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Neighbours Episode 3199 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3199 (Libby Kennedy's 21st birthday; Lily Madigan dies)
Australian airdate: 29/10/98
UK airdate: 02/03/99
UK Gold: 13/10/04
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: David Myles
Guests: Karen Oldman: Pia Miranda
Lily Madigan: Aletha McGrath
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Madge telling Susan that Harold is worried about Paul's music.
Lance says Paul's music is harmless.
Paul ranting at Harold.
Outside the Kennedys
Libby runs out in her dressing gown to look for birthday mail (it's her 21st birthday today). She opens the paper to see her article about the vandals has been printed. Then she turns to the Announcements section and gasps to see an advert saying "Congratulations Libby" and a photo of her as a baby! She shouts back at the house, "WHO DID THIS?!!"
Sarah comes up with a present for Libby. Libby takes it awkwardly. Sarah tells Libby to have a good birthday.
Karl, Susan and Libby are waiting for Libby to wish her happy birthday. She tells them off about the photo in the paper. Karl has got his "special" present for her. It turns out he has adopted a star for her. Susan and Bill laugh and Libby says the present is "very Karl"! Susan gives Libby the family ring.
Karen is looking at Lou's plans for the flying machine (stolen from Drew!). Harold arrives and asks Toadie not to play Battery acid songs on his radio programme. Toadie says he won't be censored by anyone.
Libby is still opening presents with Karl, Susan, Mike, Bill and Anne. Mike gives her a ring. Karl and Susan look a bit concerned.
Paul is asking Drew to help him with his flying machine. Drew says he's still keen, but hasn't got a lot of time. They chat about the music situation with Harold.
Bill has christened the African idol in the Kennedy's living room "Eric" (Eric Idol") and dressed it in a top hat and bow tie for the occasion of Libby's birthday. Susan and Karl are organising the details of the party later today.
Harold arrives looking for Anne. He tells her Lily is in hospital. Harold and Anne go to visit her at the hospital.
Erinsborough Hospital
Lily is in bed linked up to wires. Apparently she had a fall and was lying on a cold floor for twelve hours. Lily wakes up and is pleased to see Anne. Harold leaves Anne and Lily to chat.
Garden of No.30
Toadie has recruited some engineering students to help to build the flying machine. They don't look too chuffed!
Erinsborough Hospital
Anne is reading to Lily when Karl and Bill arrive. Anne asks Karl about Lily's condition. He tells her Lily is very old and weak but Anne says it won't take her long to bounce back.
Paul thanks Toadie for playing battery Acid on the radio - he only gets to hear them on the radio since Harold confiscated his CDs. Toadie tells Paul about Harold asking Toadie not to play them. Paul is cross but Toadie says Harold is just old-fashioned. Toadie says Battery Acid are doing a gig at the Uni and he'll be interviewing the lead singer, Dee-generate for the radio station. He says Paul can come to the station to meet him. Paul says he wishes Harold could meet him to prove he's not a nutter. This gives Toadie an idea.
Libby is packing a box of party stuff to take to Mike's. Susan makes a comment about Mike's ring. Susan wonders if they are about to announce their engagement! Libby says he and Victoria aren't even divorced yet and there will be no announcement.
Mike's (No.32)
Libby's party has started and everyone is dressed up. Most of the Ramsay Street residents are there and many extras never seen before! Libby quietens the guests and says she and Mike have an announcement to make. She pretends to be nervous in order to wind Karl and Susan up, but the announcement is only that the party is ready to move to the Kennedys! She laughs at Karl and Susan's faces.
Ramsay Street
The partygoers dance the conga on their way to the Kennedy's house.
Erinsborough Hospital
Lily has an oxygen mask on and her breathing is laboured. Sarah tells Anne that Lily has pneumonia. Anne stays with Lily alone.
Libby is reading a birthday card from Darren. She opens Sarah's present - it is a selection of makeup. Libby says it's not really her colour.
Karl makes a moving speech about Elizabeth Grace Kennedy and how proud of her they are. He says she'll always be his little Lib. Everyone at the party toasts Libby.
Later at The Kennedys
Libby thanks Karl for the speech. Libby goes off to Mike's for a nightcap. When she's gone, Karl looks sad. Susan tells him to let go.
Erinsborough Hospital
Anne is reading to Lily. Lily mimes for her to take off the oxygen mask. Slily tells Anne that she mustn't worry, there is nothing to worry about. She says, "It's alright, Anne" and quietly slips away.
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