaking at the funeral. Anne says she'd be honoured. Ruth tells Anne she is going away to Broome so won't be there to support her at the funeral. Ruth quietly asks Billy to look after Anne while she's away.
Libby's article and the interview on the radio has prompted a local company to donate new computers to the school. Joel gives Sally a present that Libby sent over for her - the makeup that Sarah gave her! Sally doesn't look impressed.
Lance is nervously looking out of the window. Anne sees him and asks what's going on. He says he's waiting for Amy. He asks Anne if he can borrow some money. Anne gives him $5. Anne and Bill go to study outside.
Lance sees a piggy bank on the desk and picks it up.
Back garden of the Martins
Anne tells Bill she doesn't know why she can't shake her grief and Lily would want her to get over it. Bill says she's not even meant to try until after the funeral. Anne is a bit disappointed Ruth won't be at the funeral but her grandparents need Ruth more. Bill and Anne decide to go for a walk. Anne goes in to get her jacket.
Lance is counting out the money from the piggy bank. Anne comes in as he is handing it over to Hank the dodgy guy. Anne wants to know who the dodgy guy was.
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